Yoon Eun Hye Celebrates 34th Birthday on October 3rd and Drops Pictorial With Cute Dog

The world is split into dog people and cat people and while I think both types are entitled to their furry love preferences I’m a billion percent a dog person. Or a dog sister/mother for three decades now and I can’t help but stop and coo over a dog on the street and click on every stupid dog meme. That’s why I love that my K-actress love Yoon Eun Hye is a super dog person herself, as evidenced by her variety show earlier this year with her new puppy and now this pictorial for her new drama Love Watch with an adorable Coton de Tulear dog. This Tuesday October 3 is her 34th birthday (born 1984 and is actually 36 in Korean age). and I wanted to wish this talented and sweet girl a very happy birthday and hopefully continued birthday luck will rub off on her new drama.


Yoon Eun Hye Celebrates 34th Birthday on October 3rd and Drops Pictorial With Cute Dog — 85 Comments

  1. Now that Yoon Eun Hye is finally coming back, maybe her fans can stop feeling so insecure about their so called great actress 😉

    • Ikr I remember her fans having fan wars with shk and PSH Stan’s about popularity on here.i just hope her new drama is good I personally haven’t enjoyed anything with her in it since coffee prince.#myopinion

      • After Coffee Prince, her choice of roles have worsened time after time, to the point I just wanted to shove her foot into her mouth (and Jung Yonghwa’s mouth) in Mirae’s Choice. I’ve noticed that too, YEH fans are so over defensive about YEH’s popularity and beauty, they desperately tried to draw comparisons with Song Hye Kyo and especially years ago they used to say that PSH is YEH look-a-like copycat (I genuinely see no resemblance). They forgot that YEH even at her peak during Coffee Prince couldn’t hold a candle to Song Hye Kyo when it came to beauty and success as an actress. But whatever makes YEH fans sleep better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • I think the most ridiculous comment I’ve seen is that PSH, JSM and Suzy are all “copycats” of YEH; and her fans also compared her to Lee Youngae (LOL).
        Their big ego never ceases to amaze me.

    • Now that she’s back maybe you could stop badmouthing her fans. We are just happy she’s back but there are always fans of other actresses like yourself who want to start conflicts with us.

      When we defend YEH and ourselves from your tirade then you’ll act like the victim again and we the bad guys.

      Your intention is crystal clear, calling you out on it and just wanted to say that we won’t take the bait and this will be my only response to you just to let you know that we are not fools…we know what you’re trying to do.

      Happy Birthday to Yoon Eun Hye whom we love whether she’s famous or not!

    • And maybe you can just read and comment on the articles of the actor/actress that you like and not bash fans of YEH, like us on her articles.

      We are here to read positive things about her and we don’t enjoy seeing bashers when we are enjoying her articles.

      And popularity-wise, on her peak, she was on a very high level compared to many actresses. Especially, internationally.

      Goodbye, and I hope I don’t see you on another YEH article when we are trying to enjoy them, especially since many of us don’t even read or comment on the other actors unless we like them. (like me)

      • @TT, and why is that? We defended… guess I can hate fans of other actresses too because they also defend… I have my own dislikes of other actors/actresses but my character won’t let me just hate on them for defending who they like….

        I mean, I’ve seen fans see the world of their celebrity but I won’t attack them even though I disagree with them… defend them… let’s talk like civil and educated people… I won’t call them delusional or insecure, especially in their article…. I especially won’t attack them when they are celebrating that celebrity’s bday…. I may actually say Happy bday myself or just not comment at all.

        Anywayzzz, since you all hate me now, hate me cuz I am questioning you….. I’ve barely defended her in this post…. I’ve defended why us fans are defending ourselves… especially on this post…

      • Go and look at the past comments her fans have left. There’s the archive function for a reason.

      • @TT, I guess my points are:

        1) If you want to bash her, make sure the occasion calls for it… not during a birthday celebration.

