China to Remake TW-hit Drama Fated to Love You With Fresh-faced Rising Stars

The remake train didn’t quite hit this popular drama as much as some others but it’s now going on the 4th remake so I think it’s nearly reached the same level. China will be remaking super popular when it aired TW-drama Fated to Love You which rocketed both leads Chen Qiao En and Ethan Ruan (as well as second male lead Baron Chen to a lesser degree) to superstardom. The timing is pretty savvy considering earlier this year the C-drama remake of Meteor Garden was a roaring success both in ratings and audience reviews. Of course I credit MG2018’s success on the casting of male lead Dylan Wang so it’s going to be a test of the production of C-Fated to see if their reported picks of rising stars Tan Song Yun for the female lead and Yan Xi for the male lead also deliver the same charismatic sizzle. The remake is slated to air in 2019.


China to Remake TW-hit Drama Fated to Love You With Fresh-faced Rising Stars — 6 Comments

  1. I like the actress in Chinese upcoming version. I think she would be fine for the role. Haven’t watched TW;ER didn’t do for me. I like Kversion.

  2. Not another remake. Why??????2019 will be the year of remake with so many coming out.why why there are so many great IP web novel, games and etc. out there what’s up with all these remake in c-drama land. Feel like the creativity is lost with all these remake of remake of remake.

  3. I loved this drama (except the last episodes, they could cut the story before… it was more filling).

    I didn’t like the Korean version. I never could watch more than the 1 episode.

    The remake of Meteor Garden was good, so why not.

  4. The original and K-remake were both good and enough! There so many good stories out there to turn into drama instead of remakes.

  5. I actually quite liked the MG2018 remake better than the shitty Korean version. Also, the actors were quite good especially for rookies. Dylan Wang and Shen Yue definitely hard carried the drama and bore the burden of acting in a remake of an immensely popular and iconic drama. FTLY both TW and KR version were good, I especially liked Jang Nara (sorry Jang Hyuk fans, I don’t like his exaggerated acting). But I hate the story so I don’t like the idea of remake. Seems like all ent industries are just making remakes, webtoon adaptations or sequels. I’d much rather see actual original stories with fresh faces with good acting skills.

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