C-stars Tang Yan and Luo Jin Announce Marriage with Exquisite Wedding Pictorial Photos

Basically whatever the C-netizens are gossiping about is likely 99.9% correct is what I have gathered from over ten years of following the industry. One is more likely to stay incognito walking around Times Square naked than attempting to keep personal life under wraps in C-ent. Once again a percolating rumor is proved to be true as dating Chinese acting stars Luo Jin and Tang Yan have officially announced their marriage on October 28th, the day of their rumored overseas wedding in Vienna Austria. Their announcement was lovely in its simplicity – he wrote “I am the groom” and she wrote “I am the bride.” Nice!

The two posted on Weibo (of course) pictures of their wedding pictorial (drop dead gorgeous and romantic) along with one of the two holding up their wedding registration book in matching red sweatshirt and grey cap couples outfit. Congrats to the couple who have been dating two years and have worked on countless dramas together as the onscreen OTP. They are the second C-ent high profile dating couple marriage this month alone following Feng Shao Feng and Zhao Li Ying tying the knot. An additional rumor is also that this couple is expecting much like the very clear indicators that Feng-Zhao along with the married for three years now Liu Shi ShiNicky Wu married couple are both early stages of pregnancy. So much good news out of C-ent!


C-stars Tang Yan and Luo Jin Announce Marriage with Exquisite Wedding Pictorial Photos — 11 Comments

  1. Congratulations to them! The photos are gorgeous.
    I suppose life just goes on for C-stars. They all get married and have babies at a certain age.

  2. Lou Yan has loved Tang Yan for a very long time. Even whilst she was dating that cheater/liar.
    I will like to laugh at those that kept spreading rumours they broke up. I am sincerely happy for them. Both deserves each other. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats to Luo Jin and Tang Yan! I love all these photos, especially the first one. It’s so adorable! There are also photos of them dancing at the wedding reception venue, and you can totally feel the love emanating from them.

  4. Congratulations to the gorgeous couple – * JY * May you live happily ever after.
    Hope to see video or photos of their wedding ceremony on 28 Oct 2018.

  5. Congratulation JY… my fav love team… hopefully you will grow old together in love of your marriage and soon as possible yo have a little prince or princess… ?? best regard from me from indonesia

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