        2) If you want to bash her fans, again, make sure the occasion calls for it… not when we are celebrating her… especially not when we haven’t even made one peep… I mean, anyone will defend once attacked.. I felt attacked, so I defended… nothing wrong with that….

        3) If you want to comment on her article, make it relevant to the article or conversation…. again, the first comment said nothing about her bday but rather the fans and the celebrity of our choice..

        4) If you want to comment about her fans, comment on that comment they left rather than looking back and recalling your old feelings… It seems like the start of an argument between a bf-gf… always recalling the wrong done to them… also, no one is innocent from bashing someone… but starting an argument because you were bashed a long time ago, does not constitute the right to attack from the get-go.

        5) We are not totally delusional…LOL… we have our own gripes with her..Like we don’t agree with her drama choices and personal choices ourselves….

        6) Everyone has receipts of their favorite’s popularity and achievements… that’s called being a fan. Just because you, the person who do not like her, do not have them, does not mean they don’t exist.

        7) As of right now, none of her fans name dropped another actor/actress as being less popular than her… that was done by one of you (who again, do not like her). We did not reminisce about what was said in the past, like another actress being called the second YEH, you did.

        8) Again, once the drama starts, please say what you want about the drama and even her, when it is warranted. A bday article does not warrant such disdain. I am a big enough person to take back what I said about not seeing any of you from any YEH article…. as long as the occasion calls for it, please feel free….

        9) I am not the only annoying person… We’ve annoyed one another. I mean, you all are lucky that I’m the only one defending, right now… So that also means that you all are even more defensive (towards your action) than I am.

        10) If you didn’t want to talk about her, you are also welcome to talk about the dog in this article….. FYI, the dog is very fluffy and cute…

      • You don’t need an occasion to bash or call out anyone. People can leave whatever comments they like, anytime, even if you don’t deem it suitable.

      • @TT, that seems childish to just want to start something…. I mean, you guys started something by bashing…

        I guess I can also attack you for no reason cuz I can… Let’s see… what is something childish that I can call any of you out for even though it has nothing to do with anything here??? I guess, I just can’t stoop close to your level to start something…. Sorry… must be a special skill I do not possess. But I can’t say I envy you.

      • I don’t think prettyautumn is bashing. Her first comment merely stated YEH fans can stop feeling so insecure. That’s not bashing. That’s stating a fact.

      • @TT, that’s bashing us fans… calling us insecure and of our choice of great actress…. that’s certainly not complimenting us…

        What’s a fact is we were attacked…. another fact, we will defend…

        And calling her fans weak…. wow… you must be strong for attacking us…. I mean if weakness mean having to defend endlessly, then we are weak… cuz, I mean, who can keep defending when always attacked right?? Only the weak, I guess.. And everyone who attack must be strong…. You can take your strong and I’ll be weak…. That’s alright with me… At least I have some decency to not start something with unsuspecting individuals…. And again, we did not start anything… We reacted.. I reacted…. And we are unsuspecting individuals.. especially, in this occasion. Thanks for making us enjoy a special day like today…. I hope someone does the same to you…. I sincerely hope so… I sincerely hope they will make a special day for you even more special like you’ve done for all YEH fans….

      • @TT…. I just hope I didn’t boost your ego… I mean, I don’t know if there is enough room in the world to hold anymore than what you have now.

      • @vegaspink: I still remember her fans calling PSH copycat for acting in You are beautiful and Goong S ( even she was as second lead). Is that defending to you?
        I used to like YEH and still do, but admittedly, her fans turned me off a lot. So please do not give me those excuses.

        And there is Karma as you see how things turned around.

    • Very brave of you to call her stans out. They always borderline on delusional and overdefensive. Seems like they have always overestimated their bias’s popularity and influence.

      • If you all want to bash us, go somewhere else…. killing our good vibes right now. Go to another actress’s article and bash us all you want cuz we won’t read them.

        We are here to enjoy her article and celebrate her birthday, and you guys are being “Debbie downers”.

