Big Name Stars Attend VIP Movie Premiere for Zombie Sageuk Rampant with Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun

The glitterati of K-ent was out in full force this week at the VIP movie premiere for gritty zombie sageuk movie Rampant (Outbreak) starring Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun. Adapted from a manhwa, the movie follows Crown Prince attempting to fight his way through what appears to be a zombie spread among the Joseon populace, and may be orchestrated by a government official angling for power. Attending the premiere was Jang Dong Gun’s wife Ko So Young, and for Binnie it was a handful of A-list female costars Ha Ji Won, Son Ye Jin, and upcoming drama leading lady Park Shin Hye. The fashion was passable all around but this movie definitely piques my interest.


Big Name Stars Attend VIP Movie Premiere for Zombie Sageuk Rampant with Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun — 35 Comments

  1. The lady in the third picture is the best followed closely by Son Ye Jin.

    JDG and HB both look great and they are decent actors too so here is hoping that this film has a good script and good action scenes.

  2. I think these are probably the best outfits ive ever seen for a premiere. They aren’t too over the top but not boring either with most of them having a statement piece to make it interesting. It feels clean and polished. In love!!

  3. So glad to see Son Ye Jin attending Rampant movie premiere. She is so pretty and Ko So Young. Fighting Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun hoping for a good story and high ratings.

  4. I love Trains to Busan so will definitely watch this movie. Hyun Bin never fail to look great and love his acting. Son Ye Jin is such a beauty. She’s gorgeous in anything hopefully she’ll pair up with Hyun Bin again soon. They look so good together so beautiful and handsome. The prettiest actress Hyun Bin has pair up with besides Han Ji Min.

    • Indeed but you forgot Sung Yuri and Song Hye Kyo they’re very gorgeous too. I remember he said Han Ji Min is the most pretty actress he’d played with. Couldn’t agree more because she sure is one super gorgeous woman especially when dress in Hanbok. She really have the classic Korean beauty. Hyun Bin sure is lucky to be pair up with these 4 super gorgeous actresses.

      • Haters gonna hate and jealousy is always the first thing to come out from a vengeful person. Everyone always try to put Ha Ji Won down by always saying is no match to all his other co-actress. Just admit that Ha Ji Won is the prettiest woman Hyun Bin had pair up with. The reason why Miss Koala posted two photos of the Queen. Thank you Miss Koala for being a big SHIPPER too. Let wait to celebrate AmazingCouple’s wedding.

    • Once again stop putting Ha Ji Won down because she is the most precious person in Hyun Bin life. She’s his life partner. He already admitted it recently. He’s willing to let go of his girlfriend for her so you guys need yo shut the f*** up. She came first when it’s his very big production. Han Ji Min, Song Hye Kyo, Sung Yuri, and Son Ye Jin can only dream about it. They are nothing to Hyun Bin. Too embarrassing to always ship Hyun Bin with them when they mean nothing to him.

      • @ReignSg1023 Don’t worry about your ship because no one is stealing Hyun Bin from your Ha Ji Won. She can have him all to herself because to be honest they both match in everyway…

        What ever they do is none of my business. I love him as an actor because he was cool that’s it. Nothing more so you need to respect others opinion too. I don’t care if he gives a shit about my favorite girls or not. I also don’t ship Han Ji Min and Son Ye Jin with your Hyun Bin. They belongs to whomever their heart desires to love. Anyway you don’t have to remind anybody about Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won love life because Ha Ji Won already says it long ago. My girls are never desperate about him so enjoy your ship.

      • @ReignSg1023 don’t worry no one is stealing Hyun Bin from your Ha Ji Won. She can have Hyun Bin all for herself because they both match in everyway.

        I like Hyun Bin because he is a great actor and is handsome. I don’t ship my favorite girls with him. Han Ji Min and Son Ye Jin belongs to whomever their heart desires to love. I have never heard them brag anything about having feelings for him.

      • @ReignSg1023 I’m speechless at how all Sega shippper are scared his other female leads will steal him from their Ha Ji Won. I don’t think Han Ji Min, Sung Yuri, or Son Ye Jin have interest in Hyun Bin like Ha Ji Won. Song Hye Kyo and him are long over a decade ago. She is happily married to her husband the man she choose to share the rest of her life with. Hyun Bin is nothing to her. It’s quite admirable to know Secret Garden FANS are so determined but not wise at all to keep shit talking about others girls who don’t share the same feelings for Hyun Bin. Don’t worry too much it’s not healthy. As saying Ha Ji Won can have Hyun Bin all she want. It’s no problem to anyone. Everyone have the right to ship. To be fair and shallow here I think those other girls can do better than Hyun Bin.

        @Jamie couldn’t agree more Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won both match and is compatible in everyway. I don’t hate them because they are a cute couple.

