Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo Bring the Smiles and Excitement to Press Conference for tvN Drama Encounter

It’s pretty cute to see the leads of tvN drama Encounter (Boyfriend) dressed in coordinating style classy outfits for the press conference. Park Bo Gum donned a autumnal beige double-breasted suit and Song Hye Kyo complemented with a white suit dress with beige heels. He’s cut the long shaggy locks from earlier this summer which was also his look during the location shoot portion in Cuba and she’s sporting a slightly longer bob that’s grown out a bit. I think they look great together, definitely she’s older but with her visuals it’s totally believable that a earnest puppy younger man can fall for her. The drama premieres next Wed-Thurs with the conclusion this week of dark melodrama Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky.


Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo Bring the Smiles and Excitement to Press Conference for tvN Drama Encounter — 46 Comments

  1. Nice dress its fitted perfectly, neat and dainty. She look like a first lady beautiful and classy.
    I like Pbg suit but dont like the black christian dior label tag. All in all they are both visually pleasing.

  2. She pretty in long hair but that cut hair make her look like old ahjumma. Even the trailer was pretty boring. Hahaha good luck for park bo gum.

      • I think park bo gum should accept where stars land, that drama not bad just look in rating.

      • Should have accepted The Great Battle. Nam Joohyuk won Blue Dragon award and is going to star with a Blue Dragon Best Actress Han Jimin.

      • He does actually, since he didn’t have any major roles in films before.
        Ryu Junyeol also has acted alot of films before but he only got nominated when he acted in Taxi Driver.

  3. 5 more days to go, they look cute together. Love the height difference and her dress is pretty. Song Hye Kyo is gorgeous with long and short hairs.

  4. The story can only be lighter than Hundred Million Stars and the production is bigger but regarding the acting level Seo In Guk and Jung So Min were incredible. I hope that PBY and SHK will be able to be up to it.

  5. SHK is very beautiful (actually I think she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen) and she is not that bad an actress.

    I have not watched anything with PBG in it. I don’t know how good an actor he is but he sure looked like a pretty girl in the trailer (he had more make up on than SHK) He look manly in the photos though and despite the fact that that suit looks awful he has somehow managed to make it work, kudos boy, kudos.

  6. Story is key. Both are visually stunning and compatible and it will their chemistry and storyline that will cement this drama. That said and IMO; SIG and JSM in HMSFTS are the ‘IT’ couple for 2018 with their flawless chemistry; visuals; acting and a kick arse drama to showcase their talent in and it will be very hard for the Encounter couple or any other drama couple to knock them off that perch. For those of us that followed HMSFTS and were just left in an emotional mush afterwards and are now in recovery mode; I’m still reeling from that roller coaster intense ride and am still processing – what did I just endure these past 2 months? That’s when you know it was a damn fine drama; when you’re still living on a high and refuse to come down from it.

      • Oh gosh did you miss the caps IMO which is the International acronym ‘In my opinion’ which is why I put that so glaringly obvious in the front before my proclamation. And yep Korean ratings matter a lot and I’m always happy for the dramas that do well domestically but for me HMSFTS storyline/scriptwriting; cast and acting along with the masterful direction have a huge impact on how that drama resonates with me on a personal and emotional level and that’s why I plugged SIG and JSM as the ‘IT’ couple so much so Ive restarted the series again. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is mine.

      • hahaha… what you mean by “IT” is whether or not the Park-Park couple was dating in real life? Scandal or not? LOL. I guess no one cares now.

  7. So excited! Can’t wait to have Song Hye Kyo back in my small screen. Visuals of PBG and SHK alone will make my day but teasers/posters released so far made more excited and i know i will love this drama

  8. Anyone else thinks SHK should not dress in short skirts, ever ? Ever since her Full house days, I have noticed short skirts makes her look shorter and she just doesn’t have the legs for short skirts. I like her beauty and that upper body shot is stunning.

    PBG looks the best in clean cut short hair, but it makes him looks even younger and more mismatched with SHK, compared to long hair.

    Just my 2 cents worth of superficial observations, chill:)

    • But PBG isn’t supposed to look the same age or older than SHK here or in their drama. Their age gap is 12 years, of course he’s gonna look younger.

    • nothing will make her look taller though… she is short. Look at her heels. She has been wearing this style of short skirts like uniform in public events. No offense, just an objective observation. Just focus on her pretty face imo.

    • Is that the same/similar white dress a few months back when she was over in HK for some CF promotional event? It made her look very matronly and the very same feedback about her height and legs. I love it when she has long hair as it accentuates her beauty more. The bob cut makes her look stoic and way older almost too old. And what is it with Korean women and their predilection with the colour white/cream dresses? The recent Blue Dragon Awards the majority of K actresses walked the red carpet wearing white bridal gowns ahh with no groom. So damn boring it’s like they’re at a mass Moonie wedding ceremony.

      • Yeah she wearing the same brand of clothes (avouavou) just boring for me. Her style way better when she still promote Chinese movie back in 2014/2015 she look young back then. But this she always same ? again and again even park bo young chose shk stylish that make her look like.

  9. Great battle is a flop movie, couldn’t recoup it’s huge budget.park bogum decision was spot on.He and song hye kyo is perfect together in encounter. Wednesday should come already.

  10. Just saying park bo gum get top 3 in brand reputation model. Wow his popularity just insane. Even jung hae in drop in no.16 and park seo joon also drop in no.20. I hope this drama can get good rating because power of pbg and shk. Good bye jung hae in and park seo joon, Pbg is king CF right now.

    • Aren’t you tired valentina? For someone who kept saying bad things about this drama, you sure do spent LOTS of time commenting on every single post about it.

      • No why I’m not tired. I’m was that park bo gum kick ass park seo joon and jung hae in.

    • Yep PBG is so popular so its not surprising that he would be flooded with CF offers. I do prefer him over JIH and PSJ visually too. Plus he is a genuinely nice guy that doesn’t attract negative attention oh except for the stupid marriage news between him and Jang Nara overall you can see why advertisers want to book him. Next year Lee Min Ho; Kim Soo Hyun and Jang Chang Wook will be back from the military to add to the powerhouse CF mix. I can’t wait!

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