Lee Jun Ki Joins IU to Guest on K-variety Show Knowing Bros

The fans of K-drama Moon Lovers (Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ryeo) have a new treat to check out as leads Lee Jun Ki and IU have reunited to guest star on the variety show Knowing Bros. The structure of the show is set in high school so its adorable to see Jun Ki and IU don high school uniforms, and him rocking nerd glasses and a casual wave to his hair. Lee Jun KI revealed that he only did this show because IU invited him to guest alongside her, and the two have maintained their strong friendship after doing Moon Lovers. It’s so nice to see two talented and hardworking stars form a real connection doing a drama and wishing them both continued career success.



Lee Jun Ki Joins IU to Guest on K-variety Show Knowing Bros — 54 Comments

  1. Am I the only one who have moved on from them as couple in Scarlett Heart? I don’t get their appeal anymore as couple and LJK is too thin he should gain some weight and what’s with that hair

    • he seems to look skinny, with full clothes long sleeves on. but he’s been building muscles and i stress it again, muscles. if you go through his IG, you’ll see what i am talking about.

      his close friendship with IU is cute. however, their shippers should bug off and leave their private matters alone.

    • That’s because that’s you and your preferences could be different from others. You may like other actors or drama that other don’t care about.

      • Ouch that’s hurt . Anyway I still think LJK has lost his appeal to me, his plastic surgery and skinny body is so so not my preference

      • what plastic surgery you’re talking about? if he doesn’t seem to be appealing for you, you dont need to read his articles & spread your false facts about him.

        when you can’t speak nicely about someone, it’s better to just shut up.

      • @larana lol You sound so mental. If making ignorant comments makes you happy, keep talking to a wall. I shouldn’t have responded to you in the first place.

      • @larana, LJK is a natural. What PS? His looks has always being the same just older….You dont need to like him but dont spread false rumours.

      • On a positive note, Lee Joon Gi is an actor faces (literally). He played Bong Sang Pil in Lawless Lawyer. At first glance, the character visual looks different in KB. Unless you look intently but at FIRST GLANCE, the Criminal Minds character look different than Bong Sang Pil. Wang So, my favorite kdrama character of all time, look different at all & I don’t even see him as Lee Joon Gi but just Wang So himself.

        Then I checked on the stills on GunMan in Joseon— again, at first glance, he look different. When I was not familiar with Lee Joon Gi yet, I thought Hanjo the character in the drama was played by another actor.

        I only became a follower of Lee Joon Gi after watching Moonlovers recently, but the more I watched him in dramas and movies, the more I am fascinated as I get different everytime. The characters feel so different. Imagine the dedication, time and effort he put in to create those characters to be looking like real individuals.

        It’s nice to see Lee Joon Gi here having fun showcasing wits and talents. It’s been few months since his last drama ended, I am looking forward for the next one and curious on kind of character he will be playing next and how he will look like and temperament he will have.

      • I meant to say; Lee Joon Gi is an actor of “thousand” faces. — for the typo and missing word in the above comment.

      • @larana So ignorant! Why couldn’t you just say that you are his hater, rather than trying to tear his down and spread false things.Duh?

    • He looks all right for his age. That must have taken him a lot of hardwork to maintain such body frame and besides muscles weigh a ton compared to fats.

    • KHN nad IU has always been the supperiour couple. But their friendship is cute and the stressed ‘friendship’ so many times, only delulu shipper wont get it. ottoke

    • They are genuinely friends.That is all.Nothing more, nothing less.I dont think they are hanging around each other for people to see them as a couple or whatever.They are both high profile celebs and both are known to be fiercely protective about their private lives.Have you seen non-married dating k-celebs going to each other’s concerts, sending each other food trucks or posting about each other on social media so blatantly like these two?No.They have no romantic relationship to protect, that is why they are so comfortable in supporting each other so openly.

      I do think their kind of friendship is like Kate and Leo(the pair from Titanic Movie).Anyone who thinks otherwise I am sorry to say, but they have still have not woken up to reality and just being straight up delusional?.Men and Women can be friends.This is a good example.Seriously, aside from Song- Song which couple with a huge shipper-base in k-entertainment has ever turned from shipper fantasy to reality??.

      • I seriously think the SongSong’s success story has somewhat worsen this celebs shipping culture. I don’t pay much attention to other celebs’ shippers, but these JoonU shippers are genuinely a bunch of j3rks. Attacking Seo Yeji the whole time during LL was being aired, flooding both LL’s & MA’s #s with Moon Lovers’ scene, pasting IU’s face on SYJ’s kissing scene stils with LJK. Eventually making LJK’s & IU’s fans turn their anger at innocent parties, which are LJK & IU themselves. And this is completely ironic, how can LJK & IU can publicly display their friendship while their own fans turn against each other? All thanks but no thanks to the existence of these crazy shippers.

