China Adds to the Ban on Palace Dramas with No Kids on TV or CFs, and No Dyed Hair and Earrings for Men on TV

Methinks someone in the Chinese broadcast authority has too much time on their hands. Hot on the news that court and palace themed C-dramas like the mega hit Story of Yanxi Palace were on the outs for promoting bad values of extravagance and plotting, the Chinese authorities are also cracking down on the use of entertainment kids to make money. Effective immediately, kids of Chinese stars are prohibited to participate in variety shows, which means the current 6th season of Daddy Where are We Going is on indefinite hiatus. Adult stars are also prohibited from marketing their kids for financial gain and kids under 10 are not allowed to be CF spokepersons anymore. On top of that, the appearance of male stars are also being regulated: men on television are not allowed to have earrings or loudly colored hair and will have such looks photoshopped over or their faces masked on live broadcasts. DAAAAANG.


China Adds to the Ban on Palace Dramas with No Kids on TV or CFs, and No Dyed Hair and Earrings for Men on TV — 13 Comments

  1. Agree on the kids, but everything else is pure nonsense. After all, we live in the 21st century, not in the Victorian era. Pftt

    • Same here.. for the kid… more protection for them so they are not being exploited..

      it’s nonsense for the earring and hair dye…rediculous

  2. I’m used to high level of censorship imposed by the Chinese goverment but this is leaving me speechless. Artistic Freedom?

  3. Lol. Sorry, I find this hilarious! So going forward who’s going to advertise for Baby Diapers or similar themed baby products? Just sayin’???

    • The “parents”… The ads are not exactly targetted at babies.

      Apparently we are only against child labor if it does not involve the entertainment industry, to each their own IG

  4. This cracked me up. They even blurred the ears of male celebs when airing a variety show because of the earrings.

    How to grow artistically when so many being restrained? Not that anyone expecting Hollywood level of freedom but at least, be reasonable.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the last 1 or 2 seasons of “Dad, Where Are We Going” have stooped broadcasting on Telly networks and are stream online only?
    Streaming is the loophole to their restrictions and I hope they can at least leave that alone.

  6. Well dint ancient people of china wear earrings. I thought it was common practice among past generation. I saw many characters wear them so why is it being banned?. Agree with stars using their kids to use money though

  7. Does some old communist crank from the 60s run the broadcasting authority? Surely no one of today’s generation -even if they were raised in China would have a problem with these things. Probably not going to get much better since it seems Xi is in it for life and he’s got some weird conservative values too.

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