Hit TW-drama In Time With You Gets J-dorama Adaptation with Adachi Rika and Shirasu Jin

The TW-drama In Time With You from 2011 feels like another lifetime ago, a time when Taiwan still made good idol dramas and in fact had genuinely improved on the quality from just cute to insightful. I haven’t watched a TW-drama through in a couple of years and don’t even recognize the current crop of drama actors and actresses but the leads of ITWY Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen definitely reign supreme in their charisma and acting talents. Korean failed miserably in adapting ITWY with wrong casting all around in The Time We Were Not in Love and now it’s time to see if Japan can do better. The J-dorama version of ITWY is in the works called Boku wa mada Kimi o Aisanai koto ga dekiru (I Still Cannot Miss You) and still star young talented Adachi Rika and Shirasu Jin who I already visually imagine looking compatible together. Make it happen Japan! Continue reading