K-actor Sung Joon Announces Unexpected December 2018 Military Enlistment

Another one heads off to the army and I’m feeling like this time away will be good for K-actor Sung Joon. It was rather unexpected to hear he was enlisting but that’s more due to his low key vibe and fanbase. He needs to come back with a rebooted vision of his acting trajectory, other than his representative work which was also his breakout in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, he’s not delivered memorable performances even as the male lead in dramas or as the second male lead in others. I find him a solid actor and more importantly has that IT charisma, like a casual model wandering into an acting set who happens to be able to turn on the acting switch. Good luck to him on his enlistment and to send off Sung Joon have some of his best pictorials in the last few years, with a bonus Kim Young Kwang in neon pants!


K-actor Sung Joon Announces Unexpected December 2018 Military Enlistment — 12 Comments

  1. I love him in “Can We Get Married?” opposite Jung So Min.. I also like his mysterious character in “White Christmas”.

    Unfortunately for him, he’s always cast as a character older than his real age and opposite noonas. He has not been visible lately just like Kim Woobin.. so its a surprise to see this news..

  2. I could be wrong but the guy in neon blue pants appears to be Kim Young-kwang from the movie, On your Wedding Day with Park Bo Young.

  3. White Christmas was really a great drama with a lot of models. I loved it. Shup Up Flower Boy Band was a nice youth drama. But after his characters didn’t stand up : in Discovery of Love (Eric was too hot :p), I Need Romance 3 ( not the best noona love story), Hyde, Jeckyll, Me (all the drama was bad), High Society (the second couple was better), etc.

  4. He was in Ms. Perfect, a drama that went under the radar but which I quite liked. He was solid in it though the two women were really the leads. He strikes me as someone who doesn’t always get the buzzy dramas so I hope he lucks into something that works out when he gets out.

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