Jo Jung Seok and Gummy Release Wedding Pictorial and Registers Marriage

This is one happy occasion where I legit want the salty and snarky K-netizens to F-off and go crap on another parade. K-actor Jo Jung Seok and singer Gummy released their wedding pictorial this week and revealed that they have officially registered their marriage ahead of their October nuptials, a common occurrence since being publicly married is different than being legally joined. These two are one of the more low key couples, likely due to neither being a celeb that generates a lot of buzz, but conversely they deliver quality performances time and again with plenty of track record to continue on post-marriage. I love these wedding pictures for its simplicity and effortless joy. All my best to the happy couple and thank you for sharing your personal life love with your fans.


Jo Jung Seok and Gummy Release Wedding Pictorial and Registers Marriage — 9 Comments

  1. Congratulations Chef!! Such an understated couple, wishing them a life together filled with love and happiness.

    Looking forward to his next project, JJS is an amazing actor.

  2. So they are legally married but haven’t had the wedding yet? (The legal process for married in Korea seems a bit different than in most countries.)

    In any case, I wish them wonderful congratulations. I hope they have a very happy life together!

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