Yoo Seung Ho has a Bad Delivery Day in First Stills for K-drama Revenge is Back

The first stills are out for K-drama Revenge is Back (Korean punny title Bok Soo is Back) and it flips the narrative on male lead Yoo Seung Ho from his last drama I am Not a Robot. In that drama, he gave errand girl Chae Soo Bin a hard time with a delivery she was making for him, and now he’s playing the hard scrabble delivery guy type. The first stills show him making a delivery of food, placing a call and then looking very distressed. Clearly it doesn’t go well and this is such a trope in K-dramas for the down-on-his-luck delivery type lead character to run into a mishap on the job. I’m so happy Yoo Seung Ho is coming back with a new drama and he definitely looks spunky in this new role as a kid who got unfairly kicked out of high school going back as an adult to get revenge but likely to resolve old beefs while moving on with a new romance with the female lead played by Jo Boa.


Yoo Seung Ho has a Bad Delivery Day in First Stills for K-drama Revenge is Back — 5 Comments

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in a drama again! I’m so happy he kept the lighter hair color too, it’s very flattering on him. I thought he’d go back to more dramatic roles and dramas but I guess he wants to stick with this genre for now. It’s better than being pigeon-holed like some actors.

  2. This drama and Kim Sohyun’s drama ‘ Love Alarm’ filmed at the same school. One filming staff of Radio Romance took pic of Kwak Dongyeon and van for Love Alarm staffs.

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