Park Bo Gum Joins Gong Yoo in the Sci-fi K-movie Seo Bok About Clones and Eternal Life

Dang, what a fun way to wake up with massive K-ent casting news. The Boyfriend is going to star in a movie with the Goblin, woohoo! Park Bo Gum is following up his hit drama turn in Encounter (Boyfriend) by switching gears into movie land, having just confirmed the sci-fi movie Seo Bok which earlier already landed one leading man in Gong Yoo. Seo Bok is the Korean name for Xu Fu who is a Chinese official sent by Emperor Qin Shi Huang to sail East to search for the elixir of forever life (aka the Fountain of Youth). The K-movie Seo Bok will be about a clone played by Park Bo Gum and the dying government agent played by Gong Yoo who are swept up in a dangerous mission. This sounds so good and looks even better now with two top leading men onboard.


Park Bo Gum Joins Gong Yoo in the Sci-fi K-movie Seo Bok About Clones and Eternal Life — 88 Comments

  1. But Park Bogum’s acting is whatever… he realized that 2 yrs hiatus didn’t do good for his image and a flop drama revealed his mediocre acting

  2. Interesting to see Park Bo Gum collaborate with Gong Yoo. I hope it’s good because I still can’t get over his cringey performance in Encounter. Anyway I’m for this new production of Gong Yoo. My second favorite Ahjussi.

  3. Bogum was casted since after Moonlight but he rejected it. The director revised it for so many times for him since 2017 that now he’s likely to join. i hope it’s great and welcome back to chungmuro. Combo with Gongyoo i hope it turn out well. The director is famous and he took years for producing each of his works. Bogum interview his next work will be opposite from encounter so i guess this is the one he mentioned.

  4. I know PBG still not confirmed for this project. he still reviewing it. Actually I really want him to take this. Really felt bad for the writer, PBG decline this project in 2017 but they waited for him for 3 years, revised the scenario for multiple times hope PBG will change his mind. now they got Gongyoo too, its kinda rude if he decline it again.

    • Y’know, the writer for Entertainer and Encounter also tried hard to get him to star in her projects for years. And look how it turned out, Encounter was such a big disappointment. This movie writer is so-so…

      • Wow dont acted like you know everything. Encounter writer have many flop drama, encounter is his best one right now. And btw PBG already have stable fanbase, so you dont need to worried. Even Joinsung take great battle for the writer. And he not regret anything

    • @kami @Anna He picked moonlight too you know, dont forget about reply 1988, even all his movies was a big hit (tho he’s just got a small role but he still picked it). And you talk about EC like the rating just reached 1% or something, if you comparing it with the writer prev drama EC will counted as succesfull

      • The only one memorable from reply was RJY and moonlight was bad but just got lucky with ratings which is why moon lovers became a massive hallyu hit internationally. Everyone is still pissed that moon lovers lost out in ratings to a mediocre drama like moonlight. You must not remember the fan wars at that time.

      • Lmfao you must be blind, its not just RJY, PBG got so many recognizer because of reply 1988, people kept talking about him. And about scarlet heart hit internationally, moonlight did too. Moonlight become big hit in japan, and PBG have FM in asia. Look like you really hate him, just because you dont like his drama, it doesnt mean that drama is bad. Because I can said the same thing about scarlet too

      • Moon Lovers may have lost to Moonlight in the rating Korea but certainly Moonlovers killed Moonlight in the international rating and certainly Moonlovers was much popular in Japan and other parts of Asia and has been ro re-run continuously.

        Besides Moonlovers’rating Korea was still decent and went double digits. It was still number one on its timeslot at that time. Of course except Moonlight because of the hype of the SongSong couple. Song Joong Ki mentioning Moonlight in every intervew he had, and Park Bo Gum mentioning the Song2 couple in every interview he had at that time.

        Because Moonlight was a liveshoot drama so they can change anything while in the middle of broadcast. Which unlike Moonlovers which was preproduced and was already pre-sold to many countries. That is why, Moonlight productions stole every good thing in Moonlover e.g. the catchphrase ‘my person’… Moonlight even made an OST out of it.

      • @loveliness Oh gosh I’m coming to this article to support my bias but there’s many stupid people who still not realized how stupid they are.
        Here I will tell you, you just following scarlet so you dont know anything about moonlight. First moonlight is big in japan, and many countries in asia, yes they did rerun too, thats mean the rating is high too. There’s a big chaos when moonlight’s cast went to cebu, and even thailand artist is a fan of PBG and jinyoung. Kim yoojoung did fanmeeting in sin because of moonlight. And we still not talking how popular PBG after moonlight in asia. I scared you will comparing him with LJK. And how could you blamed sjk and his relationship with PBG for media play? When scarlet is one of overhyped drama after dots n UF.
        You complaining about moonlight song too? Why scarlet fans so scared with ‘my person’ its just PBG who sing it, scarlet have EXO and Taeyoun who have bigger fanbase than PBG alone.

