Jo Jung Seok and Na PD/Jung Yumi Fight Back Against Tabloids Cheating Allegations

While C-ent has been popping out good news this week with marriage announcement and maybe baby as well as wedding speculation, K-ent went down two tabloid muckraking rabbit holes the opposite direction. First up is a tabloid report that recently married actor Jo Jung Seok cheated on longtime girlfriend and now wife Gummy with former SPICA member Yang Ji Won. The report claims that he’s been cheating on Gummy with her for three years and Gummy accepted it, which made Jo Jung Seok decide to finally marry his long suffering girlfriend who gave him such long rope to roam. Jo Jung Seok’s side has vociferously denied this and is threatening legal action. Another tabloid gossip this week is reports that variety show maestro Na PD hooked up with actress Jung Yumi after working together on his show Youn’s Kitchen. Both have released denial statements through their agencies and also vowed to take legal action.


Jo Jung Seok and Na PD/Jung Yumi Fight Back Against Tabloids Cheating Allegations — 12 Comments

  1. The consensus is both rumors were started to cover up a couple of issues: the Yemeni refugees in Jeju being granted 1-year stay visas, and Seoul Metro being mired in a nepotism scandal after 100 temp workers with relatives already working there were granted permanent positions. Not to mention Jung Yu-mi and Na PD were already getting hate from knetz before the rumors of an affair started. She’s getting heat for accepting the lead role in an adaptation of a controversial feminist novel, and he’s involved in a plagiarism scandal.

    I’m seriously side-eyeing the Korean government for resorting to such cheap tactics instead of facing issues head on.

      • I read it on Netizentown’s Twitter. A Korean artsy variety show where he’s the head PD is accused of using photos without permission and blurring the logo. The photographer caught a rerun and saw it. I can’t find an English title for the show and Koalasplayground won’t let me paste the Korean one or the Twitter link.

  2. Tabloids could literally have used that East Light abuse case to mute the political scandals but why do they choose to write about Jo Jung Seok supposedly two timing? Did JJS piss of someone?

  3. My prayers and thoughts are with Gummy over this and that’s who I’m thinking of and it’s a pretty low b*tch ass move to use JJS marriage and supposed affair as a ruse for what is currently happening in SK. Guess just watching their dramas we can’t just switch off when this salacious type of news hits because they’re actors we actually do care about and I do take it to heart and yes I get emotionally affected because I’m powerless to do anything. As for JYM and her casting alongside Gong Yoo maybe that was his call? She’s ok doesn’t rock my boat but then again I’ve only just seen her in ‘Live’ and everyone was in sync with their characters and the storyline was absolutely gold as far as I am concerned. Back to Gummy; be strong sister and big love x

    • Gummy and JJS have had an on and off relationship over the years and some of her song lyrics have mirrored this like ‘The quintessential man’ and ‘As a man’ . Im referencing on line articles for my source of information and am speculating too so please no offence. I’m going to be non committed to these baseless rumours but I am really upset that K media have capitalised on this one in particular.

  4. No pictures of the alleged cheating? Kinda hard to believe that JJS cheated on his wife Gummy and Gummy still married him knowing he will cheat. It is not like it is a set up marriage. I don’t know much about JJS or Gummy, but if this is not a set up marriage and they married after dating, doubt that any woman would marry a Man knowing he will cheat.

    Jung Yumi with Na PD? That is hilarious. I like Jung Yumi as an actress, she is quirky but very likable on all the characters that she played. She balances the flawed female heroin well, where most actress would have annoyed me on the roles that Jung Yumi has chosen such as – Discovery of Love, and the other one that was a remake.
    The rumors seems far fetched.

  5. Urgh, this sort of thing is revolting. These people are not toys or some kind of video game. They are very real people. It’s disgusting to play with their lives like that.

    • I know really.What the hell is wrong with people!Even if you dislike someone.Yoy dont create dirty rumours like those and spread them around.Atrocious human beings?

  6. Yes, rumours if untrue can have very serious consequences. JJS is one of my favourite actors, so I really hope the rumours are false. However, there is an old saying, where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

    On another note, I am truly shocked and abhorred by the statements made by the leader of Eastlight against their CEO and PD regarding their abuse (physical, emotional, psychological and verbal).

    How high is the price of fame? I know being a trainee in Korea is tough, but i truly hope abuse is not common and rampant. If i were their parents i would be devastated to hear about their treatment.

    Prosecute the CEO and PD, alk firns of abuse is a crime!!

  7. About jjs who knows if he cheated or not. We will see in next year since where’s the smoke there’s fire. I predict in future we will have another couple like Kim min hee and ho sang ho. And also there is a a blind item about jjs date a lot of woman before gummy.

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