Audience Petitions Blue House For Redo For Final Episode of Sky Castle

This is legit the lamest yet sweetly funniest shit I’ve seen in awhile. I can’t deny that a younger and more fervently drama addicted Koala wouldn’t have participated in a like minded activity for a drama I love. Viewers of the jTBC Fri-Sat drama Sky Castle are apparently so peeved about the wholly out of place final episode 20 that there is a petition to the Blue House for a redo. Sure there are countless more important issues to petition for from the highest office in the land in South Korea, but this shows both how strongly Sky Castle has impacted the populace and that generally people still feel compelled by dramas to make a stance. Whether you agree or not, and obviously the chance for a remake of the final episode 20 of Sky Castle are next to nil, I’m still impressed that fans felt this strongly about it.


Audience Petitions Blue House For Redo For Final Episode of Sky Castle — 12 Comments

  1. Hahahahahahaha, good for them to feel so passionately about this nation’s drama. Arts play an important role in a country’s foreign politics so maybe let the fans write it and film it.

  2. I didn’t watch it yet. Heard a lot of praise for it.

    So, does the finale ruin the conclusion of the drama?

    I really want to watch it, but I’m so occupied right now that I can’t afford to waste time.

    • Episodes 1-19 were great. I’d recommend just watching til ep 19 since that by itself felt like a great finale. Of course, I can’t blame the air for ther last ep since the were a lot of leaks apparently so a lot of rewrites had to happen allegedly.

  3. I think ep20 is pretty good. Everyone has some sort of happy closures. I wonder if any makjang twist would do any good to ep20. Damn if it does, damn too if it doesn’t!

    • It’s apparenly very real for a lot of Korean parents – trying to get their children into the best schools, getting the right tuition, getting into prestigious colleges, into the best professions, marrying into the right families with the right background. A lot of “hot housing”. A never ending race. A lot of sacrifices along the way but not always the best outcomes.

    • I was gonna write that but totally agree – First World problem. Whilst they’re petitioning please add Scarlet Ryeo to that as well but for a second season. NB: Only got past the 1st episode however it will definitely help thousands of I fans recover from a broken heart.

  4. Get them to remake the final 6 or 8 episods of Memories of A while at it. Even better, petition the Blue House to create a special department in the government that reads and then rewrites all the stupid TV drama scripts. On other hand, China already does lots of TV censoring and only makes it much worse.

  5. Hahahhaha. One of the funniest news I’ve seen in a while.
    Maybe they personally think that the ending was out of place because it is somewhat of a happy ending in contrast to the overall satire dark-comedy that was shown during those 19 episodes.
    What became their biggest disappointment was their fan theories about explosive endings that turned out to be a firecracker and a happy ending at that.

  6. Korean audiences are hard to please.
    If they were given a sad ending, they’ll complain. If it’s a happy closure like Sky Castle, it’s also a no-no for them.
    Maybe they wanted a darker open ending that will still leave them to the edge of their seat just like every single ending of every episode of the drama excluding the 20th.

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