China Officially Fines Top C-actress Fan Bing Bing US$130 Million For Back Taxes and Penalty for Tax Evasion

Welp, it’s officially hammer time in C-ent, or at least I think this should lead to a widespread purge of what is realistically a common occurrence. C-actress Fan Bing Bing has been the subject of intense media coverage for the past 3 months since a tabloid reported on “yin-yang” contracts in C-ent, pointed the finger at her in particular, and then she vanished from the public eye. Today China’s official Xinhua news agency published an article stating that Fan Bing Bing and her agency and related companies have been investigate for tax evasion, basically reporting a lower income earned and thereby paying less taxes, and consequently she is being ordered to pay what amounts to $44 million USD in back taxes with a further penalty fine of $86 million USD for a whopping grand total of $130 million USD (746 million yuan was the reported total amount). The official report further states that if she pays the full amount before an undisclosed date she will not be criminal prosecuted since she is a first time offender. Shit, I know she was raking it in as China’s top actress and CF model but even then coming up with $130 million USD is no easy feat. I’m more curious whether the authorities will then go after the other big names in C-ent namely Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming and wife Angelababy, Yang Mi, Zhang Ziyi, and many more.


China Officially Fines Top C-actress Fan Bing Bing US$130 Million For Back Taxes and Penalty for Tax Evasion — 27 Comments

  1. She choose to commit the crime and now must face the repercussion. She’s lucky they didn’t throw her in jail and confiscate all her properties. Fan Bing Bing in China and Song Hye Kyo in Korea. What’s with these top actresses and tax evasion.

    • Fan bingbing still live??people curious where is she now. There is rumours about her was mistress Wang qishan.

  2. I believe there are much more behind the scenes stuffs than simply just tax evasion. As long as she is fine, safe and sound, not charge as criminal, she will pass this.

  3. Who would have thought couple decades ago that one day Jin Suo would be in a situation like this lol. She’ll just have to pay the fine and she’s ok. She’s lucky she didn’t get thrown in a jail.

    • That is unless she gets to pay all the back taxes, fines and penalties before the due date. Otherwise, she would be serving jail time.

      The kind of money these celebs are making really mind-blowing.

  4. Looking stunning and beautiful in that dress…Her beauty in these photos shows how this may have been her greatest weapon for tax evasion….Lol Wow? .

  5. 44 million not paid tax does mean she took it for herself and administration had that money less to invest it for the benefit of all. As long she didn’t donate an equal amount, she is very selfish. So a 86 million fine is just a slap but hopefully big enough for others to come clean and give back what what they owned their own people.

  6. USD 130 million O_O
    sure she might be able to cough up that massive amount of money. but will she be able to make a come back after this? will the general public accept her return to showbiz warmly?

  7. Maybe it was her greed but to to fine 88 million! You might as well rob her of all her hard work. Damn communist government. I’m not on her side but that’s a hefty fine. She’s a first time offender so they think they might as well chop off an arm of hers. What else is new with the communist right! They got no sympathy for anybody. Bet they’re gonna pocket all of the 88 million to themselves.

    I doubt she wants make a comeback after this. Being in the public eye have big consequences.

    • 130 million USD sounds about right if you are found guilty of tax evasion in the U.S, including imprisonment. So…are u saying the US is as communist as China?? Any government has no sympathy for anyone. I don’t think because being a first time offender should matter, you did wrong you pay your dues. She is pretty lucky she isn’t sent to jail.

    • Look, even multi-party western democracies have SEVERE punishments for tax evaders who get caught. Even more severe punishments than what a common rapist would get, at least here in Europe. Also, westerners should quit their hypocrisy with China when they have violated more human rights but demand China to follow the west all the time.

      • I came from a communist country so I know how the government is. You think that 88 million will go help their citizens? Heck hon. It goes right into their pockets.

        Did I say that the West is better? But certainly I have never heard of any fine as much as 88 million. Granted she’s famous and rich but she’s no Jeff Bezos. I doubt she’ll come back to the industry after this. So they thought that they might as well clean her dry.

      • @prettyautumn   I’m curious, what country are you from?

        Cause I live in the middle of Europe in a wealthy and so called prosperous country and I can not confirm your statement!