        And since you all are clearly not her fans, why even bother going to her articles? especially just to bash us…. It’s like you are asking for attention from her fans…

      • @vegaspink – it is the worst of you to tell people to stop. Do you think anyone will listen to you? This is a free playground for anyone to make a comment. You are truly one big delulu fan. Overdefensive and overprotective. It is more annoying to read your overdefensive than to tolerate others’ bashings tbh. You do not own this site, so just stuff it. LOL.

      • @candycane, telling people to stop talking smash about us on articles meant for us (who like YEH) is not being a…. as you say, “big delulu”…. This article is for people who want to celebrate her birthday and we don’t want to see people bashing us and her on her articles….

        Go to your own article and have fun there…. I don’t care… It’s actually more annoying to see horrible comments on positive articles. If you don’t want us to be defensive, then go elsewhere and bash away… you can’t expect us to not be defensive when you are at an article we like and then you bash her and us…. that’s not logical… That’s like going to a concert and then you see antis attacking you and your “idol” at that “idol’s” concert.

        I’m sure you wouldn’t attend a concert of someone you dislike, so why read an article of someone you don’t like?

        And it is clear that you are being overly defensive right now… even more than me…. For one, at least I don’t call people childish names like being a “big delulu fan”. And two, as you said, you don’t “own this site” like I don’t, so I also won’t listen to you to “just stuff it”.

        I would call you a hypocrite but I’m bigger than that…. “LOL” back at you.

      • @candycane, anywayzzz, I am acknowledging that we are defensive…. especially since this is her article… and we want to be around other YEH fans who make us happy…. again, same with being in a concert with people who like the same artist as you… they want to be with happy people…

        And at this point, I actually just like debating and arguing rather than defending… LOL…. so this comment is to let you know that not all YEH fans are like me.. I’m going in the logical route now rather than emotional.

      • @vegaspink – here you go again, being very defensive. This site is called “Koala’s Playground”, anyone can come and go freely as we wish. Like me playing on the swing even though I don’t particularly like it, I can still play. It is free. I read almost all articles here just because I like to read, I am not selective like you. I like reading newspapers, twitter, etc etc… I won’t equate it to a concert because there is no cover charge here. All are welcomed to come here. Anyone thinks this is a concert is crazy. Your comment is perfectly ok for a fan’s site, but this is not a fan’s site as you know. You can call me whatever you want as I don’t care. I just want to tell you that your comments are very annoying.

      • @candycane, and how are you not annoying and defensive…?

        FYI, I didn’t call you any names…. I said, “I would call you a hypocrite” but I didn’t…. (Operative word is would)

        And if you want to read, go ahead…. what I’m saying is…. we expected to be happy with “Happy Birthday, Yoon Eun Hye” on this article cuz this is a very happy occasion but the first comment we see is someone already criticizing us… Like, we didn’t have to be defensive but being attacked right of the bat kind of called for it…. did it not?

        We did not even get to give a congrats to her before we are already being bashed…. not a peep… so I do have a right to be defensive. And we, or I was and am annoyed from seeing that from the start… I was annoyed before you were annoyed with me…

        And again, on a HAPPY….. (read happy) occasion like this, the last thing we want is to be annoyed and attacked….

        And did you not read that I said we are defensive….? And I guess only people like me can still read an article of someone I “don’t particularly like” without attacking others….

        Must be self-control.

      • @candycane, Must also be a difference in character to be able to control myself from bashing others in articles of people “I don’t particularly like”.

      • @candycane, and since you don’t like my concert analogy, I’ll go with a TV Show…. It’s free to browse but I wouldn’t take my time to watch and argue with someone who likes it…. why? Because I want them to enjoy what they like….

