Hyun Bin Delivers Another Winning Performance as Jerky Male Lead in Memories of Alhambra

I’ve followed Hyun Bin’s career for so long that I’m able to spot a pattern and his latest drama Memories of Alhambra continues the trend. Binnie hits rating success when he plays anti-heroes/unlikable jerky male leads. Take his career breakthrough Jin Heon in My Name is Kim Sam Soon, followed by Secret Garden‘s Kim Joo Won, and now Jin Woo in Memories – these are grade A jerks who the viewer grows to love because of their personalities flaws and limitations as Binnie makes the character feel fleshed out and capable of emotional growth. When he’s playing super nice guys like in Ireland, World’s Within, and Snow Queen, I do love those roles but it’s definitely not as popular with audiences. I mean, his Kang Kook in Ireland was a billion perfect and he still didn’t get the girl, so we’re left rooting for his arrogant jerks to get the girl and then become a nice guy, lol. That’s the trajectory of Memories and I’m rooting for Jin Woo all the way even though I totally think he got everything wrong that happened to him up until now due to his own doing.


Hyun Bin Delivers Another Winning Performance as Jerky Male Lead in Memories of Alhambra — 71 Comments

  1. His best drama and performances to date are The Snow Queen, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Worlds Within, and now Memories of Alhambra. I love his films too, such a versatile actor. I would love to see him collaborate with Sung Yuri again one day there really is a drama godmother.

  2. Hyun Bin is overrated and I guess people don’t know he’s gay. He is so girly and maybe is in love with Jang Dong Gun. He’s almost 40 and is still single.

    • Oh no that can’t be true…. those Sega shippers said he is with that 40 yo actress. Who should we believe now? ??? I seriously don’t care what sexual orientation he is or who he is with. I just enjoy watching his acting. BTW, isn’t JDG married and has a child? What kind of gossip you are rumouring here? Are you on drugs? Or are you jealous, Grant/Gran.

      • Lol he was never in a relationship with Ha Ji Won. All these dumb Sega shipper are in their wildest dreams about Hyun Bin dating their goddess. This Gran low life is a Sega shipper I assume. She/he jealous Hyun Bin would rather date another girl instead of dating Ha Ji Won.

      • Oh Ha Ji Won is straight and too good for him despite acting or visual appearance. Jang Dong Gun and Hyun Bin can also be gay though he is marry. Haven’t you ever heard of actor who are gay but still married to hide their identity from the press. Hyun Bin is all plastic and horrible at acting. What he is good at is riding on his female lead fames. He is nothing compared to actor like Song Joong Ki, Lee Joon Gi or Lee Jong Suk and Ji Chang Wook.

    • You seriously have issues and is so low to diss someone you don’t even know. Accusing him gay with his best friend who has a wife and kids is so ignorant and so disrespectful. If you’re jealous he’s not yours than at least state it with better wording. Just saw your other comments: you’re jealous he’s not into your unnie. Desperate as F***. I would rather him gay than to be with your unnies.

      • Why would I want someone who is gay and no one want. He surely is a loner and loser. You’re one desperate Hyun Bin dumb fangirl to defense him everywhere.

    • Oh geez now we’re really going ‘there’ aren’t we Gran Granny Grandma. Please….HB from where I’m sitting is so manly man maybe your cataracts is making it hard to distinguish his fine features. Keep on rocking with your delusions and throw another barbed quip cos now you’re borderline desperate. Is that all you can manage with your half baked idiotic remark ‘HB is gay almost 40 and single’.You should try your hand at stand up comedy you’ve got a knack for it seriously please consider it.

      • @Gran I addressed your remark back in the last MOA post but it didn’t upload. Why out of anything to write you Go left field and drop that remark?

      • Lol another dumb in denial Hyun Bin fangirl. What’s so wrong with him being gay? I’m no granny or grandma maybe that’s all of you Hyun Bin fans. He’s suck and is plastic is all I know and pretty sure many Knetizen know too that he’s gay.

      • Gosh Gran I am a Grandma! At least you got something right. And thanks for the fan girl compliment too however the only thing that is gay is your comment. Grow up please your age is showing.

    • Hell…you listen, crazy Gran…say what you want on hyun bin, I don’t give a darn..but don’t drag my JDG in your crazy delusion..

    • LOL he’s 40, is single, is good looking with or without plastic surgery, and well successful with tons of actresses falling head over heal for him because he is a dreamer to most of them. So what’s wrong with him being single????? Life is short so mind just live it to the fullest. Maybe he’s still single because he scared he might encounter girls like you and your unnie. I don’t see any gay vibe from him but you. You’re a straight up gay douchebag jealous Hyun Bin is success and has everything from good look to acting chop. Ha Ji Won fans are airhead. When she is also plastic but still not attractive. I never find her pretty or gorgeous when trying to classify the most beautiful Korean actress. She never stand out. Why wasting your time to trash someone you have no interest in rather just go chase over your flower boys.

