The Well-dressed Cast of MBC Drama Item Hold Press Conference Ahead of Monday Premiere

If all else fails with MBC Mon-Tues drama Item, at least the entire cast showed up at the press conference dressed to impress. I was legit bowled over by every single main cast member dressing for the occasion, with male lead Joo Ji Hoon even going above and beyond and bringing actual style to the proceedings. I LOVE his soft blue with a tint of grey suit with the peachy flower and bird embroidery paired with a white turtle neck and matching white trainers with maroon shoelaces. Female lead Jin Se Yeon in matching peach-coral suit and shorts combo was fresh and fun, and both her and second female lead Kim Yoo Ri have insane proportions as showcased with belted waist looks. I actually rewatched Netflix drama Kingdom this weekend and it’s even better with a slower watch to soak in the details, can’t wait for Joo Ji Hoon to make it a double hit with Item.


The Well-dressed Cast of MBC Drama Item Hold Press Conference Ahead of Monday Premiere — 10 Comments

  1. LOL female lead Jin Se Yeon outfit matches with Joo Ji Hoon’s??
    If only her acting skills matches his!!
    On the other hand Kim Yoo Ri’s acting skills matches the two male leads.

    • I can’t take JSY seriously. Her outfit does not scream no nonsense profiler to me. Kim YooRi’s get up on the other hand does? I would go as far to say that KYR’s visuals are more classically beautiful and alluring. If there’s a love triangle happening in the drama I would be rooting for her to end up with JJH. Not that I will be tuning in. As soon as JSY was cast the drama became a no go zone for me.

      • No bias. Just an objective opinion about fashion. But yes to my bias against JSY. I am not the only one I am sure, just a tad more vocal is all. Good luck to the cast. Hopefully all the hype translates to ratings for the other cast’s sake.

  2. JJH suit is the best I’ve seen at a K press conference so far no comment for Ms Can’t act to save herself JSY gosh Im so bitter at her casting in otherwise a fine drama. Oh that’s right I got my finger on fast forward skip past her scenes. ?

  3. JSY has been knocking it out of the park with all her recent roles! I’m looking forward to their tandem! The leads look absolutely fab!

  4. Going to bench this drama for the time being, haven’t been the biggest fan of Jin Se Yeon acting and have other dramas to watch right now. Will probably check it out later because I do like the other actors.

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