Mainstream Western Newspapers are Also Writing About the Public Disappearance of C-actress Fan Bing Bing

In a case of the biggest tree attracts all the wind, even the mainstream Western media publications are now writing all about the strange disappearance from the public limelight of China’s top actress Fan Bing Bing. I wrote about two months ago that China was cracking down on tax evasion in the entertainment world and planning to radically increase the tax bracket on production companies and stars earning paychecks from acting sources. It was supposedly spurred by the tabloid publication of “Yin and Yang contracts” specifically for Fan Bing Bing where one contract said she was paid 10 million RMB for her role and that was made public for tax purposes and another hidden one said she was paid 50 million RMB.

Since then Fan Bing Bing’s notable disappearance from the public has now gone on into the third month and she is either under house arrest, in jail, a combination of both, or secreted out of the country and laying low. Rumors are flying and the most anyone can agree on is that she is likely the scapegoat and sacrificial lamb for what has been going on in the C-ent with tax evasion since forever, but now the authorities want to crack down and they are starting from the top down with the most prominent face of the industry. Reportedly her fiancee fellow actor Li Chen has also ended their engagement because his family is a prominent military family in China. Every day there is a new article in the “Where is Fan Bing Bing” watch so I’ll continue to stay tuned and report back if there is anything substantively new.

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Mainstream Western Newspapers are Also Writing About the Public Disappearance of C-actress Fan Bing Bing — 9 Comments

  1. Even in France, in the tv news of M6 they made a report about it. And to be honest chinese or asian stars are unknown here but they talked about her disappearance and the hunt of tax evaders in China .

    • When i think that in my country when stars don’t want to pay a lot of taxes they just go to live to another country as Portugal or England ! And it doesn’t affect their career .

  2. There’s so many rumours floating about her safety. Ranging from rape cells to death. It’s so scary to think about it if it ends up being true.

    I thought there was a news report saying the government released a statement saying something along the lines of FBB “is under their control and will be receiving the punishment she deserves” .

    I don’t know what’s real or fake anymore. But I sincerely hope everything turns out okay.

  3. people are also beginning to speculate if she has offended her “sponsor” or used to be “sponsor”. judging by the relatively short amount of time of her rise from a supporting actress to a superstar, people now think that she had a powerful person on her back. i didn’t really pay attention to her because she’s quite forgettable even in the mega popular HZGG back then. but i remember starting to see her everywhere with her suddenly extra glamour and beautiful image. so the theory of a sponsor could be true.

    even if all those accusation of yinyang contract, illegal money lending, & corruption are true, i hope she’s only facing a jail time and not hurt physically.

    • Fan bingbing career already over in 2017. Because there is rumours that Guo Wengui claim her slept with Chinese top graft-buster Wang Quisan. Popular Chinese actress are accused carrying out affairs with high level officials and wealthy tycoons.

      • But she had a fiance at that time, right? And they rumored to get married soon. Wah, but now they separated.

        Why should she slept with other man when she had one and she’s rich enough? Duh

      • @yui So naive! Do you think actresses would sleep with top Chinese officials if they are happy and content in a relationship, an engagement at that? This just goes to show how scary corrupted Chinese officials are. Whether she willingly slept with officials or not, we don’t know. The best one can do when living in China is to never be in a position where the govt. is Investigating you. And if you so foolishly commit the crime, be ready for what’s to come.

  4. She is definitely the scapegoat but she can only blame her greediness. She came to the industry at a young age and I feel she/her agency always sprouted headlines comparing her and Zhao Wei or Zhang Ziyi but she never had their talent or education.

  5. This situation is quite scary. There is no transparency with the Chinese government. Her fiancé’s Family is a prominent military family.. and in order to make him give her up. I wouldn’t be surprised (even tho I hope it’ll never happen), that they have her raped then harvested her organs. I’m’s years of hearing scary stories coming out from China. If she was merely imprisoned, that would be the best scenario. Even tho I never followed her career, or consider myself a fan.. I’m looking through media everyday and hoping to read that she’s safe and released from jail.

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