    • Ha ha ha you really are insane. I encounter many people who are in their late 40s and still single living their life to accomplish their goals. They’re not gay but choose wisely the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. That’s call smart not a piece of rubbish like you. So disrespectful to diss on Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun. You love Ha Ji Won and is heartbroken he take no interest in her to go as far as to calling him gay. Wow you’re really nothing but garbage.

  3. Oddly I didn’t like him until I watched Snow Queen (even in Kim Sam Soon, I loved the drama but was more enamoured by the second lead, people liking HB were a mystery to me) In Show Queen I understood what the other saw.

    He may not be the most talented actor but he is not bad either. I like his on screen presence and he has good chemistry with his female co stars. Again not my type but am very fond of him ever since Snow Queen.

    I have not started to watch MoA yet but planning on watching it after it is finished.

  4. I love Hyun Bin so much… He is such a great and charming actor when he’s on the screen. A total package. ?

    I used to don’t get the Hype about him too when watching Secret Garden because the drama is the talk of the town for most every Korean drama lover. Not until I decided to watch his other dramas The Snow Queen and Friends, Our Legend; I was blown away by his charismatic performance. I bowed my eyes out watching The Snow Queen because he is so good at conveying his emotions and his Han Tae Woong character. Watching Memories of Alhambra and I fall for him more. I enjoy watching all his performance.

      • Hyun Bin look so cool and gorgeous sporting that messy style. He is so awesome in The Sonw Queen. I also cry my heart out because he’s that good.

    • I wish he collaborate with Sung Yuri again because they made the cutest couple. The ice princess and the dream guy. I love everything about the drama so much.

  5. I don’t care what people have in their devilish brain cell on him but I love this man more and more everyday. Hyun Bin you killed making people jealous about your personal life and your actor life. Hehe I love Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo so much when they are two most unlucky people to always get shit on everytime they accepted a new production. Fighting both…

  6. I loved him in My Name is Kim Sam Soon! Surprisingly I didn’t really get into Secret Garden as others did. Just restarted MOA after stopping at ep 6, and must say the storyline has picked up significantly! Hyun Bin’s acting came out very strongly from ep 8-12, esp the inner torture and agony displayed post the 1 year gap when he returned to Seoul. Hope the drama will end with a bang with the balance episodes.

  7. I wouldn’t really say Jin woo is that much of an asshole. Maybe in the earlier episodes but the character has changed so much by now. Either way Hyun Bin is killing it.

  8. He’s a jerk in World Within..

    IMO, his chemistry in this drama with SHK was out of the world…I would say that the “kiss Scene’ is better than SeGa..

    Commercially,the drama was a flop, but i like it anyway.Its a Romance + slice/reality of life kind drama.There are enough romance and angst to keep me watching the drama

    • I think World Within is so much better than Secret Garden though I enjoy Secret Garden alot.
      His chemistry with Song Hye Kyo is out of this world. I’m not a Hye Kyo fan but I’m blown away by how he look at her and convey his emotions to her. The best reality drama.

  9. what a??? Hyun Bin is gay?? can not act? full plastic ??? if you dont know him, dont join this forum…Have you ever seen hia childhood photos?? compare to his appearance now? I can show u if you want it… Everybody has their own idol, me..I hate Soong Jong Ki… my idol is hyun bin as legendary actor, and now Park Hyung Sik… for me all those two are really great actors… so never say bad things about him… and second, have you ever known that if you want to play in Korea Production House ,you should sign a contract to have plastic surgery on some parts which “they” think should be changed??? if no..dont judge Korean actors and actresses… basicly nobody love to be sliced on skin…

    • Yes ..for me hynbin is 1actor that i bilieve never do any surgary ..i fans of him since 2005 .(samsoon drama)i watch all his movie &drma except his drma with han jimin ..i never watch ….he is so masculine ..i know he not have babyface but he grow old very sexily ..

  10. I love this man so much after watching The Fatal Encounter and Hyde Jekyll, Me. Hyun Bin is so handsome and fantastic when he act. The best besides all the great veteran actors. Love from the state…❤

  11. Hyun bin is a good actor..,and i really like him so much..he’s not failing to give an interesting kdrama,,watching him in memories of the alhambra makes me fall for him…

  12. His acting is beyond convincing especially in Memories of Alhambra. Have always been a fan of his since My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. Ignore them hater. Of all his co-stars he’d pair up with, only Kim Su Ah and Sung Yuri didn’t get over shine by his acting. The rest nah…he took the spotlight. More love to you my favorite man. I hope to see more action pack from you soon. Stay classy and upright because that’s what make him stand out among all.

