Han Ji Min, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Hye Ja Confirmed for Age-morphing Drama Dazzling

The lineup is set for upcoming K-drama Dazzling with dual female leads Han Ji Min and veteran Kim Hye Ja playing the same character, who is named Kim Hye Ja ahahaha. That’s cute and also really awesome that Kim Hye Ja will be reuniting with the PD from her hit sitcom I Live in Cheondamdong (Live Among the Rich) which is one of my favorite K-dramas ever ever ever but oh so hard to find streams to watch. Han Ji Min plays the young Kim Hye Ja who suddenly turns into an old woman played by veteran Kim Hye Ja who also develops the ability to manipulate time. It’s the romance between a woman running out of time and Nam Joo Hyuk‘s male lead described as an aimless reporter who is wasting the time he has. Son Ho Jun has also signed on as the second male lead. The drama goes into production soon with an early 2019 airing date on cable network jTBC.


Han Ji Min, Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Hye Ja Confirmed for Age-morphing Drama Dazzling — 14 Comments

  1. Nam Joo Hyuk was not bad in The Great Battle but I’m not a big fan and after seeing Son Ho Jun in Terius I find pretty bland.

    I think they should cast two different male actors.

  2. Awkward with NJH to say the least. Enter SHJ then HJM will be like ‘Umm hang on a minute’ ends up following SHJ. In all fairness I did like NJH in Weightlifting Fairy so I’m on the fence with this drama. And lo n behold another time genre. Gosh there seems to be a lot these days.

  3. I am glad han ji min has a new drama but i have reservations with njh. He is okay with wfkbj but i heard he was bad in botwg. I hope the PD is good to maximize the acting talents of both the male leads. And i hope the story is good too. Funny yet romantic.

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