      • @RubyRed – just saying, for your last question, there was Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri from Reply 1988. And (unconfirmed) Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye after Pinocchio….

        I get what you are saying though, friends that so openly acknowledge each other in k-ent are highly unlikely to be romantic partners. They genuinely seem to like and respect each other’s skills and had great rapport and friendship but that’s it.

    • Anyway thats just my two cents.I support their friendship.They shouldnt let their individual fans, obsessive shippers or antis ruin whatever it is they have.But I trust them both, thay have exhibited a high level of maturity and both are not rookies so I believe they can handle anything.

      Congrats too.They broke a record on knowing brothers???.It became the third highest episode in the history of the show.

  2. they’ve already guested LOL the episode was this weekend. it got the best ratings of KB episodes for this year. they’ll appear again next week.

  3. I never shipped them and I think she had better chemistry with KHN.

    But I like both of them individually and glad to know that they found real friendship thru that drama.

    IU invited LJK because she felt he is the funniest person she ever known and LJK is definitely ‘variety show’ materials. Even then, I am glad he stays away from variety program as much as he could because that helps his acting persona better. Appearing once on a while like this made his presence more fun.

  4. I just finished watching the episode and wow! Lee Joon Gi is dang talented. It’s my first time seeing those tricks and amazing that he actually did those stunts in his dramas.

    IU also did well but I have watched her in many variety shows. But I thought she was more reserve in her previous guestings yet here she looks genuinely enjoying KB and looking more comfortable.

  5. I’m dying to watch this! My So&Soo reunion. Miss them together so much. Moon Lovers is and forever will be my most beloved drama. Wang So my most beloved man.

    I love to see they are good friends that really care for each other. And from the little I watched from the episode they genuinely had fun!!! And LJG was si impressive…

    Planning to watch the whole episode tonight. I’m a very happy fan

  6. There are recaps pics, how is this a “to guest on” article?
    IU looks cute, but Lee Jun Ki looks like a grandpa in that vest and glasses, he is looking more and more shriveled.

      • Yeah and people with eyes form opinions on what they see. Don’t make it so obvious you’re an obsessive fan girl who can’t accept different opinions about her ahjussi.

      • We don’t actually care and don’t take your post to heart. I just find it amusing why you take so much effort to spread negative comments or attack someone for your own satisfaction. What’s worse call it as personal opinion? ? I wonder what personal morals and values you are taught at home. tsk tsk tsk

  7. Both of them have genuine friendship with some of the people they work with.
    It’s just not Lee Jun-ki that she is friends with from Scarlet Heart. Kang Hanna recommended IU to appear on the show and jTBC couldn’t be happier with the highest rating 6.4% over all cable variety shows.

  8. I like that they are platonic friends and just put themselves out there and don’t seem to care about any of the shippers etc. LJG strikes me as quirky and fun and doesn’t care about maintaining a cool image. I also like that he agreed to go on the show even though he’s not promoting anything.

  9. I’ve been a watching Knowing Brothers from episode 1, certainly, this episode is one of the funniest. I didn’t know Lee Joon Gi is that quirky and funny. I also can’t helped myself but be stunned of how talented he is. I am not an athletic person so I find those things he did in the latest episode were unbelievable.

  10. It’s nice to see IU. I think she is the most popular female singer these days. Anything she releases gets to the top of the charts.

    • She has hit gold this year.A hit song.An acclaimed drama and appearance on knowing brothers producing good result.I am not a fan of hers but I respect her hustle.The girl is very hardworking and is reaping the benefits.She has also been dragged for too long and received alot of hate for nonsense things.I sincerely wish her career will soar to greater heights and more importantly, that is she is happy in life.

    • Iu’s Been the most popular idol singer since 2010. She’s been korea’s Top musician (artist) since 2014. Not to brag but she’s the artist with the most n 1s in Korean charts and the only female artist who can compete head to head with groups. We are proud :p

  11. Too good; too cute and glad that IU asked LJK to appear with her on KB. I think she would have been great even without him tbh because she’s got the personality to showcase her talent cos she is a triple threat with singing; dancing and acting. I love how she just oozes charisma and is always cheerful. And I guess the real reason for them to appear was to appease the 5000 requests from their Moonlovers fans for a sequel so this was a ‘We’ve put up so now shut up’ statement. Okay I was exaggerating with the 5000 I think it may be closer to 6000!

  12. for me Jungkook is right one for IU.haha. Looking at each other at awards and singing each with other during each other’s performances. So cute.