        We had a very famous case of tax evasion in Germany and he served only 20 month in prison (with day offs!). A common rapist’s sentence is higher (on average 3.4 years).

        He had to resign from his position as the president of one of the most well known football clubs, but he gained it right back after he was released from prison. In addition, the whole time his many fans stayed loyal to him, supported him until today and believed he was treated unfairly.

        He admitted evading 28.5 million euros in taxes (~ $ 32.7 million)! Some speculate that it was actually a higher amount, but couldn’t be proven.

        We have a complicated tax system (with high bureaucracy), which is very strict. For ordinary people. However, if you have money your well paid tax adviser will use the complicated system to your advantage: effectively reducing the amount of taxes you have to pay. And he’ll also use the way to put our your money out of the country.

        Furthermore, most caught tax evaders get just a fine! And the ones who have to serve a sentence are on average 1.3 years behind bars (compared to sexual abusers/ rapists 3.4 years).

        So, I have troubles to follow your argumentation of “SEVERE punishments for tax evaders”! Maybe in you country it is different. Even though, please don’t speak in general for Europe then.

        BTW, it may be hypocritical the way the west is pointing out human rights issues in China.
        Still, it is a very important issue that should be addressed whenever and wherever there is possibility to do so. It’s the constant awareness rising that gets changed done over time. All the people around the world who are suffering, because their rights are offended should not be forgotten.
        Just because our system is not perfect (and we still have to improve), doesn’t mean it’s right to accept atrocities in other places.

        One wrong doesn’t make another wrong right!

        Also, enlight me please, how  “westerners … have violated  m o r e   human rights” than China.  How did you measure that? I’m not saying that there are no human rights violations everywhere. I would like to know for example, how the ultimate human rights violation – death sentence-  which has the highest amount in China per year, is a LESSER violation of human rights than in the west? 

    • In her apology letter she has hinted of coming back to the entertainment world. She is the scapegoat. It is a way of clamping down on the entertainment world and their silly excessive money. Rumours are out that Zhao Wei and Shu Qi had to give back some of their salary from Chinese Kitchen. It’s all a show.

    • Every government is corrupted in their own way. When someone who makes this much money is busted, at least the government is doing their work.

    • @Alyssia – why do you have to worry about FBB paying 88 million? Are you her partner in crime? LOLOL… If the government does not punish her hard to set an example, more FBB-alikes will keep on invading tax money.

    • She is much richer though and her wealth was made from the money she owes. China citizens call this is too light. Tax envasion is serious crime in China. They want her to be banned or even put in jailed.

  8. I heard that it’s not simply tax evasion but scamming investors. She, along with business partners, have a pattern of setting up entertainment shell companies (that they’re able to promote using her A-list status) and put them on the stock exchange and once the companies receive enough funding, the companies would suddenly collapse and she and the other owners take all of the investors’ money.

  9. Some sources say it’s around 800 million yuan. To put it in perspective, if a person makes 1M yuan a year after tax and does not spend any of it, he/she can amass that amount in 800 years (assuming no interest was earned in those 800 years).

    • Wow, when you put it in that context,the amount compared to common earnings is outstanding.

      I have read her full statement on another site. It sounds very scripted as if she had written it under co ercion.

      In Australia, tax evasion is a way of defrauding the Government,it also carries penalties if caught.

      FBB must have thought she had friends in high places and was invincible. Obviously not. Big Brother is always watching, be careful who you offend.

    • Faye Wong’s rumoured salary for her variety show phantom city is 100 million yuan. Zhao Wei and Shu Qi rumoured salary is 50 million yuan for Chinese kitchen. My guess is FBB was making the same or more amount prior to this saga.

  10. Her life is also impacted, if she does not have a sideline sugar-daddy.

    Grapevine buzz has it that her engagement is also off, as fiance Li Chen belongs to a military family and so cannot afford to have any smear on family registry.

    Repercussions all round.

  11. I think there is something else going on. The fact that there is an actual term for these kinds of contracts means that a lot of people do them. She must’ve pissed some people off or even entertained the idea of moving abroad with all her money? Government wouldn’t want their biggest celebrity piggy bank to leave would they

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