First Adorable Posters for tvN Drama Romance is a Bonus Book with Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young

The first drama posters are out for tvN rom-com Romance is a Bonus Book (How to Publish Love), slated to premiere at the end of January 2019 in the Sat-Sun time slot after Memories of Alhambra. So former Pinocchio costars and one of my favorite onscreen drama pairing will see a Lee Jong Seok drama take over from a Park Shin Hye drama. Hopefully Romance is a Bonus Book will have both leads well-written and really needs to strike that balance as the story is low key and set in a publishing house without any action or mystery as filler. I love love love the drama posters, the first with Lee Jong Seok perched on a book and his leading lady Lee Na Young peeking out from behind another one, and the second poster shows the two with their noses stuck behind books while surrounded by stacks and stacks of tomes. It’s a bibliophiles dream come true and captures the literary vibe of the drama with a fun twist. Well done!


First Adorable Posters for tvN Drama Romance is a Bonus Book with Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young — 7 Comments

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to this, although also with some sadness, as I think it has to be LJS’s last drama before military service. (I think all 89ers have to enlist in 2019…) I love his acting. Haven’t seen LNY in anything yet, but I am liking what I’ve read of her in interviews for this. She seems like someone with a great sense of humor.

  2. I am looking forward to this …..LYN has depth to her unlike one-note actors like Suzy and SHK who look perfect but are so inert.
    LJS ‘s pale vampire complexion and surgically enhanced looks used to make me uncomfortable but he’s got a great screen presence and can act. It’s funny how he can be so attractive onscreen and natural beauties like Suzy and Song Kye Hye bore me to death with their wooden performances.

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