    • The idol world is pretty funny… junkook has been very vocal about his admiration towards IU but IU has been pretty neutral about it. Fans are dying for some interaction but I bet that the minute she acknowledges him, she’ll be hunted by Armies. This situation has happened many times in the past too. For example, Yoseob (from beast/highlight) is a very well known IU fan boy, he’s been so since she was a rookie and he’s been very vocal about it. IU’s friends with his group because she hosted a radio show with Doojoon. I guess for fan service, yoseob once took part in one of her performances when she was still unknown in 2009, but because of that she was flooded with so much hate her fanpage had to be taken down. Another example is IU and Zico. They’ve known eachother since debut. He’s also known to be part of her fancying when he was much younger. They’ve always kept their friendship very low until recently since Zico is know in a position where he’s considered an artist and not an idol, just like her. Anyway… point is, IU mainly exposes her friendships when it’s safe to or when she won’t be eaten alive by the fans. Junki’s Korean fans must have a favourable opinion of her, otherwise this show wouldn’t have happened… so we are only gonna see see iu interact with JK if their fans allow.

      • hope fans be understanding when time comes. If they really love Jungkook they should let him be. I think IU is definitely giving little hints for Jungkook that she like him a bit during one of encounters by directly looking at him. When Jungkook looked at him, she didnt shy away. I am sure they spoke through their eyes. Jungkook expressing his interest in IU openly only means he is serious. When he was asked if he has someone in his heart, he said he has an ideal type and that is IU shyly means he is preparing his fans and telling other idols that he has set his eyes on her, so know it.

      • Jung Kook? BTS Jung Kook? He is a kid. One piece of unsolicited advice, let the kid grow up for 5 more years, then start shipping. ? Btw, the kid is so talented. He’s the one I love the most in BTS. I love Jimin and V too.

    • @dramafans

      If this is how you see their ‘interactions / non- interactions’, then so be it. Point is, I hope Armies don’t go hating on her if/when she’s found to be dating someone else. That goes for Moonlover fans too. the shippers went to send her ex hate messages as well as LJK’s ex, even when her fans were cool with her relationship, which is why soo many people hate on this ship despite liking both IU and LJK and their friendship…

    • The way I see it though.IU is more likely to date a guy who is older than her than a guy who is younger than her.My impression of her is she seem mature in thinking and personality beyond her years and looks(Thats not a bad thing).I mean the guys she has been with before (Jang Ki Ha and reportly EunHyuk) were older than her.Her best friend is Yoo In Na who is 11 years older than her.Most of the people who are in her inner circle of celeb friends Kang Ha Na, Zico, GD, Jun Ki, Goo Hara, Kang Ha Neul etc are also older than her.The few I know who are younger or same age are suzy, sulli,jiyeon and oh hyuk.

      I am also of the view that she might follow Lee Hyori and end up with a more low profile celeb like maybe an indie artist or even a non celebrity.Guys with rabid fangirls like GD, Jun Ki, and Jung Kook have no chance with her.Kang Ha Neul too I feel like she friendzoned them all.I know she is the reserved type and isnt very expressive with emotions.But I have never felt from her side that she is attracted to any of them in a romantic way.The relationship she has with them all looks platonic to me.But who knows?I could be wrong only time will tell.

      • I feel like this is somewhat accurate, IU’s only publicly acknowledged long-term relationship (3 years) was with a 10 years older indie musician so she might have a preference there.

        I did wonder about KHN though, I’m not 100 percent sure about this friendzoning but they did have amazing chemistry and I hope they work together again as first leads this time.

    • To be honest though from one woman to another, as big of an artist IU is, she is only 25.I think its better she should enjoy being single and focus on her career while she is at her peak.Maybe when she gets to 30 and over.She can date seriously while thinking of marriage.She will find a mature man who will be ready to settle down and who is more compatible with her.

      • Honestly I can understand either way. She’s been active in the industry for 10 years now, that’s her entire youth so far, 25 is an age when one can feel lonely or like certain experiences are being missed out. I think she herself knows it, she even wrote a song lyric in 23 about having a tough time choosing between love and earning money.

  13. Park park couple actually have biggest fan base after song2 shipper. They even wanted to see psj and pmy could attend apan award together. They even dreaming psj as a guest in park min young fan meeting. And fact after vacation to Thailand psj and pmy avoid to see each other in public. I mean just because ssc was successful and getting married doesn’t mean all otp in kdrama was will be like them. Park seo joon will lose cf contract and female fans if he was getting married. He still young and long career.

    • never understand the mind of a shipper. What is the satisfaction or gratification or entertainment when two strangers (just seen on TV drama) get together? Not that the shipper will get a prize and a free meal at their wedding banquet… so many unnecessary fan wars… geez…

      • I don’t understand the shipper mentality either, it’s ok to have thoughts but at least have the decency to not force your delusions on the real-life people involved!

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