Suzy Gets Decked Out for Dior Art Event in Seoul

I think it’s such a hassle to get dressed head-to-toe matching, especially including accessories, so it’s easier and way more fun to check out stars when they do go the entire mile. Actress-singer Suzy is one of those K-stars that doesn’t have any down periods in her promotional career, ever since her debut 8 years ago she’s always seen somewhere compared to other idols or actresses who only promote when they have a new project forthcoming. It’s mostly due to her popularity that she’s nonstop getting gigs and her latest stepping out is at the Dior Lady Art event in Seoul as she’s done with wit the brand before. She’s wearing a menswear and military belt inspired outfit made feminine by the cut and the long tiered skirt. She looks lovely and very fresh-faced with these cute pinchable cheeks.


Suzy Gets Decked Out for Dior Art Event in Seoul — 22 Comments

      • lots of creeps here change their usernames and make multiple comments in one post. Those without guts and cannot own up to their own opinions often do it. Copying someone’s username is the first I have seen and I am glad @prettyautumn points it out. I suspect this person is Indian because I don’t know what a “rasgulla” is (the word is in Hindu, not English, from Google). What an idiot! LOL.

  1. I like this outfit! It’s so retro yet very a•vant-garde. Dior chose the right female celebrity to dress the outfit in. Suzy looks dolll-like in this ensemble. I think it has to do with the round face going well with this type of outfit?

  2. Oh no now that Vagabond is on it’s way we’re gonna be getting the Suzy post galore here however she looks like she always looks -cute and the outfit doesn’t suit because she lacks swag. Like a little girl playing dress up. Stick to the frills and short skirts that’s more her style. Jung Ryeo Won and Jung Eun Chae are the fashion muses with attitude imo that fit this type of style not Suzy. Even with her finger gestures oh please grow up! It’s Dior not Hello Kitty!

  3. Looks perpetually tacky. What happened with her cheeks? Is it weight gain or did she take fillers? Those circle lenses are not masking the fact that her eyes look piggy.. now her fans are gonna cry about her being all natural but she doesn’t look natural…

    • they will argue that she is “natural with enhancements”. LOL. Without the circle lenses, her eyes are so small, dull and unattractive. Without her long hair, she looks so blah. Without makeup, yikes… never understand the hype about her.

      • @Clover – What do you mean by Body Shaming? I never mentioned anything about her body!!! I hope you are not directing your comment at me because I don’t understand any of your words here.

    • Prettyauntum-I beat she get Botox in her cheek just like park bo young. They still young I think don’t need to get filler and Botox before hit age 30. Looking weird cause her face look different than before. And also disappointed that park min young getting a lot surgery in her face, she became like yo in na sister! I hope Kim go eun not doing plastic surgery cause she was pretty for me.

      • Google “botox chipmunk cheeks”. Does she look like one in her second photo posted here? LOL. What a joke!

  4. Omg Suzie Gaines weight!!! She also did something to her face it look freakish. Damn I am saying this and I am a ride or die Suzy fan. I’m fine with her gaining weight but she needs to leave her face alone. She already so pretty without getting any work done.

  5. Lol so many insecure reviewers here and I’m L-ingMAO. Whatever the amount of shade you throw at her, it’ll never ever overthrow all the love she gets from probably everywhere. She is so popular not just in SK but beyond, for multiple reasons that are all positive. She did what again on her face? Aigooo friends, Suzy is without a doubt more natural than your fake idols. So I am just here reading your below-the-belt judgments and feeling so sad for y’all at the same time, since that’s what you can just manage to do. Do more please, if you really want to have an impact in tarnishing even a inch of Suzy’s perfect image lol

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