Kim So Hyun Naturally Radiant in New Makeup CF Pictorial

K-actress Kim So Hyun is such the perfect model for light dewy foundation, she never looks caked and plastered on the red carpet and has the enviable youthful radiance to convince me that I could emulate it by using whatever tonic she’s shilling. Her latest makeup CF released BTS pictures that are good enough to just put out as is. Love this softly made up look that highlights her incredible skin. It’s unfortunate that my fave Kim So Hyun roles remain her cameos or child actress sections, the only drama where she was the female lead that I liked the most was Let’s Fight Ghost where she played a high school student as a ghostly presence. Her more recent adult roles in Ruler and Radio Romance just didn’t resonate with me, and especially in Radio where she was never believable despite her solid acting as a radio scriptwriter. Looking forward to her next two roles in the dramas Love Alarm and the adaptation of Miss Granny.


Kim So Hyun Naturally Radiant in New Makeup CF Pictorial — 51 Comments

      • Really? I don’t see that but everyone is entitled to their own opinion haha I think she’s an incredible actress with wide range, if you watch let’s fight ghost, idk maybd your opinion might change because her character is pretty bright and spirited haha

      • Do you know what’s great about this girl?? She never ashamed to admit her Shortcomings. In an article, I read, she once said”She worries, sometime fans can see her anxiety from her eyes”. This girl has a good personality, many of her partner’ admit it. She knows how to give respect to others. She has beautiful mind.

        And I like her acting, her acting very good. Of course of you see “Reset”, “School 2015”, and “fight ghost”. She can change herself to bright and dark at the same time.
        She just hasn’t the right script, and this might be considered by her age, She just passed her legal age.

      • K and Kp are the same person a troll. Ignore everyone. We all know how beautiful this girl is and how versatile her acting is.

    • Overdramatic is something she is definitely not. If anything her acting is super subtle which is what her brand of acting has been described by literally everyone. She’s versatile and vibrant which is something her peers haven’t yet proven to be. Plus she’s the only one who has actually moved on to lead roles in the full capacity irrespective of ratings since all her dramas sell internationally.

      • Even her acting in radio romance couldn’t save the ratings lol an utter flop. And she’s sooo ugly in that drama.

  1. Almost all of her dramas are a flop. She should be more careful of picking dramas. And out of the 2 kims, I think knetz prefer kim yoo jung’s beauty more than her.

    • Do NOT compare any of the Kims! Beauty is subjective. Do NOT drag KYJ into this article. Your intention is too obvious. I find all the Kims very pretty. There is no need to compare.

    • I agree that her drama choices since she transitioned to lead roles have not been good.But its only a matter of time till she acquires a sense of which scripts match with her acting skill sets and which directors and writers gel with her.

      But that knetz comment about her beauty and being inferior to kim yoo jung..nah if you are a kjy fan and think that.You are being delusional.If you are not, the fact is its not true.The whole kim line is equal in knetz eyes.Ive never read anywhere knetz saying one is more attractive than the other.These girls are still kids.They are barely legal.They are both pretty too.

    • Why compare them when both are pretty in their own way. Ksh more on cute side..kyj has a sexy side in her.. Both are really beautiful and good actress…

      • Actually ksh more on the chic side and kyj more on the cute side or that’s what i feel anyway.

      • KYJ delulu fans as usual trying to pretend she’s sexy. So jealous that KSH chic and elegant beauty is praised by everyone. We all know she’s got the same beauty as SYJ and the charm of SHK.

    • Stop spreading lies they prefers kyj over her especially the knetz if anything ksh has the bigger fandom both within the country and outside. Delulu kyj fans need to go find another article to comment on because this girl slays everything she does. Btw koala you’re forgetting the phenomenal performance she put in page turner. She was utterly brilliant in that.

    • “knetz prefer Kim yoo Jung’s beauty?” lol in what world? Kim So Hyun’s beauty is definitely more of Koreans’ ideal type: pale skin, tall and slim figure, small oval face, big eyes and high-bridged nose, whereas kim yoo jung has a rather wide and flat face. Also, Korean male celebrities are always praising kim so hyun’s beauty, a lot of Korean male celebrities have named kim so hyun their ideal type, and even kim yoo jung admitted than kim so hyun is more popular with the boys. Even during moon embracing the sun days, kim yoo Jung played the lead role, but it was kim so hyun’s beauty who got jung il woo and song jae rim’s attention, they both praised her beauty. Even kwak dong yeon, kim yoo Jung’s MDBC co-star, chose kim so hyun. Even Cha Eun Woo chose kim so hyun over kim yoo Jung. Literally any Korean male celeb who’s asked to choose between the two always chooses kim so hyun. Everyone who sees her in personal always praise how beautiful and small her face is. Search online and there are plenty of quotes about kim so hyun’s beauty. The time when knetz hated kim so hyun because of the villainous roles she played in the past is over. Knetz and international fans alike love her, that’s why she’s one of the most in a demand young actress today. Project offers continue to pour despite most of her dramas being flop. Why? Because casting directors know that it’s not her fault that the dramas were flop, the writing is at fault. They know she’s a beautiful and talented actress.
      I don’t know if you’re just a kim yoo Jung fan that’s why you’re being biased, but please don’t be delusional lol

  2. she is pretty, undeniable talented but I feel that her role feels the same,
    it’s not bad acting because I believe her line and her delivery, her pain and her struggle is really came to you, it just it feels that it’s her, kim so hyun.

    Probably typecasted or just unmatched character for her.

    • I agree with you, and the article above states pretty much the same too. She is a certainly a promising young actress, the acting is good but not natural, which is perfectly fine given her young age.

      It is just hilarious how some fans need to praise her to the moon and back. This is not her fan club page, so others can have opinions too.

