Lee Seung Gi Attends Ribbon Cutting at KB Job Fair to Boost Employment

With the overseas location shoot portion of the K-drama Vagabond completed as of last week. K-actor Lee Seung Gi is back in South Korea and resuming his usual spate of events. First up this week is attending the ribbon cutting for the KF Jobs Fair to promote increased hiring and employment, always important to keep the economy humming. His hair is side-swept and the attire is all fall preppy with navy long coat with a grey sweater over a white shirt underneath. What’s eye catching are the yellow and and sepia orange corsages worn by the ribbon cutting VIP, nicely coordinated to the fall weather and brightens the look subtly.


Lee Seung Gi Attends Ribbon Cutting at KB Job Fair to Boost Employment — 22 Comments

  1. Okay true story but no mention of Suzy? I know she creates incense from the mere mention of her name but in all fairness she is the other half in Vagabond and it’s almost like she shouldn’t have a place in these articles on LSG. I believe that VB should be treated as a clean slate for her to prove herself as an actress and any misgivings about her acting in previous dramas should be put aside to allow her the opportunity and chance to shine. And no I’m not a diehard fan of hers but yes I have seen a few of her past works and I feel she needs a bit of recognition at least something to encourage her along the way.

    • Neither a fan or an anti-fan of Suzy (I do think she’s very pretty), but I think, given her track record acting-wise, it’s not our duty or obligation, somehow, to view each of her new project as a clean slate in the sense that we should completely forget about her past performances and, for no reason, suddenly expect greatness from her. (Honestly, prematurely expecting greatness from her might be harming her–and us viewers–rather than be of benefit in the long term.) And really, you’re not even talking about giving her a clean slate, because that implies a neutral position, whereas your wording “allow her the opportunity and chance to shine” implies positive expectation. And she hasn’t really earned that.
      So yeah, rather than say it is our duty to anticipate her improvement with each new project, I think it is her duty to actually *show* improvement before we are expected to change our minds about her acting ability (or lack thereof). As for opportunities and chances–she obviously keeps getting them, seeing how she keeps getting acting offers–and as a main lead, no less. Just my two cents, and hope I haven’t offended anyone with my words.
      (Also, this really isn’t a Vagabond article but a Lee Seung-gi one, so a discussion about Suzy is rather inopportune in the first place, here. Just because two actors are working together on a project, it doesn’t mean they should have their names inextricable linked, everywhere.)

      • Gosh a lot to say in such a short amount of time but well noted and point taken and yes no offence taken whatsoever. I’m not going to digress over what I wrote to which you have taken liberty to break down my intention but will rather say – I wrote my truth and you took umbrage over. Now I’m not advocating that you do anything that I wrote as you would probably know this blog is for the ‘In my opinion’ league and anyone who reads and responds it should be taken it as a grain of salt. To say that this is a LSG article; yes I know that hence why I raised Suzy’s name in the first place as it’s pretty ironic to not mention her when their drama is in still in pre production. I’m not saying that there should be an entire paragraph devoted to her but it would be nice to have a tid bit of what she’s doing with VB. You say you are neither a fan or anti fan but your post seriously veers towards the anti fan sentiment but is thinly disguised as being objective.

    • *clap clap clap* congratulations! this article could’ve been Suzy free. Thanks for trying to incite war in HIS article about HIM that absoluely has nothing to do with her. See how her name is NOT part of the tag at the end of this article nor is it even listed in the actual article. But since we’re talking about Suzy – I prefer Suzy in variety shows (Running Man) because she doesn’t have to do much but stand there, sit there, be pretty and occasionally talk. No acting involved so she seems to be at her best.

      • Incite a fan war? Don’t be overly dramatic please I’m just pointing out that if VB is mentioned it would be nice to have Suzy noted somewhere. Nothing more. Where is the harm in that?

      • Candy cane please stop being facetious it doesn’t become you. Both commentators Adnana and Kayla make valid points which bore a reply.

      • You don’t know me well enough. I said what’s on my mind. Never facetious. Vagabond is a team project, not half LSG and half Suzy.

      • None taken HHISC but seriously it’s like any other drama whereby the leads co exist and are mentioned in posts and it’s nothing major to write home about but obviously me name dropping her has created a stir here and a lot of people are not happy with the casting but it’s happened and it’s like trying to deny her existence so best be accepting of it cos it ain’t gonna change and candy cane you are so right I don’t know you well enough but the emojis in your post are not being facetious? Oh okay then they’re there to brighten up your post.

  2. I don’t think those desperately looking for work in South Korea are remotely interested in some celebrity cutting a ribbon and paid well to do it…Sorry I don’t like seeing exploitation. South Korea has massive economic problems at the moment which need to be taken seriously.

    • his nose looks the same to me, just the makeup is a bit off – too much highlight and the tone is much lighter than his tanned skin. Never understand why a Korean man has to put on this much shiny foundation! Geez… I have to give him praise for not putting on bright pink lipstick though… hahaha…

      • Totally agree with you on the pink lipstick I blame BYJ for making make up look good.

        I have looked other earlier photos of LSG and I think he lifted it up slightly.

      • I’m not sure it looks like it but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions and that’s why I asked. It seems to be like his nose is lifted up slightly.

    • i don’t think he did anything to his nose or his face, other than the proper skin care and grooming. You can compare against his first album’s photo. He rarely has any long down time, not long enough for recovery time after plastic surgery. He lost his chubby cheek post army. He has been working non-stop post army. He got more tanned after his Morocco trip. So, it could be the makeup as mentioned by candycane or it could be the angle of the photos. Furthermore, these are press photos, we never know whether the press did photo editing before releasing it.

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