    • Since when were Moonlovers and Moonlight in competition with each other? Both were extremely popular and for me personally I’m down with Moonlight because I follow both KYJ and PBG however I only watched Moonlovers 1 episode and did the unthinkable and read all the recaps and thus didn’t venture out any further cos I didn’t want the heart ache and headache. PBG is choosing his career path wisely and he did mention in a recent Soompi article he wanted to be a psychopath in his next role which is brilliant because he’s showing range and venturing out from nice preppy predictable characters. Perhaps a Korean version of ‘A talented Mr Ripley’? It will be interesting to know what the writer had to change in this film script with Gong Yoo that hooked PBG into even considering it. And always my #1 question who is the lucky leading lady? Any ideas?

      • You’re right Moonlovers was always above and beyond a shallow drama like Moonlight which literally copied all the good parts of Moonlovers. International audience saw right through the rubbish acting and plot of the drama which is why Moonlovers is still a huge sensation internationally.

      • Sorry I’m not in the competition of comparing dramas as they are both great in my opinion and I adore both sets of actors so to make me choose is akin to asking me to choose which hand I have a choice to chop off. Gosh why does it have to be so hard nowadays with favourite dramas and actors. I love them both but dogging one drama in favour of your own is your opinion and doesn’t represent the masses. ❤️

      • @gingercrunch I dont think they need the female lead, this is action-scifi movie. Maybe they will put one, but not as the lead. Oh gosh I cant wait for this! He really need to take this, PBG in action must be so cool!

      • It’s not about the actors but what was compared was the drama. Moonlight production has chosen the cheap part of the business. That production was a mediocre copycat.

        PBG mentioning SJK and vice versa just to promote Moonlight at that time, was a marketing strategy, a very success one. Blossom did try to apply the same strategy on Lee Soo Won but failed big time due the scandal.

      • @poh If there Is a female please make it pivotal to the story and not some pretty wallflower or damsel in distress and definitely someone who can carry a scene well. There are tonnes of K actresses who could do justice if given the opportunity. I’m brain overload to name any right now.

      • @ginger Crunch my predicted the story will be like Logan or something. tho I’m not sure. but if they really want to put a female lead, I think Kim go eun is better. (but PBG still not saying anything) -_-

  5. It’s amazing how some people in the thread consistently post hate comments or communicate negativity. It’s as if they cannot live or breathe without bringing persons down. It’s not only for this article but for almost, if not all, articles that Koala churns out.

    • agree, it’s the impression now that if i visit this site to read the news even they’re good ones. many of users here are kinda toxic lol

      • Agree too, not sure what’s wrong with those users. Is koala website popular enough to attract anti-fans? Apparently some even change user names ? Wow !

      • Koala is probably one of the few websites which don’t delete hate comments I suppose. And the tone of the blog seems to be encouraging fanwars.

    • To be honest, only mediocre actors get kinda negative comments (I never use the term “hate”). I can name you a few mediocre artists but I will get bashed. One has to think why negative comments are received, obviously because that person does not deserve any praise. You cannot say those who give negative comments “cannot live or breathe”, in fact, those who vent here are the one who can breathe. Those cannot accept different opinions are the ones who are not breathing and are stuck in their own little world. The ones who change usernames are usually delulu fans who think they can upscale their votes if the same person comments multiple times to deliver praises. You will never see negative comments in real actor’s articles (for example JJS just posted). Just my observation.

      • Idk but whenever i visit this site hate comments from celebs are really harsh from age, body, visual shaming name it all you will see it here. The comments are not even critismn but consider bashing already.

      • But PBG isn’t just mediocre he’s actaully bad. His last good role was Hello Monster and he wasn’t even the lead for that. His delulu fans are always changing usernames to post positive comments and dragging down other actors.

      • When you said mediocre, you were referring to their acting skills right? But why do I see certain users mocking someone’s teeth, body, age etc?

      • The funny thing is no one protest when Shin sekyung or Jin seyeon gets hate or comments for bad acting but when its Park bogum his fans get defensive. Hes not even a good actor and keeps promoting his massive celeb connections in every interview. This director is crazy to give him this much importance when he already has the amazing Gong yoo on board. There are much better rookie actors who would be happy to have the opportunity. Even Ansi city did well without him.