    • I don’t think her roles are ever the same I mean rape survivor and high school ghost or maknae radio scriptwriter literally have nothing in common. She’s surely not typecast seeing from the roles offered to her in Love Alarm of a quiet, troubled teen or the 4D grandma turned young girl in Miss Granny. Literally no 2 roles of her are alike that’s the beauty of her acting.

      • Page turner school 2015 and love alarm lol she’s stuck at being a high schooler HAHAHA all the dramas are a flop try harder my friend.

      • High school is a setting not a genre and its absolutely age appropriate of her to do those roles. None of her high school dramas have been a flop – school 2015, lfg and page turner are all beloved dramas and extremely popular. That’s why she is so much more in demand.

  3. What a hate or whatever you say… This article about her BTS pictures for Hanyul. And admin shared her/his opinion about her last 2 dramas.
    1. You may not like her or her dramas . But you can not say anything negative about her acting skills.
    2.This article not about beauty comparison. But someone said other actress more beautiful than her, acording to knetizen…
    Of course everybody has his/her own opinion but please be fair and read carefully what is it about.
    I think some people fells compelled to write something but you don’t have to…
    If you don’t have something nice to say don’t write.. (This is my opinion )

    • @Elf – those who wrote negative comments here are KYJ’s delulu fans. Their motive is very clear. They are totally nuts. They purposely write something bad here thinking they will trigger another fan war. But I believe KSH’s fans are more mature and civilized. I am not a fan, this is just my observation from reading various articles in this blog. I like all the Kims 🙂 but KYJ’s delulu fans are annoying (not all, but you know who you are).

      • Funny that your the one I always see writing negative comments on kyjs articles. You have the audacity to get offended when people express their opinions about your fave and call them delulu kyj fans when on most articles of yoo jung your the instigator of these “fan wars.” Stop hating. The 3 Kims are all great in their own way.

      • @tea – Yeah. A delulu KYJ fan trying to frame me… Anyone with a clear mind can read through her words. Hahaha…. LOL.

      • Nope.. They definitely not kyj’s fans.. delulu or yoo jung is like song hye kyo,who has a lot of haters that willing do anything twisted to make them look bad.

      • I don’t think where is the issue when people said they don’t like her acting. It’s their choice, she’s an actress, they judge her job. It’s their opinion.

        KSH’s fans are not more mature, they can’t accept critics of KSH like she was a goddess…

      • But KSH is a Goddess literally every article written about her states the same. You’re just jealous she looks so fabulous in this pictorial and gets the most projects out of any of her peers. The ones that make the news are just the ones she allows to make the news plus she’s basically running her own agency which makes her richer than any of her peers. Her acting has always been the best of her peers and her versatility is widely known fact. Peripera literally needed 3 new models to replace KSH because her aura is so big just like SHK needed 2 new people to fill her spot. You’re just jealous because people actually like KSH and write positive comments on her article unlike your bias.

  4. Btw, who haven’t watch her travel show, please do so! ? You won’t regret it!

    You all can watch it through Lifetime Korea YouTube channel or just click on the link at her Instagram (wow_kimsohyun) bio. ✌✌✌

  5. KHS is growing up beautifully. However, I just can’t seem o like any of her leading roles. She does gives off a sad vibe. I used to think she was quite versatile but after her watching her last two leading drama, I changed my mind. She is young though and she will most likely improve.

    • I too didn’t like radio romance or ruler much even though I think she gave good performances, I like her lead roles in school 2015, page turner, let’s fight ghost. I’m hoping love alarm and miss granny will be good.

  6. I would honestly not worry too much (at all?) about her role selection or anything because the girl is just 19 and has so much time to grow and mature into many roles. She already proved her versatility as a child actress and there is not much option with adult roles. Even Gong hyojin gets mostly same kind of roles and Park shinhye always get some needless criticism for playing same melo roles. Its not their fault because writers only like to experiment with male roles not female roles. Eventually she will find the right script and all will be good and jolly. She’s drop dead gorgeous in these pictures and I can’t believe these are unedited cuts. This dewy look is absolutely perfect on her she is absolutely angelic in every picture.

    • Yeah your right..I dont understand why must haters look for this article of Kim So Hyun just to comment negatives about her. I know people have the rights to speak what they wanted to say but your intentions isn’t right. Kim So Hyun knew her weakness and even acknowledge it. She accept it and if your reading with the articles about her, she gives thoughts about it and try to find a way to improve herself. She’s so down to earth girl. She never gives up and do what makes she thinks is right. She’s still young but she’s matured enough than those who belittle her despite of how she have been growing as one of the versatile young actress. I love Kim So Hyun definitely but i don’t hate her young co-star.. I understand why you loved them, so you must understand also why we loved So Hyun. Anyway this isn’t a beauty contest so stop comparing their beauty. Coz they have their own uniqueness in different ways. Thank you 🙂 <3

  7. I’m grinning like a cheshire cat the entire time looking at her photos! Especially the top most photo is very eye catching and badass! She’s always going to be my fave!

  8. Almost her dramas flopped? Lol. I guess it is the other way around, almost of her dramas are hits especially overseas. I think the weakest among her dramas is Radio Romance which we all know failed in ratings and has modest popularity overseas. On the other hand, Ruler was a domestic ratings winner but did not fare well in critical reviews due to its writing. Meanwhile, dramas such as Love Alarm, School 2015, LFG and TTON are big “hallyu hits”. Her breakout drama School 2015 has remakes in Thailand and China which is a proof how big the drama outside Korea. Then, Love Alarm, the latest one, made it to the top most watched Netflix’s releases in 2019 and thus, renewed for another season. So, based on those facts, I guess So Hyun is the numero uno among her peers due to the number of hits under her belt. Haters gonna hate but it is the reality.

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