Namgong Min in Talks for KSB Medical Prison Genre Drama Dr. Prisoner

K-actor Namgong Min‘s last drama The Undateables may have been neigh unwatchable but to err on the side of caution it’s promising that he’s leaving the rom-com genre behind for possibly donning prison scrubs. And that’s a double pun as he’s wearing prison outfit and medical scrubs as the titular Dr. Prisoner airing in early 2019 on KBS. Namgong Min has been offered the male lead, a top medical hospital surgeon doctor who is thwarted by an unreasonable hospital director and ends up losing his license after a medical mishap. Later he gets an internist license and asks for a transfer to a prison medical ward that houses the most high profile prisoners in South Korea. The drama is from the PD of Laurel Tree Tailors and sounds right up Namgong Min’s alley.


Namgong Min in Talks for KSB Medical Prison Genre Drama Dr. Prisoner — 9 Comments

  1. Medical Prison Genre…. sounds like a mess. Imma skip this one just because of the title. It’s, again, going to be unprofessional people who do unrealistic things at their job place, fight and yell at each other and then a cliché romance starts. Korea should do more Reply types of dramas because they’re good at it.

    • You are so harsh with your words, as if HJE never had hits in her portfolio,its not her fault if the drama she has starred in is a mess,even her fans admitted were discouraged to continue watching it because of the story not because of her.IMHO.

      • Well, in my opinion she’s a terrible actress. She hasn’t improved one bit and still plays the same type of characters all over again – screechy and overacting, she doesn’t know how to act differently.

        I’m avoiding her dramas like the plague, unless she’s paired up with my oppa Gong Yoo (dear God, don’t let that happen) I’m not watching anything she’s in.

      • Hwang jung eum over acting in unwatchable and kill me heal me. She keep accept rom com offer that require her to act the same way over and over again. Can’t stand her botox face. Styling and hairstyles was same from her previous drama. Same expression all over again.

  2. After Chief Kim I hope he finds his groove again and I hope it has a similar vibe as Prison Playbook. Oh and that it’s set in a women’s prison with a kick arse female lead.

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