      • @ReignSg1023 Lol now we all know that they are a couple so you should cheer up and let others enjoy their work separately. All your saying about Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are indeed correct and not delusional so be supportive to them. Even Song Hye Kyo don’t dear to go that far about Hyun Bin. Not everyone are shippers so let people enjoy and share their thoughts about whoever they watch. It’s long over due to keep dragging Song Hye Kyo in every Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won post. I’m no Song Hye Kyo shipper so don’t throw any tantrum here.

      • Really??? You talk as if you know them personally. Or do you? Did Hyun Bin tell you??? Come on, we are all fans here. Dont be delusional. If Hajiwon is that precious to Hyun Bin, how come he has not married her?

  5. Park shin Hye looks great. I wish she dress more like this. Spunky and stylish for her age. Often times, she dressed so plain that it’s so boring to see.

  6. Ko So Young and Jang Dong Gun really look good. While Hyun Bin age a bit since I’ve last seen him in Confidential Assignment. He’s really working none stop. Just saw the cover of The Nagotiation yesterday. I’m so happy to see him pair up with Son Ye Jin my favorite actress. She never changed since her dabut. Her beauty is no joke. Now I can’t wait to watch these two in one frame together. They compliment one another very much. Hoping they’ll play a drama together in the near future.

  7. I’m I hallucinating? Most of them are actually well dressed? What?? Finally some edge and colors rather than ugly, baggy, aunty-like colorless clothes. Especially Park Shin Hye, this is a big step up, from aunty clothes to age appropriate and cool clothing. Son Ye Jin’s style has always been classy and comfortable. I want Son Ye Jin’s coat.

  8. Where’s Kang So Ra and Nana? Didn’t they get the invite? As for the op shop display I guess it works but the over sized tweed looking jackets are starting to be so passe. My pick for the best outfit is Ha Ji Won and I wouldn’t mind trying to replicate it.

    • Kang sora and him broke-up long time ago. Didn’t rumours saying him and Nana was dating during filming the swindlers??

      • I can’t keep up with all the dating and break up news. Just a rumour from years ago but I thought Nana was with Hong Jong Hyun? I’m just speculating sorry.

    • A little information to you here, Ha Ji Won already slept with Hyun Bin. She described how he smells and how manly he is to her. Everytime he kisses someone on screen she is jealous because he is her things. So glad these two make up now after all the storm. Waiting for their wedding bell. So Miss Koala did the right thing to tag Ha Ji Won first in this post because Ha Ji Won have every right. Thank you Miss Koala. I love this bittersweet couple.

      • Look you’ll most probably right in your assumptions and who knows HJW and HB may have maintained a super tight friendship/relationship over the years and kept it secret and under wraps from the prying public eye and I find it very admirable in your loyalty and fierce tenacity that you consistently ship them as a couple and are very open about it which is a good thing. I’m forever shipping actors too so I’m not far of with my wish list of who I want paired up kinda like an obsession and consequence of watching too many dramas I guess. Best of luck for your dream couple to become true. ?

      • @ReignSg1023 – ? so what if HJW already slept with HB. Do you know how many other women HB has slept with? I feel sorry for HJW being jealous(it that is true) coz she is just wasting her time & tears. Bittersweet is never a good thing for any relationship! If you care enough for HJW I hope you can wake her up now.

      • @CandyCane it’s all true because Ha Ji Won did actually said all those things about Hyun Bin so be supportive here. No more doubting about Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.

      • @Ki – no worries. i am not losing sleep over them. i cannot be supportive of some strangers’ relationship of over 10 years (since i don’t know them). yes i doubt why they are not married if they are so much in love. but anyhow this is not my business. i just like to talk.

  9. I just watched the new teasers for Memories of the Alhambra and I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON!!!! but it looks epic af! SWORD?! WHAT? I can’t wait! This is the first time I’m excited for a kdrama awhile. Please don’t disappoint me 🙁

  10. No comment cuz I might get attack with my own opinion. Some people need to chill and lighten up little bit especially all those crazy shippers out there.

    • I’m applause Sega shipper still exists until now. Sega shipper very happy when shk and hyun bin broke-up, they thought ha ji won and hb will get married after him discharged. In your face.???

  11. @ReignSg1023 Lol why so insecure, I’m pretty sure Ha Ji Won is sexy and gorgeous enough for Hyun Bin to even turned his eyes to stare at anyone else. Just look at them they are one smexy pair. So brighten up a bit because no other actress has ever describe Hyun Bin as well as Ha Ji Won did. Even Song Hye Kyo herself don’t dear to go that far so be happy. Those other female leads of his has more to think about then to fight over Hyun Bin. It’s just quite sad that Hyun Bin love Ha Ji Won too much to go public with her. But he did recently said Secret Garden cast is very precious to him. Secret Garden shippers are the most loyal fans in the Korean Drama land. Hope to see this couple marry soon so their shipper will mature up. Not everyone is a shipper but just want to enjoy a good drama with good leads in it. Most of the time when reading a Hyun Bin articles make me wanna laugh because it’s hilarious. I’m pretty sure many people watch him for his acting not to ship him.

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