Song Hye Kyo Gets Really Close to Park Bo Gum in New Poster for tvN Drama Encounter

The overseas shoot portion of upcoming tvN romance drama Encounter went all the way to Havana, Cuba, an exotic locale for sure even for many Westerners much less a K-drama selection. There’s old school charm mixed with a developing country urban vibe that permeates the promos for the drama, tossing everything in a beautifully color filtered lens that makes the viewer swoon softly into the possibility of the strangers in a strange land connection. The latest drama poster shows female lead Song Hye Kyo getting really up close and personal with younger male lead Park Bo Gum, with their drama characters mirroring their real life age gap. She’s a divorced chaebol heir ex-wife resigned to life and he’s the happy-go-lucky 20-something that embraces the possibilities still ahead. I love this visage of her making the move on him, you go girl and seriously have some safe fun in Havana!


Song Hye Kyo Gets Really Close to Park Bo Gum in New Poster for tvN Drama Encounter — 9 Comments

  1. He looks better with short hair for me πŸ™‚

    I was not interested by the story or the casting but all the teasers and pictures look beautiful. I think I will try πŸ™‚

  2. The overseas shoot of the drama seems interesting.
    But I’m worried that once the story goes back to Korea, its going to end up in makjang territory.

  3. They look great together. She just looks really petite and girly compared to how tall and strong he looks. People would totally be shipping them if she wasn’t married lol And Bogum does cut his hair so you won’t have to watch it like this forever.

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