        If you want to use the swing analogy, yes, you can still ride the swing even if you don’t like it, but what you did was push someone off the swing because they like riding the swing and you didn’t… It was an unnecessary action… And like being pushed off the swing, we pushed back…. And maybe it’s not being pushed off… but being told, “riding a swing sucks” when we are both riding swings…. not only unconvincing but also illogical…

      • “The weaker you are the louder you bark.” – This is a famous quote.
        You can’t blame fans of a flop actress for being loud and obnoxious.
        They know their idol is a flop and will continue to flop, so that’s why they have to be delusional and defensive.
        Fans of successful actresses merely need to shove their idol’s drama ratings and receipts and the haters will shut up by themselves.

      • @TT, what is loud and obnoxious are people who keep bashing on articles that does not even have anything to do with ratings… we are celebrating her birthday…. and it’s very obnoxious of bashers to hate on us before we can celebrate…. Doesn’t matter if it’s the celebrity you don’t like… I wouldn’t go into someone’s bday and say you are annoying…. NO!!

        That’s disrespectful… Once the drama starts, if you don’t like anything on the drama, then let’s talk about the drama and her choices then… we also question her choices…. Until then, us YEH fans want to be happy for her Birthday without being attacked. I don’t think it’s uncalled for to be defensive when we get attacked from the get-go…

        And flop or not, anyone will be defensive over someone they like…. but it doesn’t give you the right to attack us on being defensive when we have the right to be…

        We also have receipts of her successes and popularity…. even for a “flop” actress, as you say….

    • @jessiearie, those who started that was often times, those from Korea (usually articles)…. And from your comment alone, I can see your big ego through the screen.

      • Well done to you..you’ve put my thoughts in writing. They confused/irritates me as hell for posting those unnecessary words..

        Happiest birthday to my dearest YEH?????

      • @vegaspink You need to chill. You are just going on and on in the same topic, and sounds unnecessarily like a rabid fan.

  2. Happy 2x birthday to this lovely lady that I treasured all the time Yoon Eun Hye and wish you will find the love of your life and more happiness in life. Make sure you do what you want in your life and live your life to the fullest coz we only live once. Love you with all my heart. Love from New Zealand. Xxxoooo

  3. I wish you a Happy Birthday my dear YEH!!!
    Have a year full of success, and although your choices may not have been the most successful you are one of the best actresses in Korea

  4. Is this how YEH gets her many fans by having one person posting two comments under two names? @mienie @Zealous hahaha… so dumb.

  5. Joyeux anniversaire ! i wish you the best in everything. But we are the Lucky ones ! Thank you for returning to us with the best gift : a drama .

  6. Happy bday my queen. U r the besttt! I lov since coffee prince. Koala u should watch the clip on yeh’s ig where chun jun myung holding a cake for her.. they r so cuteee i ship them already. Hehe.

  7. @vegaspink totally agree. I noticed that those who dislike her are more obsessed with her than her own fans. They are being so toxic.

    How can any fan not be defensive when they are the first ones being attacked? This was a post for her birthday and some are being toxic attacking her fans and their idol. That is really rude and annoying at the same time.

    if they feel that they have the right to attack her fans, then they should be ready to be attacked back and stop commplaining boohoo haha, that her fans are being defensive. They like using the word defensive when they are the ones starting the bullying first.

    • Yes…!!!! And as I said…. the very first comment attacked us when we didn’t even do anything yet… I mean, why can’t we be defensive for that?

      Anywayzzz, I may have gotten carried away, as well, not because of being attacked or anything emotional but because it didn’t make sense to me.

      But I guess it can be similar to talking to a person who closed the curtain on you after they said their piece…. you are left wondering how it all made sense to them. If not curtain, it’s a glass window…. they can see you but not see where you are coming from… I see how they think we are defensive, and as I’ve stated “WE ARE DEFENSIVE” but there was a legit reason.

      I also like to argue so that’s just me…. LOL

    • At this point, I’m trying to understand why we were given such unsolicited attacks…

      Possible reasons:

      1) They get off on making other people unhappy… (M?)
      2) They are unhappy and need to let off some steam… (go take up baseball or boxing)
      3) They have a superiority complex… (karma is knocking)
      4) They are unhappy and need to make other people unhappy… (go find a therapist………. or cats)

      But they must be a ball of joy at gatherings….

