Top 10 K-actor Favorites in Poll of Japanese Female Fans

This poll pool of this list is on the smaller side, over 2000 viewers asked, but it definitely confirms who I think Japanese fans like among the current male K-actors. Top of the list remains Jang Geuk Seok and when asked why the response is always You’re Beautiful. Same goes for second place Lee Min Ho, everyone who loves him still calls back to Boys Before Flowers. Amazing staying power of these two among Japanese ladies. Third place is Jaejoong, the DBSK love in Japan is insane and honestly Yoochun would be on this top 10 list prior to his major scandal for sure. Fourth spot goes to Lee Jun Ki and the fans still wax rhapsodic over his career making performance in The King and the Clown. Last but not least So Ji Sub rounds out the top five for a combination of What Happened in Bali and I’m Sorry, I Love You. Check out the full top 10 below.

  1. Jang Geun Seok
  2. Lee Min Ho
  3. Kim Jaejoong
  4. Lee Jun Ki
  5. So Ji Sub
  6. Kim Soo Hyun
  7. Ji Sung
  8. Jang Hyuk
  9. Park Hyung Sik
  10. Gong Yoo


Top 10 K-actor Favorites in Poll of Japanese Female Fans — 35 Comments

      • I just think gong yoo is a bigger star than hyung sik but someone just pointed out the fact that swdbs and hwarang just aired there plus he’s doing a musical so I get why he’s ranked higher

    • Park hyung sik started to become cutely popular in Japan because of WHTMF and HS. It just cemented his status there bec of Hwarang and SWDBS that is repeatedly broadcasting in their TV. Recently, he is becoming famous there because of his musical, Elisabeth where he takes on the role of Death. Japanese fans flocked to Seoul Blue square just to watch him perform.

  1. No surprise he remains extremely popular in Japan..He is without doubt one of South Koreas biggest export stars to Japan for a decade…very popular in Japan with his concerts and music.

    • Jo In Sung not really popular overseas. His popularity in Korea is even declining because he is not doing anything much. I think he is picky and does not like most of what’s being offered to him. He tried variety shows few times but still he only did 1 movie in 4 years. He might be doing some CF to keep him afloat.

    • Among the actresses, IU is the most visible because of Moonlovers and My Ajushi. Moonlovers is on rerun continuously on multiple platforms in Japan since 2016. Let us just see if those recognition that she received in Korea for MA will translate into multiple broadcasting in Japan. PSH and SHK are the other actresses who has at one drama showing in Japan. But I guess their male counterparts are more popular. Lee Byung Hyun actually has more visibility in Japan due to Mr Sunshine.

      • Not sure. I don’t think it is shown as I think at the moment, it’s Netflix hold the right who knows for how long. But somehow those awards shows where he won were shown in Japan and somehow 2 or 3 of his old dramas and movies are on rerun over there.

      • Most dramas that already bought by japan enjoy reruns fr time to time,its same fr other countries,they already have the rights,u forget to mention hwarang, its same with moonlovers, they have idol cast,its also popular in japan.

      • Have you even checked? I only rant on someone gullible, not the artist but those spreading fake news. Check it for yourself.

      • Besides we are talking about the actress and her dramas. And she is an idol too, yet her other dramas are not shown there but Moonlovers which was going since 2016 and My Ajushi.

      • If people are gullible, u just need to post the correct info, others dont have access, (language barrier, some homepage cant be open for ifans)
        1 example abt pbg fm, u keep saying for people to check online the info but u post the venue for his 1st fm, which i know u check online too,

  2. Jaejoong and Yoochun but you said Big Bang in the same sentence. Are you drunk when you wrote this OP? Or secretly advertising Big Bang.

  3. Jaejoong is from DBSK/JYJ and of course he will be famous in Japan because he is more of a jpop than kpop right now. Aside from the popularityy of jyj, he currently lives in Japan plus he is doing shows and concerts with the jpop singers like shirota yu.

    • Yes, Jaejoong is having Asia tour all around Japan in April. He is doing well in Japan. His Japanese is always good and he fits in well in variety. I like watching him ?

  4. Looks like un outdated poll. JGS were really a hot potato pre-military. His dramas and shows are shown in many channels in Japan. Lee Min Ho was popular but not really amongst the top 5. Currently, there’s only one Lee Min Ho drama scheduled in Japan right now.

    Lee Jong Suk is more popular than LMH & KSH right now.

  5. I think JIS is just so laidback and content with his CF deals and has the option to do a movie once a year – the last 2 being The King and The Great Battle and maybe he hasn’t had any tv dramas that have piqued his interest so he’s kinda under the radar but he does have a loyal following me included. So when he does return to dramaland whenever that will be; it will be the BEST news ever! I just hope the story and female lead chosen does him justice.

    • I guess he is done with rom-com & melo romance in drama. The Ansi was a new genre for him. I hope he will return with a good new drama soon.

      • Yep last Drama was a cameo in Dear my friends. Here’s to some good news on JIS this year to mark his return to K dramaland. We’re patiently waiting and ageing in the meantime.

      • That is cool. I can’t wait. I don’t mind whoever is the leading lady. I think he is capable to carry the drama on his own. What’s more important is the production value, and a fresh character which is different from what he has done so we could see the other side of him as an actor.

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