    • Please elaborate on your statement @Kinder as I’m interested because I want to know how and where you are basing your claims from. Both dramas are popular and have fans everywhere but it’s far fetched to say that without factual evidence that one is better then the other. They’re both brilliant dramas. I respect your opinion though but it’s not a proven fact that Moonlovers is better then Moon Light.

      • Moonlight was a mediocre drama. The production itself was a mediocre copy cat. It was only popular in Korea at that time due to the hype of PBG due to the success of his reply series drama plus SJK promoting Moonlight every opportunity possible at that time. The drama may have been a marketing success in Korea but the drama production itself was shallow and mediocre.

      • Okay point taken never read that before but interesting to note nonetheless. So if international fans were lapping up Moonlight then how is it then were the Koreans fixated on it for 20 episodes garnering a ratings coup for it? I’ve mentioned this before about the fan meeting held afterwards when it was held and 5000 fans turned up with only 200 selected for the actual signing. That says a lot about the drama itself which you claim as mediocre and shallow.

    • Oh i thought its the other way around,they have to edit and rebroadcast again a preproduce drama and people watch coz of so many oppa in 1 drama,especially ifans @loveliness moonlight copy moonlovers? What part? Moonlight is base in a manga,

      • Re-edited like releasing the ‘my person’ catchphrase by Moonlight production. You clearly have not watched Moonlovers for saying the edit was like the same edit as any liveshoot productions.

        In fairness to the Moonlover production of the drama, it’s one of the best productions in kdramaland, if not the best… the musical score was so elegant, the cinematography the OST were amazing, the lead actors did a fantastic jobs esp. the two main male leads and supporting characters were amazing too. It was a sad drama, yes that was true but it was done in the most poetic and elegant manner. It’s the only drama that I have watched more than 5x. It’s the reason why it’s still on rerun in many parts of Asia and Japan.

      • Lol they edit the episode shown already and rebroadcast it, and they need to have special broadcast to xplain, coz of the many complains, thats what happened, what are u talking abt, u think an ost was written while a drama is showing,mediaplay? Moonlovers did that, showing der 1st epi infront of kbs lol,

      • You have to get your facts right delulu fan. Moonlovers was a pre-produced drama. It was presold to many broadcasters in many countries many months prior to the premier. They can’t change anything that can affect the major flow of the drama.

    • Kinda thought Moonlovers is the overrated one with the fans reaction
      and no there is no success brought over from Reply and people actually don’t know he’ll be successfull to headline a drama with the so called Reply curse.

      • Ohhh @Leo what’s the reply curse please I’ve never read about this? Please share.

      • @gingercrush
        Just google “reply curse” you will see few articles
        News media called it that as his cast members are not as successfull with their following drama as Reply

      • Yah right.. media play type of curse plus PGB riding on the SongSong couple kind of media play.

  6. Lol why not just keep this post on it’s original topic. Hopefully this movie is good. I sure miss seeing Gong Yoo on the screen.

    Why fighting over both dramas Moonlight and Moonlover when they’re both unoriginal. Moonlover is borrowed from the real Scarlet Heart that is really good and amazing. Sorry but the Korean version is nothing compared to the Chinese original. Both dramas are boring and not impressive.

    • So wrong… The Chinese production was so 1980s plus they changed the ending from the novel just to make the audience happy… that was so anti-climatic. They made a season 2 which was no longer attached to the novel but the drama flopped big time.

    • What is original? All screenplays are borrowed from somewhere in one way or another. All writers gets inspiration from somewhere.

      Moonlovers was an adaptation of the novel. The chinese version was so 1980s. The production was terrible but that was Chinese production 10 years ago but they have improved remarkably these days. The chinese version slightly diverted the ending to suit the meet up ending that the audience want but that was very anti-climatic. No wonder the season 2, which was no longer attached to the novel, flopped big time.

      • She meant the original topic (pbg and gy movie) u keep bringing moonlovers, this post isnt abt moonlight and moonlovers,that topic was so 2016, its 2019, get over it

  7. this is 2019 but seems moonlover fans are still bitter with the low rating and all. certain ppl here can’t accept both dramas are successful for its own viewers, no need to fight.

  8. How can you compare Moonlight and Moon Lovers international popularity when Moon Lover was a pre-produced drama with huge budget riding on the MEGA popularity of the original Chinese drama BBJX aka Scarlet Heart. I still remember all the hype and talks about news of its casting. Moon Lovers already made deals with broadcasters abroad for airing rights and signed brand partnerships internationally even BEFORE it aired. So when the drama aired, it aired simultaneously in dozens of countries via local broadcast channels. There was no waiting time unlike Moonlight. Plus since these broadcasters and brands had paid huge amount of money expecting the drama to do well, they invested in huge marketing campaign for Moon Lovers. There were advertisements for Moon Lovers everywhere in my country while it was airing even though it was flopping in rating back home – TV, radios, banners on the roads and shopping malls, etc.