  13. I have to agree with you
    He has this tendency and ability to connect a@@holes to audiences. Not by making them likeable but by making how they grow in the show likeable.
    Possibly people like to see him being a jerk but one with an arc and heart.
    Don’t ask me why – because I don’t know why I like his jerk characters. To me jin woo and joo won on paper are characters that I will dislike immediately and write them off- but then Hyun Bin comes along, with his dimples and his voice – and they become redeemable after all.

    I mean even now sunk in the pits, Jin woo isn’t that nice honestly, he has a wicked mouth and he’s a definately self arrogant in trying to win over the game himself if you think logically. To a certain extent, he was to blame too for being a reckless ass ending up with the loss of secretary’s life. But I can’t seem to blame or hate him too much over these – I even feel and root for him.

    He’s masterful you have to give that to his acting
    maybe he has a way of making these characters relatable through the way he owns them and portrays them. That’s what I love abt him!

  14. You know he is a top notch when he can make all his jerk characters lovable. I’m mesmerized by his amazing performance in Memories of Alhambra.

    He made me cried one liter of tears when he’s Han Tae Woong and also Kang Jae Kyung. Also wish I can have my own Tae Woong.
    He make me fall in love when he’s Hyun Jin Heon, Kim Joo Won, and Yoo Jin Woo. All the a**h** chaebol.
    He make me daydream when he’s Robin and Go Seo Jin.
    He had me swoon when he’s Im Chul Ryung the bad ass north Korean detective.

    Too much to name.
    I love love him in Worlds Within.

  15. An actor with good pleasing personality. His dimples bring out the best in him when he smiles. So manly and a gentleman in his own ways. Whatever roles he played on screen was so charistmatic. So likeable!!! ??? I wish him more success in his career and happiness with someone whom he really loves. ❤️

  16. Hyun Bin is my love from another star. His acting is my crack. I wish him happiness and successful too. Hope to see him settle down soon with kids and family.

    • Spot on…especially if you’re on ig. Lol the delulu Ha Ji Won fans is try to convince people about Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won being married as well.

  17. What is wrong with being gay, single and 40? He’s also good looking , rich ,successful and seems to have a close group of friends like JDG etc.
    I haven’t watched many dramas of HB . Just MNISS . But he was great in the movie Late Autumn and he looked fantastic opposite Tang Wei. He looks good with tall female leads. I still watch videos of them promoting the movie. I wish they’d act together in a drama or a movie.

  18. If Hyun Bin is gay than Gong Yoo and So Ji Sub must be gay too? They’re older than Hyun Bin and still single.

    All I see is a jealous Ha Ji Won fans trying to do Hyun Bin dirty because Ha Ji Won has no chance with him. Talking about plastic surgery? Most all Korean actors and actresses have tons of touch up on the visual appearance. Ha Ji Won has her jaw line extended and her nose bridge done. She also has chest implants but people are respectful to keep quiet and don’t bash the lady. You shouldn’t belittle someone when others can be more harsh on your bias.

    • Everyone knows all Korean actors had plastic surgery done. Ha Ji Won did have all that’s mentions done. But her fans will deny it no matter what. The only natural actor is Kim Go Eum and she’s beautiful.

  19. Love Hyun Bin so much because he’s a phenomenal actor. If it weren’t for him I would have quite watching Korean drama already because I can’t seem to find any other actors that interest me. I hope to see more films and dramas from him after Alhambra. Hope he’s not ready to go on a hiatus after this years.

  20. His already handsome face just looks more handsome when he’s playing jerky male leads. I absolutely enjoy seeing Jin Woo on my screen, those expressive eyes, that perfect jawline <3

  21. Hyundai Bin is one of my all time favourite actors. The first K drama I watched was Secret Garden so he holds a special place in my heart. The second I watched was You’re Beautiful. I loved Park Shin Hye in it and followed HB and PSH’s careers ever since. For me it’s a dream collaboration. I haven’t watched MOA yet as I hate waiting for episode. I’m waiting until it’s completed and do a marathon. I am so impatient to start.

  22. I wasn’t going to comment but I am ticked off. Hyun bin has been acting for a bazillion years and is likely to continue for many years to come. He is a credible actor and has a solid fan base. People who yelp about plastic surgery should either lower their standards to more realistic expectations or stop harping about it. WHOMEVER chooses to use it for either professional or personal reasons is fine with me. And being an adult and not married does not make you gay. It makes you an adult who has chosen to live your life by your choices. Sheesh. Enough already with the denigrating comments. Gran, I am not a fan of anyone, including you. Rant done. Now let’s get back to enjoying dramas.

