With K-movie Innocent Witness Kim Hyang Gi Becomes Youngest Movie Star to Cross 50 Million Tickets Sold

The hits keep on coming for child turned teen actress extraordinaire Kim Hyang Gi. She was the teeny tiny younger sister in Hearty Paws opposite still a kid back then Yoo Seung Ho, and cute dogs, and since then her career has been a trajectory of win after win. She’s now in the history books after her most recent movie Innocent Witness with Jung Woo Sung premiered to solid ratings, and thereby officially putting Kim Hyang Gi’s tickets sold total for all her two dozen movies together to over 50 million. At 19 years old (20 in Korean age) she’s the youngest Korean movie star to hit 50 million tickets sold. She’s likely to hold this honor for the foreseeable future as she started acting at 5 years old and also was in two of the top ten highest grossing Korean movies of all time the Along with the Gods movies. She’s almost solely a movie star with very few K-dramas under her belt, most memorable being part of the ensemble of The Queen’s Classroom, so she’s competing not with the Three Kims (Yoo Jung, So Hyun, and Sae Ron) and carving out her own now unparallel path. Congrats to this tiny dynamo!


With K-movie Innocent Witness Kim Hyang Gi Becomes Youngest Movie Star to Cross 50 Million Tickets Sold — 9 Comments

  1. She is born in August 2000, so only 18. Her 2017 web drama Sweet Revenge is very cute (has Cha Eun Woo as second lead). Yes, she is in a different league than the three Kim’s (I mean her career path in a sports term) 🙂 Much better for her to stay away from K-dramas.

    • As far as I know, all Koreans are considered a year older on new years day regardless when their actual birthday that year is!

      In addition, they’re counting age differently. If we turn 18. on our birthday, we already have lived 18 years and starting our 19th.
      Therefore, Koreans are turning 19, when we would say we turned 18.

      You can also see this, if you look at the Korean age recommendation for movies and Dramas. If it is for grownups only, you see a sign for 19 years. Not 18!

  2. She was probably too young to do dramas.
    Now she’s gonna be in a JTBC drama with a Wanna One member this summer.

  3. Jung Woo Sung is still hot after all these years and Im hoping he makes a return to dramaland sometime soon.

  4. I would have to disagree, Kim Sae Ron dipped into the movie world more when she was younger, in fact that’s where she got her big break, the man to nowhere with won bin.

    So technically she would be competing with Kim hyang gi. But sadly Kim sae ron has been mostly been missing in action. She did like only one underwhelming film since her last work mirror of witch in 2016. Maybe she no longer enjoys acting as much?

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