    Moonlight on the other hand was just a normal KBS drama, with normal budget and very low hype before its airing. Was Moonlight a remake of a uber popular drama? Was it heavily marketed and hyped by huge broadcasters and brands? No. No one expected it to blow up so big. Sure, PBG hit popularity with R88 and KYJ was a famous child actress but both actors were young and untested as lead actors.

    By all rights, Moon Lover should have skyrocketed in ratings because it was a remake of a very popular Cdrama with big-budgeted productions. But it didn’t. The directing, editing, BGM scoring and acting were atrocious. A real shame since it was pre-produced. They had the advantage of time to produce something great but failed. The plot left a lot to be desired as well which was mind-boggling since all they had to do was follow the original drama’s storyline. That ending was just flat out embarrassing and should never ever be talked about again. It was not Moonlight’s fault the drama excelled in productions, directing and acting despite being a live-shooting.

    It’s been years, Moon Lovers fans need to stop feeling bitter.

    • Moonlight was the worst drama but over hyped by brainless knet who didn’t like LJK which is why it failed so miserably internationally. Which also why the leads comeback failed while IU and LJK are doing so well. MOON LOVERS was the drama that won the hearts of international fans and still makes people want a 2nd season. You fakers making it sound like Moon Lovers wasn’t the bigger hit at the end of the day. Get over your miserable selves and look at the Soompi Forum comments for which one was more popular.

      • @cahiil – You mean failed domestically and please Moonlovers is a firm favourite for thousands of fans. Stop the bitterness and assumptions please people don’t want Moonlovers the drama they want the reunion of SoSoo couple aka LJK and IU that has always been the case so don’t even try and deny it. I’m sorry that it took PBG article for those fans of Moonlovers to vent their rage here and diss the Moonlight drama whilst doing so.

      • @cahiil The reason it has low ratings is cuz Knet against idol turn actors and IU cuz of her ‘Lolita’ scandal at that time not cuz they didn’t like LJK!

      • Definitely it was because of IUs Lolitas scandal plus her dating scandal with Jang KiHa and her accidental posting of looking intimate photos with one of the Super Junior guys. Too bad SBS slack off with their promotion and thought LJK popularity would be enough to counter those scandals of IU(all of them are not true) and the scandal of hiring idols due to connection.

      • Blossoms and the producer of Moonlight did great in PBG with one of the major factors of using the hype of SongSong couple. Whilst Moonlover promo team in Korea thought LJK, idol powers of the casts, superior quality of the drama are enough to win the rating game. Well they are wrong.

      • Huh?? I didn’t recall knet dislike on LJK ,in fact they watch Moon Lovers till the end just because of him. Lmao they are so lucky because he is the biggest cinnamon roll that S.Korea ever have.?

      • My above comment was for @ianwangji

        For @cahill—-I remember it correctly as it was MoonLovers that made me discover this blogsite, dramabean, soompi and other blogsite there is. For some reasons knets dislike the casting of too many idols in the drama plus IUs series of so-called scandal which western its weird why they called scandal. I remember the comment that the only saving grace of the drama was Lee Jun Ki because of his phenomenal portrayal of Wang So. Which I agree % as I was drawn to drama because of Wang So not knowing who Lee Junki was before that. I was not a kdrama fan but only watch kdramas intermittently and didn’t care kdrama actors. Moonlovers made me drawn more to kdramas and esp Saguek which I used to think that genre is boring. Moonlovers and Wang So made interested Saguek.

  9. I watch both moonlight and moonlover. I will choose to watch moonlover first cos the plot and characters there are layed n i like it that i am thinking along with the drama.

    Moonlight is an easy to watch drama no thinking is required, the thing is i get the satisfaction of knowing exactly what will happen next. It is the type of drama my great grand parents n grand parents n parents have watched many times before, so it feels familiar n easy to watch. Such drama is good for any actors to act, it is safe drama. I read some write up that 1st n 2nd episodes had to redo (during a holiday) lucky PGB. Oh, also i like the lead actress. This is the 1st drama i watch PBG n i drop encounter.

    I would love if a writer can pick the ending of moonlover n create a so called sequel, i will br happy if the same casts acted in it.