  8. TT are you in highschool or something? “Awww Yoon Eun Hye fans were so mean in the past so I’m gonna act like a little b!tch and start a fight with them all. Clap clap clap!”

    So ridiculous.
    What are you a psychic? You already know in advance what’s going to happen in Yoon Eun Hye’s future? You are so full of hatred that I actually feel sorry for you.

  9. Just ignore haters, let’s just celebrate YEH’s birthday. HAters are haters, as if their idol has no flopped drama/s.?? we can’t please them and it’s very unethical to be here or post here if you’re not a fan of the actress/actor and trying to be annoying.tsk!

  10. @TT say her drama is a flop what is it to you? Heck her fans are not even bothered by it and are just happy for her return yet here you are all pressed about it and busy doing a demolition job. Pretty hilarious!!! A+ for effort I’ll give you that!

    By the way, Happy Birthday dearest Yoon Eun Hye. We love you. You don’t have to be rich, famous or beautiful. We just love you for being you.

    Fvck the haters!

  11. @vegaspink – what a whole bunch of crap you are writing. You are the one telling people to stop swinging when we are happily playing in this playground. Everyone is free to speak. You can keep going on with your long thesis. But your insecurities are showing ?

    • @candycane, happily??? I guess as long you are and others are not, you can happily swing…. Not everyone can have the same level of decency and courtesy as other people, I understand.

      And it’s not my insecurities showing but yours. But I guess, your foul language and the way you conduct yourself shows your high…. no… mighty self-esteem…. Hope your head can fit all of that ego.

      And if my writing is, as you say, “a whole bunch of crap”… God knows what yours are…

      P.S. Not everyone can understand or even read a long thesis, I understand… Nor do they have the empathy for others.

      P.P.S. See, I can agree with you….

    • You are not to worry about my head, as long as I can continue to happily swing here ?? I hate those telling people to stop ?

      • Guess I don’t have to worry since there seems to be enough air to keep you afloat in the ocean…

        Keep on swinging… and floating…

        P.S. I also hate people…. who… I don’t know, only think about their temporary happiness…

      • there is no such thing called temporary happiness. Happy is Happy in my books. LOL.

    • Never said you were wrong…. You said we defend and I said we do…. And I am also right on when I said we were attacked and so we defend.

      Cuz if you read just some of my responses, I never said you were wrong… And if it still didn’t click, it’s only really me responding versus how many of you? And you thought I was defensive….

      • Actually no, you are not the only one being defensive. Read all the other comments here, they are responding on the side, trying to be victims (is this the culture of her fans?). You are not the only one. It’s ok, this is a place for free speech. I don’t see any attack, just defense which is not really necessary.

  12. @vegaspink, you’re really fighting hard here sis, I salute you ? despite your smart reply I suggest you to not take it into your heart. I notice that the ‘regular’ (I don’t have to mention the name) in this blog are already having “stigma” about YEH. So no matter how good or logical your answer is they will always disagree. And they intend to win despite their opinion doesn’t always right. That’s what I learn from this blog. So, it’s just your choice to continue this ridiculous debate or just ignored it.

    • Yes. I also noticed them same person who used to make hate comments against YEH. Thank you guys for supporting YEH. Continue to love our Beautiful Yoon Eun Hye.

    • @vegaspink, have you watched the video with chun Jung myung and staff celebrating her birthday . Enjoy it . i find them super cute . And let’s celebrate the fact that we are going to see her soon.

  13. Happy birthday,Eun Hye unnie! Thank you for just being you.No matter what they say and think about you,we, your fans,are here to celebrate you. In good times and more so, in bad times,we are here to stay.
    We just want the best for someone as special as you.Some may belittle you,but know that you are very much worthy to be admired.

