TW-actress Barbie Hsu Gets Flack for Looking Her Age and Being Happily Married

It’s not easy in the entertainment industry anywhere, and aside from the casting tribulations the commentary and standards continue to follow a star even after pseudo-retirement. TW-actress Barbie Hsu (Da S) hasn’t acted in years ever since her marriage to a rich Chinese heir and then settling down to have two kids back-to-back. Unlike her little sister Xiao S, she hasn’t magically bounced back to pre-baby weight and doesn’t appear to want/be able to. She’s happy and says so in every interview, and maybe she needs to stay away from entertainment industry events because she’s getting raked through the press coals from last week’s Elle Style Awards presence. Her husband told the press that he commissioned an all black outfit for his wife from a British designer but the press instead said Da S now looks like her much older mother-in-law and the outfit may have been black but was clearly not slimming. The press also called out all the PDA going on between the two on the red carpet, talk about salty.


TW-actress Barbie Hsu Gets Flack for Looking Her Age and Being Happily Married — 24 Comments

  1. Omg. From the way the description went, I thought it was about the woman on the left. They’re really criticizing the woman on the right? She looks great to me. What pre-baby weight. She’s already skinny and looks healthy. Hope she doesn’t take the comments seriously. I really don’t like to consider this, but they must be from jealous haters.

    • Me too. I thought the woman in the left pictures is being compared to the right picture. I don’t get it, people are insane. She looks beautiful.

  2. Barbie (and Dee) are still super beautiful. Nothing wrong in aging. Besides, Barbie went through labour that almost took her life so understandably she has other things to focus on. Besides, mature, motherly beauty is beautiful.

  3. I also thought it was the woman on the left haha Barbie may not be dressed in the most flattering of outfits but she looks happy, healthy and very pretty .

  4. Umm those people be crazy, because she looks healthy and happy. She doesn’t look like she has any extra weight. I’m not even her fan, but people are really rude, commenting on her body like that.

  5. She’s a beautiful woman. If she can wear thigh high leather boots, she’s in great shape. It’s so sad that women aren’t allowed to age without some kind of ugly remarks. She’s happy and her husband is happy. Good for them for having a successful marriage.

  6. She was in my 1st tw drama. ” Meteor garden” . Still look great for me and i wish that she is really happy. She can’t be confused with anyone else. I have enough with people talking bad about people who doesn’t fit into their standard of beauty .

  7. Wait! They are talking about the woman on the right? Are you kidding me? She looks lovely and happy! As for the PDA, it’s nice to know that a couple still love and support each other. Time for people to relax and enjoy life and stop being so negative!

  8. Wow those who called her out are blind. She looks gorgeous and her mother in law looks good too. PDA is precious! They jelly. They surely have mud for eyes and their hearts are made of salt from the Dead Sea.

  9. The C netizens are unreal. She has an oval face, not double chin, clear clavicles and slim legs. Hello? She is like a size 8 or 10. Husband looks young and fit. They are happy…

    And people are complaining? Nuts man. Nuts.

    I see obese to morbidly obese patients in my workplace. And she is not.

  10. Lol Barbie Hsu doesn’t even look her age, even as an Asian, she could pass for her women in her thirties and she appears trim for a woman who had two babies. If (celebrity) mothers like Barbie Hsu are considered unattractive, then what about other women who undergo a lot of physcial and health changes through pregnancy? I guess they are called “repulsive” then pfff.
    I’m also sorry for her mother-in-law to be considered an example of “unflattering” because she looks just fine to me, I mean not many people grow their hair and wear dark make-up at her age.

  11. It’s amazing how strong the gender bias is. Was there ever a day when Barbie Hsu doesn’t look better than Huang Bo? There’s a long list of actors for which this is true. But we are not seeing comments on Huang Bo’s looks. Chen Jian Bin, Ni Da Hong do not exactly look like models. Yet there’s a lot less criticism there.

    Does this mean that Barbie’s husband cannot be trusted to be in charge of outfits? lol

    What is (way?) above average in looks is criticized. The public won’t be satisfied until all women go get plastic surgery? Women are not just vases. There’s more to a woman than just her exterior. But no one cares about that?

  12. It seems like her husband is a good guy, not pressuring her to look like anything she doesn’t want to be. Happiness is her best revenge for those salty people.

  13. She looked happy and healthy, and beautiful. Those people are crazy. She was actually too skinny before. Anyway, as long as she is healthy and happy, I am pleased for her. She almost die giving birth the second time … I think true fans are just thankful that she is alive and living her life.

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