    Good if PBG takes the offer becos the poor director had been changing the script to suit PBG. And for him to show what he can do (i see he is alot of connections with many idols n actors, this will give him more fans).

  10. Park Bo Gum is not much of an actor of an actor yet and has not shown improvement in his skill compared to actors among his age. But teaming up with Gong Yoo, why not? Gong Yoo needs someone to carry the drama along with him and I think PBG can do the part.

      • Yeo Jin Goo, 4 years younger, way better actor than PBG. I know he is a child actor but not all child actors can achieve such big improvements as a male lead in dramas of all genres.

      • Everyone knows PBG is not a child actor. Of course I can see a big difference. PBG is older and is a mediocre actor. I have already said that.

      • @candycane Then you’re an idiot, how could you comparing PBG with a child actor. Gezz hater, just a waste. Bye

      • @Poh – You are the biggest idiot here. An actor is an actor, why can’t actors be compared? Does it really matter when one started acting at 10 vs 15, or 10 vs 20, or 20 vs 25, or 20 vs 30? My class has a 40 year old student amongst all the 20 year olds. Should the 40 y.o. get an automatic A in all the tests just because he is 40? Gosh you don’t make any sense! You are just a delulu. But anyhow, at least you agree with me that YJG is a better actor. No competition (but in your mind, no comparison bcoz child actors are always better, correct?). LOL ? Don’t ever call me a hater. You said Bye already so I guess you shouldn’t reply to me ever again. LOL ? ?

  11. Some haters here posting about Bogummy’s smile, LOL!!! You all vicious haters wait for his DENTAL CF and that CF will give a huge profit. Haters gonna hate because that’s they’re dark personality. They love the dark world than spreading love and peace for whoever they are rooting for but Bogummy just slash them with your well behaved manner and your million wons from your projects and CFS. LMAO!!! They are all sour graping. You have the best, best, best smile in the whole wide universe. BOGUMMY FOREVER. HATERS – MAY THE FORCE OF PEACE BE WITH YOU AND MAY YOUR EVERYDAY BE A GOOD DAY!!! ???

  12. I bet u don’t believe in God that’s why u r behaving like that?… A cult, in this time of the world? You still believe in that? Lol!!! Believing God and have an enormous faith and being grateful to all the blessings they are receiving are miracles to any person, if that sounds a CULT to you then you are a living in the dark dark world and that cult you r always referring to is only a regular church /a fellowship of people that praising God and knows how to be grateful to God who blesses them in everything,u will only understand if u believe in God but if not that’s why your mind is so twisted….LMAO. As Bogum always said: God bless U. May the Force of Peace Be with Us Always even to the Vicious Haters.

  13. Awww…. Park Bo-gum and Gong Yoo. Awww.. My Boyfriend will meet my Goblin. If this will come to light and will be materialized fans of PBG and GY will be ecstatic like MEeeeeee… To the fans and loyal supporters of PBG and GY say HO-HO-say HO-HO!!! I would love love love to see this happening. Please Bogum baby say YES to this project. Noona will be happy. Surely another coined title will be given to them like Gong Yoo the “The Hottie Ex-Agent” and Park Bo Gum “The Hottie Human Clone”.Awwww!!! OUT OF THE TOPIC: “Haters gonna hate that’s their job. When haters become so barbaric with their enviness, jealousy and negative comparison it is a manifestation that an artist is really popular. Like what the Turkish Proverbs stated “The tree that is heavily laden with good fruits will always be stoned. ” PBG is really a popular star, a skillful actor in his craft and have a very outstanding manner. These criterion make everyone one wanted to work with him. Another thing – I both love Moonlight and Moon Lovers because they r both moon titles LOL.???. Both dramas deserve to be loved by their fans and I am a fan of these two. They have different attacks of cinematic vibes and rolling of roles. They both have actors and actresses that excellently portrayed their roles. So no need for comparison. For R88 – those actors portrayed their roles in this drama are really fated for their roles and I believe it will not be as hit the roles their portraying if it is not for the actor or if other actors will portray it – that’s DESTINY. The role becomes life because of the actors and actresses characters and efforts. Peace everyone. Let us spread positive vibes. No more fan wars. Let us give positive reviews and if we don’t have then don’t let our fingers type hateful words. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  14. Love Gong Yoo ahjussi and very glad he’s making a comeback soon. I really want to see him in a Sageuk project so please let this one be a good one. Gong Yoo ?

    • He is currently shooting a movie with jung yumi, so i think thats his comeback project, but sometimes u cant tell for movies what will they put 1st, the 1 with pbg will start filming april, i guess filming with jung yumi will be over that time

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