Jo Jung Seok, Han Ye Ri, and Yoon Shi Yoon Confirmed for SBS Revolutionary Era Period Drama Mung Bean Flower

There’s a serious drama heading our way in the middle of 2019 from SBS called Mung Bean Flower. The confirmed main cast signals an effort to cast leads who can act by assembling together Jo Jung Seok, Han Ye Ri, and Yoon Shi Yoon to put on their best revolutionary era bravado. Mung Bean Flower is set in 1985 around the Donghak Peasant Rebellion at the end of the Joseon era, a decade before the events and timing of the hit period drama Mr. Sunshine. Jo Jung Seok and Yoon Shi Yoon play brothers in a yangban class, but the former is illegitimate while the latter the golden child of the family. The end up fighting on opposite sides of the rebellion and caught between then is the female lead character who is a capable business woman running an inn and merchant group during this time of economic instability. Directing is the PD of Six Flying Dragons and Tree With Deep Roots with the script by the screenwriter of Assembly and Jeon Do Jeon.


Jo Jung Seok, Han Ye Ri, and Yoon Shi Yoon Confirmed for SBS Revolutionary Era Period Drama Mung Bean Flower — 29 Comments

  1. 1885? Anyway good strong cast lineup and storyline too but what is it with these titles of K dramas? I’m sorry I’m ignorant but is there such a thing as a mung bean flower? I do love mung beans though. Let me guess the female lead runs a inn and sells mung bean soup?

    • Backdrop of this is the Donghak Revolution led by General ‘Mung Bean’ ( – probably because Mung Beans were a staple for the peasantry (?) and it was a peasant uprising against the nobility. My guess is that JJS sides with the peasantry and YSY stays on the side of nobility and they clash as a result.

    • My bad…According to that Wiki article, it was his physical stature (on the short side) that gained him the nickname of ‘mung bean’

      • Oh thank you Pilgrim I never thought of googling the historical event and appreciate the information. I’m intrigued by the General’s nickname ‘Mung bean’ due to his short stature so hopefully if he is one of the characters they cast accordingly. If they get a strapping 6ft tall eye candy stallion then someone definitely didn’t do their homework when writing up the script and character synopsis.

  2. Definitely strong cast, great director and writer. I will check this drama out. I miss JJS in a good drama. Glad the female lead is a very good actress 🙂

    • Exactly. She was good in AOY1, boring in AOY2 and Switch was her worst role out of the 3. I feel her acting gets repetitive after a point but maybe I haven’t seen enough of her.

      • Watch her movies. She won many acting awards from different movies. Sometimes I wonder why an actress like her wants to be in drama? What fun is that? Like Kim Go Eun – very talented movie actress, but got so much criticism in her dramas… Is it worth being in dramas? just saying. Not a fan.

    • I think dual male leads are popular in historical dramas?
      If you see it that way, Jang Donggun is also second lead in Asadal and Woo Dohwan is also second lead in My Country.

  3. HYR does a good job in historical but I haven’t watched her as lead before so this should be interesting. Plus makes since that she’s In here since six flying dragons had her in a memorable role so maybe they wanted her back. I bet this will be as political as Six flying and tree w/deep roots with not much love…this is already sounds like another version of Grand Prince with less romance…

  4. HYR was good in the movie ‘The table’ and I liked her character in the 2016 drama Hello my Twenties. I’ll be game to watch MBF but it better to turn into a love triangle tryst otherwise I’m out. Keep it like how the trio in ‘The Guest’ all 3 working towards a common purpose with no room for romance. NB: She was in the 2014 Kundo: Age of the rampant as a Gisaeng (minor role). Umm about K historical period dramas ‘Haechi’ with Jung Il Woo and Go Ara is dropping next week and the trailers look alright plus I like both leads. Just hoping GoAra doesn’t cry at all.

  5. Date was 1885 NOT 1985. All though there is character similarity to YSY role in Grand Prince, I am hoping the storyline will be much different as it is based on actual events.

  6. Han Ye ri was a revelation in this. The chemistry between her and JJS was so good. I watched this for JJS(my favorite actor) and Han ye ri quickly became one of my top k drama actresses. She carried the role with a mix of authority and subtelity. Honestly, the entire ensemble was great. Too bad this didn’t get much ratings or I’m sure it would have been nominated in the baeksang awards since they are all about popularity.

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