Alice Ke and Kun Da Hold Star-studded Wedding Reception in Taipei

I so appreciate seeing a lovely but also practical wedding march for Taiwanese acting stars Alice Ke and Kun Da. Earlier this year they got married legally by getting their wedding license since both were busy working and could not find time for a full blown ceremony. Now nine months later they finally got around to having a lovely wedding reception for their friends and family in Taipei and there’s really no vibe that these two are doing anything for show. They are just so sweet and sincere, I love their wedding reception photos and really any picture of Alice when she’s around her hubby Kun Da is just gorgeous because she’s beaming inside and out. Plenty of top stars attended the wedding reception including Mark Chao, Roy Qiu, Jiro Wang, Joanne, ZhengJames Wen, Cheryl Yang, Kun Da’s former Energy idol group mates and many more. Congrats to the happy couple and according to Alice they are going to start on baby-making right after the reception lol.

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Alice Ke and Kun Da Hold Star-studded Wedding Reception in Taipei — 11 Comments

    • She was really stressed out for last few months as she was preparing for the wedding and filming at the same time, so she lost quite a bit of weight :(. Hopefully, she’ll be able to gain some of it back after the wedding! She’s wayyyy to thin :(!

      Anyways, Congratulations to Alice and Kunda. They are such a sweet sweet couple. May they have a lifetime of love and happiness <3!

  1. Those pics are very cute. Congratulation for both of them..
    Speaking of Energy really bring back my teens memories. After Meteor Garden popularity, Taiwanesse boybands were popular too. I remember really like Energy song. Their rap were so good

  2. White is the colour of mourn in Chinese culture, red is happiness. I get that western dresses are white but it’s more beautiful, in my opinion, if people wore their traditional attire in auspicious days.

  3. I’ve seen people wear shiny track suits to a wedding there. That wasn’t a celebrity wedding but still super casual like jeans. Just not in the culture to dress up.

    Congrats to the happy couple!!

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