HK-media Reports that Actress Cecilia Cheung Secretly Gave Birth to 3rd Son with Older Singaporean Billionaire Boyfriend

If someone had a really difficult last decade I think HK-actress Cecilia Cheung can be a contender. Since 2008 when the Edison Chen scandalous pictures shocker turned HK-ent upside down, Cecilia was hit the hardest because the most salacious and highest volume of pictures were of her when she was dating Edison. Plus she was by 2008 married to top actor and industry scion heir Nicholas Tse so the naked pics leaked at the worst time because it was the height of her career popularity and personal life stability. Since then she got divorced from Nicolas after having two sons together, and watched him reunited with his ex-girlfriend and supposed love of his life Faye Wong while she was living with the same of the pictures, growing older as an actress in a industry always having a fresh-faced 20 year old ingenue (herself being the IT girl at one point), and being a divorcee. Ten years later at the tail end of 2018, HK-ent is ablaze with reports that 38-year old Cecilia secretly gave birth last Sunday at a hospital in HK to her third son, this time with her Singaporean billionaire boyfriend who is 65 years old. If it’s true congrats to her and wowsers does she live a really cinematic life but I’m happy she appears to have found happiness again.


HK-media Reports that Actress Cecilia Cheung Secretly Gave Birth to 3rd Son with Older Singaporean Billionaire Boyfriend — 16 Comments

  1. Regardless of the large age gap, as long as both parties are single and not hurting others, it should be fine (though I still value marriage rather than having children out of wedlock).

    Cecilia surely had a rough time. I was never a fan of her but when she was married to Nic Tse, she was a devoted wife and mom and I really like them as a couple.

    It’s good that she find love and happiness again and hopefully no more article about her with having the mentioning of “Nic Tse and Faye Wong” over and over again.

      • No. She dated Nic Tse on and off and her ex-husband also went back and forth between her and Faye Wong. In between that, she had a brief relationship with Edison that ended before she married Nic Tse. As far as I know, she never cheated on her husband. The Cecilia-Nic-Faye love saga really is complicated. Nic cheated on Faye with Cecilia back then, and also cheated on Cecilia with Faye all before the marriage. During their marriage, neither Nic nor Cecilia cheated on each other. There was speculation that Nic could not accept that naked photos scandal esp involving his wife and his former good friend, thus led to the divorce.

        Now that Cecilia gave birth to her third baby, the reporters crazily asked Nic Tse on who’s the father is. I mean, they have been divorce for years and people still see the need to ask her ex-husband. The way I see it, the three (Cecilia-Nic-Faye) will akways be associated with one another.

      • @Alexa – what I heard was like @prettyautumn describes (she was still married while having the affair)… but anyways, having a child out of wedlock is not what I will agree on. Anyways, this Cecilia is not a devoted wife as far as I can read, she seems like a devoted mom though. Cheers!

    • Yeah, she was a victim of private pictures leaking and her privacy was violated. But she was married to Nick Tse while having an affair with Edison Chen. To be fair, probably both of them were having affairs and everything you saw about their marriage was just a facade. Goo Hara, Sulli scandals are nothing on Cecilia Cheung’s scandal

      • Nope, Cecilia was dating Edison prior to her marriage. It’s no secret that HK actors/actresses date casually and they go back and forth. It’s all in the past anyway, if Gillian Chung can marry post Edison, Cecilia should too.

    • @candycane – Same. Being Asian, having child out of wedlock is not something I can agree on. But then, I perhaps could not expecting that kind of value from celebrities. Plus, I admit to pity Cecilia since she had been having a rough time (Divorce, a failinng career and ex happily reconcile with his ex-gf) that I think she finally deserve her own happiness however it would be. ?
      @PrettyAutumn – Yeah, could be. Who knows? But whatever I read gave me that impression that she was devoted during the marriage and tbh, I do like them as a couple.

      • Why she shouldn’t have a child without being married?! Can she take care of it? If yes, then what is the problem?

      • What exactly is the moral issue? Are you talking that they had sex without being married and the child is the visible proof of that?
        You do understand that marriage was invented to support childbearing?

        And if she can support the kid without being married, more power to her!

        So again what is the moral issue?

      • @nanaluk – Stop arguing. Obviously you do not have my moral standpoint and you will never understand. People are entitled to their own opinions. You do not need to agree. What’s your point here? I do not need to understand you nor vice versa.

  2. She is one of my all time fave HK actresses, she does melodrama so well (Lost in Time is a film that made me cry even more each time I view it and she is so good in that) furthermore despite some of the dud films she starred in, her performances are always solid.

    As for her personal life I think she is a victim here. Those photos were private and is no one else’s concern.

    As for Nic I have a fondness for him as well. He is not as talented as the women in her life but I find him easy on the eyes and inoffensive. I was actually sad for them when they divorced but sometimes divorce is better than a lifetime of bitterness no? And I always liked him with Faye.

    This situation is once again nobody’s business. If the news are true then congrats to her. If not then I still wish her all the best (and thank her for making my film viewing better with her good performances).

    Thanks Koala for the news. The news that she thinks are interesting are usually interesting to me as well. Good job Lady!

  3. Well that goes the final blow that Cecilia and Nic will never really really ever get back together, I was still wishing the 2 could get back but oh well, hoping that shes happy. Btw, I dont like faye with nic, lol

  4. 1) Nope, she had that affair with stooopid Edison BEFORE marriage.
    And Nic was far from a monogamous angel himself – cheating on Faye with Cecilia (got found out during car crash and ran away too) while in relationship with Faye …

    2) While I wasn’t really an admirer of Cecilia before – I became a supporter post-scandal. Observing how she solidered on.

    3) Nic made a show of being ‘supportive’ (he was really a very disconnected dad and husband. Often gamed when home from assignments. While she sacrificed and was a damn hands-on mom all the way, or even brought the kids along when she was filming on overseas assignments.

    3) She’s had it rough, soldiered on with her 2 sons and did the best she could – while he reconciled with Faye (with materialistic Tse parents’ support) and went on and up, with his career.

    4) While he tries to maintain a great public image – he’s NOT been a constant presence in his sons’ lives whether in-out of marriage. Cecilia also had to contend with a MIL (Deborah Li) dissing in public what Cecilia does, or how ‘unstable’ their grandsons lives are when she was between gigs, etc.

    5) Not that Nic was ever a great actor in my books – but he’s celeb chef now, with or without Faye’s connections.

    So brownie points entirely in her favour. It doesn’t take much to see who’s totally involved in her sons’ lives and sacrificed. It’s not fun working, and bringing along kids – that’s being responsible for them and thinking of their well-being, meals etc. It’s easier to park them off somewhere – out of sight, out of mind.

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