Sooyoung and Choi Tae Joon Turn War into Love in New Stills for So I Married an Anti-fan

I’m not a fan of the latest concept stills from the upcoming K-drama adaptation of webtoon So I Married an Anti-fan. These are likely for the drama poster shoot and maybe I’m just sensitive about people randomly pointing guns at another. Of course this is just way over-the-top and cartoonish, Sooyoung‘s female lead is holding an automatic rifle and Choi Tae Joon is all 007 in gripping the barrel by the hand with a classic movie star smirk. The good news is that they continue to look great together and sell their respective characters, the scrappy reporter turned anti-fan and his self-absorbed top star who will soon learn a lesson in both love and humility. Below are the script reading pictures and it’s adorable that the drama’s script is packaged like a manga/manhwa book.


Sooyoung and Choi Tae Joon Turn War into Love in New Stills for So I Married an Anti-fan — 6 Comments

  1. It must have sucked for CTJ when he got called a male gold digger by some people (mostly delulu ajummas who think they’re PSH’s mom or aunt) because of the dating news, because he was not as big of a name as PSH and he got his first leading roles after the dating news broke and because PSH said she would never admit her relationship until marriage announcement but CTJ’s agency already admitted without letting PSH and her agency give yet another lame ’’they’re only good friends’’ excuse lol. Anyway, he looks weird (unattractive imo) and as for his acting skills, he’s average. Certainly more bearable than Lee Jong Suk though, PSH’s taste in men is weird hahaha. I don’t know if Sooyoung is lead worthy but she looks alright and she was ok in PU38. Her long term relationship with JKH is sweet and I like how maturely they handled their relationship. They didn’t try too much in denying and they’re not too much in your face unlike the crack head looking couple HyunA and E’dawn. Also, Sooyoung’s taste in men is much better than PSH’s.

    • She was bad in PU38. They were really great female characters played by Lee Sun Bin and Song Ok Sook. Sooyoung was very bland and she didn’t seem to be in the story anymore…

      The personal life of CTJ is not the point of the article. It’s not bad as an actor. I always will remember him as the Bear in Adolescence Medley.

  2. I’m offended by these posters and they’re totally way off! I was looking forward to this drama but not anymore. What a dumb concept and even dumber execution of making Sooyoung hold the gun. Give the woman a frying pan instead! Gosh the producer/director and tv channel who endorsed this are definitely 2 sandiwiches short of a picnic! Not happy at all.

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