  14. I can’t understand why eun hye anti-fans are always here just to attack eun hye and her fans.
    You are so childish and arogant, you think you are the best fans than eun hye’s fans.

    Haters have choice to not read article about eun hye but they still do that. Shameless..

    Did you, antifans, always do good things?
    psh, shk and other actrees fans are attacking eun hye first, and they feel like a victim? #meh

    You always badmouthing eun hye and her fans, you arent better than us. So if you are here just to write some bad comments, you need to heal your soul and fix your life.

    Btw, happy birthday our big sister Yoon Eun Hye. We miss and love you. Be strong!

  15. Though I noticed same persons/account who keep posting hate comments and bashing the fans in every YEH’s article (you know who you are) I’ll just ignore the haters. Thank you to all the fans of our YEH who defend her against bashers and continue supporting and loving her. As an international fan I’m just happy and excited for YEH’s new kdrama. Happy Birthday to gorgeous, beautiful, talented and kind Yoon Eun Hye. May God bless you always and hoping for your happiness and good health in life. Love you. 😉

  16. Happy Birthday to our dear YEH, hoping and praying that God will bless you more.

    I can’t help but wonder on why some none-fan of YEH would still be persistent and find time to comment on her every article, we get that you don’t like her or some of you might hate for some reasons, but, why so worked up????I don’t think that I can EVER understand you, it is because I am not like you, personally, I will never be doing what your doing of commenting or leaving malicious comments on any other actresses thread or articles who I don’t like. Because my time is so precious, that I will not put it to waste propagating hate or dislike. Life is too short, and time should be spending doing and supporting what you love, and I pity those people, who instead of spreading love, is just doing the exact opposite, tsk tsk tsk, get a life please. But nonetheless, I wish well for everyone, and I do hope that those who still harbor hatred for YEH, for any reason, will be freed from any negative feelings so that they can all move on with their lives and be a positive people instead. Peace to all.

  17. Peace and not war! We shld be so tkful & happy dat we’r not living in war torn countries or countries wt natural disaster like wat happen lately. If u do not like d actress or d fans, just simply ignore d post instd of creating war of words wt all the bashing n hurtful remarks. How can 1 be happy if dey’r always so negative n judgemental abt othrs. Be Happy n stop all d negatism for one’s own good.

  18. Happy Birthday YEH!
    Can’t wait for your drama.
    Truth be told, the only Kdrama I watch to the end and rewatch is yours. Hoping for a blessed year for you! ?

  19. To those who try to bash yeh or her fans, please if you dislike her or her fans then just either skip or leave the comments area everyone can make a comment but be polite don’t act like an uneducated person cuz whatever comes out in your mouth reflex who you are and how your parent brought you up intended bye

  20. Jealousy is the worst enemy, this is what my point of view and look yourself first in the mirror ask yourself How are you as a human being. Love and support who you like and let others do the same and don’t you and whoever you support think that you better than others we never know how are you in real life people tends to hide their true self and pretend “GET IT”

  21. Happy bday YEH!! Can’t wait to see your new drama;)
    Guys , just ignore nega people.
    They can’t wait to read article of their fave so they’re jealous and spread bad vibes here?

  22. I’m so late to the party but Happy Belated Birthday and judging from the comments it appears you’re very popular and then again you’re not. I really need to go do research on your acting history because I’ve never seen any of your dramas to date sorry.

  23. Its to late to great a happy bday belated,to my one and only i admired for kdrama actress.i agree to all comments fans with yeh,,.
    Sorry if im not good in english,but i want to tell something,,why others comments to ms.yeh is bad things,,i cannot understand about others fans comments,,only i want to say,,if you dont want ms.yeh no need to wasting time to argument here,unless, because ms.yeh are into in a higher level so that have something jealous heart,insecurities and ect..of all heaters..i think yes,,bcz ms.yeh is nothing change.even though have happen for past,or whatever,but, still remain that her tittle as a most popular actresess,,.also ms.yeh she deserved that…

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