Lee Seung Gi Wins Daesang at 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards and Netizens Upset

I thought the entirety of South Korea loved Lee Seung Gi so this reactions feels like as surprise and may be the first big controversy I’ve seen involving him. This week’s 2019 SBS Entertainment Awards it was the much younger Lee Seung Gi who took home the Daesang for his role in the variety show The Butlers (Master of the House) over veterans Baek Jong Won, Yoo Jae Suk and others. Maybe this was a way to keep encouraging the younger generation to develop their variety and MC skills but for sure the veterans have 20 plus years on Seung Gi and if they take turns winning the Daesang year after year no one would have a problem with it. Perhaps the problem is more that The Butlers isn’t Seung Gi’s best variety and has just okay ratings. It sucks to get negative feedback over his win but I hope he stays humble and properly gives respect to his sunbaes that he won over.


Lee Seung Gi Wins Daesang at 2018 SBS Entertainment Awards and Netizens Upset — 17 Comments

  1. very sad to see this, even some saying Yang Se Hyung should have won. If anyone watches Master In The House, Seung Gi may not be the funniest, the most eccentric, the best eye-candy in all the members, but he is the anchor of the show. The three other members have their moments of brilliance but they usually can’t communicate properly with the master unless it’s someone closer to their age. Se Hyun I feel like needs way more time to be able to MC and not just joke around, while Sung Jae and Sang Yoon are just dead quiet and just react. Seung gi, on the other hand, can read the situation and is the bridge between the master and the three other members. He usually takes the lead in a lot of situations in the show. It’s sad to see that his hard work is disregarded and belittled by netizens. Yes, he can’t crack jokes like Se Hyun, can’t be random like Sung Jae and can’t be 100% unscripted like Sang Yoon, but to fill those gaps in-between and to manage the flow of the whole show and the conversations that do not necessarily light up the laugh meter, Seung Gi is your guy.

    I also respectfully disagree with Baek Jong Won. I am sorry, but Seung gi’s and Jae Suk’s jobs as leaders of their respective teams and shows, I feel, are much harder to pull off and execute than Jong Won’s. Not just because Jong Won only does input as a chef to his peers, but also because I feel that Seung gi and Jae Suk has way more responsibilities, way more accountabilities, and just way more moving parts to manage. They have guests they need to take care of, they have members they need to support, and they have their own performance to give. They have to keep ideas rolling for 48 hours straight to get enough footage for their shows. It’s just a different beast and I recognise how hard it is to create a show and usable footage.

    • I agree. Seung Gi is the leader and the glue in Master of the House, he my not be overt about it but it’s quite obvious when there are moments of awkwardness or situations that are unexpected in the show. He almost always lead each first few intetactions with the Master but kudos to Se Hyung, Sung Jae and Sang Yoon as well, they follow SGi’s lead very quickly and they have team chemistry.

      Seung Gi leads the show but is not so obvious about that he steals the teammates’ thunder.

    • I agree that LSG does a great job managing MiTH,
      but I can see why people think it’s too early when there is ugly duckling and baek jong won restaurant.
      Daesang is too big for mastee in th house.

    • Totally agree with everything you’ve said. I’m not LSG’s biggest fan but I’ve seen the earlier episodes of MToH and there was one episode when he had a phone call with Yoo Jae Seok where he said that LSG is getting more talkative lately, maybe because he now feels responsible as the show’s leader, and that’s the truth. He may be new in leading a variety show, but he got leadership which transcends with how the show and team get along so well.

  2. I watched his speech and even if I didn’t know Seung gi, he was more than humble before and while receiving the award. He hugged Yoo Jae Suk and the other sunbaes and mentionned them in his speech, he almost cried and kept his tears in and after years of watching him, I know he’s not the type to cry in public. The comments above talked about his role on the show and it’s actually an inspiring show.
    Seung gi is still a loved celebrity, I just hope this ridiculous amount of hate he’s receiving won’t affect him in anyway. I’ll keep cheering on him.

  3. Master in the house is the second best variety show of sbs behind ugly duckling. How is it that lee seung gi don’t deserve it?? He led a show and competes with nation’s variety show 1n2d which is very hard to do. Lee seung gi deserves it more than anyone to be honest. Just because he is young he can’t compete with those seniors?? And for the record Lee seung gi isssss wayyy ahead on experience and variety awards than baek jong won

    SBS ACKNOWLEDGE THE IMPACT mitth made in being just a 1 year old show which seung gi is the leader.

    I’LL TELL you, put seung gi out in master in the house and the show will degrade.

  4. MITH is the only k-variety that I watch faithfully every week. I love the 4 guys and in particular, LSG. In my opinion, he is totally deserving of the award. I hope he is not too hurt by the hate comments. Seung Gi ah, be strong!

  5. Never in a million years would I see a headline Lee Seung Gi wins and (K) netizens upset. I’ve only seen him in one variety show and that was years ago on Strong Heart when him and Kim Ah Joong danced to Christine Argulliera’s ‘Come on over Baby’ that was too cute. And more recently A Korean Odyssey. This reaction to LSG win by our one n only crazy as K netz doesn’t surprise me at all- they’re like the weather sunny one day all lovey dovey then mad hail thunder and lightning the next. Never understood them and don’t care too! Leave LSG alone you bullies!

  6. I don’t think that Seung Gi deserved the award. He is becoming more of a braggart over the years since 1N2D and Famous Princesses. If he is deserving of a Daesang than he is also deserving of receiving criticism for his win as well.

    • Well being a ‘braggart’ is to bring on the laughs. Surely people are mature enough to understand that this is a variety programme after all. In my opinion, he totally deserved the award. I am cheering for him and will support him always. Keep fighting Seung Gi!

    • He mentioned in previous interviews and TV shows that he wants to try new challenges. Basically, to get out of his comfort zone. The last part of his acceptance speech for this award confirms his determination to venture out. So, I don’t think he will go back to NJTTW.

  7. I think the Knetz seem sick/tired of him ever since he came out of the army… I remembered he used to have universal good comments on his articles.
    People sure are fickle-minded.

    • Agree with you on Knets’ fickle mindedness. One moment they were harshly criticizing PBG on his bad ‘yawn’ acting, next thing we know he was praised to the sky for his kissing scene?. So almost every celebrity goes through periods of criticism and adulation. It is no different for Seung Gi and I am sure he is mature and grounded enough to handle whatever comes his way. I really admire him a lot and wish him all the best in his career!!

  8. I watch MITH every week since ep 1 and I truly believe Seung Gi deserves the Daesang award. He leads the show but is also humble and he can take all the jokes on him. I hope that he will not be very hurt by these criticisms. He is a well-loved person and I know that he will work harder. The way that he always give his best in everything that he does.

    To Seung Gi, we will always be behind you and will support you in everything that you do. Because we know that you have a good heart, humble and you always work hard. Fighting Seung Gi! We love you! – your Airen from the Philippines

  9. Netizens are always upset about these award shows. Every time they want someone else to win. LSG finally brought back some decent ratings to SBS and has a successful show. They don’t have any super bit variety shows, but his show is #1 in the most important demographic. The biggest complaint I’ve heard is that he’s not old enough, which is just silly. He should have won a daesang years ago on 1n2d.

    One thing is that you can’t really pay much attention to netizens anyway. They hate on a lot of things that nobody in reality cares about. Someone mentioned PBG as well, and he’s super beloved and starting in a megahit drama. So yeah.

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