  23. OMG Son Ye Jin and HB travelling in the States and caught up in dating rumours only to have both their agencies deny deny deny. What a hoot! Only on Soompi. Didn’t see that coming in a million years. Gonna go hunt around for The Negotiater now and him and Song Hye Kyo’s drama Worlds within.

    • They will make one good looking couple. I knew this is coming the way he look at her and care for her during their press conference says it all. She even flood her IG account of him. One can tell two person has feeling for eachother when they’re shy and awkward towards one another but still have that sparks in their eyes.

      Lol not to be mean but not like his stupid Sega Shippers always making baseless rumors.

  24. @Gran you butthurt jealous because you got the news Hyun Bin is dating Son Ye Jin to call him gay with his Hyun. Well your probably crying right now. He is gay and full of plastic but he’ll never care for your gorgeous goddess.

  25. Omg if the rumors are true, congratulations to my Mr. Ajusshi Hyun Bin. Son Ye-Jin is one of the prettiest korean actress and seem to be very humble. I support if it’s true.

  26. They could be dating or having interest in one another. Their agencies probably denying the rumors because for the sake of Memories of Alhambra still airing. They don’t want to risk the ratings because fans are going head over heels for the drama OTP. That will make fans loose interest because we all know how these shippers are…Scary!!! Lol the agencies deny Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin went together on the trip but didn’t deny they are dating. Vast.Ent also did release any news of Hyun Bin havin any US business trip or what so ever reason for before this dating rumors so it’s all true. Both look good together so go Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. I know he won’t deny if he date her but just bad timing.

    • I love both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin so if it’s true I congratulate them but if not hope they’ll fine their true soul mate soon. I have a feeling Hyun Bin won’t announced his dating anymore after 3 fail relationships.

      Shippers are indeed some of the scariest people ever. Lets all take his Secret Garden (Sega Shipper) for a good and exact example. Even when he is dating Kang Sora his Sega Shipper are so out of this world.

      Hope my love Binnie finds happiness and start his own Hyun Bin family soon.

      • Sorry but for those who understand my saying then it’s all good but for those who doesn’t too bad for them. These actors and actresses are regular people who are out doing their jobs as any other normal people. They have a life of their own off the screen. Thumbs up to shipper that are respectful and thumbs down to scary dumb shippers.

    • Shippers for MOA couple??? Really? PSH has a boyfriend already. If HB and SYJ are an item then I only have congratulations for them. Absolutely gorgeous couple.

      • Why so surprised? There are shippers for every drama. Moa shippers keep posting on PSH’s insta telling her to breakup with her BF. Guess they can give up now. PSH was spotted with Choi Taejoon and Lee Sungykung a few days ago, and now Hyun Bin has a dating rumor.

      • Shippers only see what they want to see. Personally, don’t see any chemistry between PSH and HB. Thank goodness for the rumours. Too much shipping isn’t healthy for any fan.

  27. I think ever since SongSong couple, people don’t believe any more denials and are adamant on believing the rumors. I hope people don’t jump at them and force them to admit their relationship like they did to Park Seojoon and Park Minyoung.

  28. Waiting for Hyun Bin to respond to this dating after Memories of Alhambra comes to an end. I too have a feeling he maybe won’t announce his dating anymore. Lol he wanted to get married before he turn 40 so well see who’s the lucky girl.

  29. Lol he’s not with that Son Ye Jin. She’s a bisexual. It’s all fake rumors because he’s with Ha Ji Won. Ha Ji Won just posted a morning picture seem like she’s in the LA golf course. I will laugh my ass of when he deny the rumors himself and married Ha Ji Won out in the blue.

    • Lol I thought we’re done with all the delulu nonsense. Well you can ship and throw a wedding for Ha Ji Won with Hyun Bin all you want alone with all your delusional Sega Shipper world.

      True is Hyun Bin doesn’t ship or picture himself in a wedding with Ha Ji Won. He ship himself with other actresses.

    • Don’t joke with one’s sexual orientation!! It is none of your business, delulu. You are just jealous that all of HB’s girlfriends are younger and prettier than HJW.

    • Bisexual likes guys too, you know that right?
      Oh how funny it would be if Ha Jiwon was actually dating someone else in the US. Y’know, US has become a popular vacation spot for rumored couples ever since KDW and HHJ.

  30. Just read the news saying him and Son Ye Jon are dating in LA and HB already secretly met SOn Ye Jin’s parents; however, both parties denied it. It’s okay, deny all the way to protect your and give the fans the wedding news. If it’s true, it will be another golden couples.

  31. SYJ is a natural beauty, she is talented, a good actress, well-matched both in age and looks with HB. I fully support these two beautiful people together 🙂

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