Ji Sung and Lee Se Young Courted for SBS Medical Drama Dr. Room

Medical K-dramas are not as ubiquitous these last two years as it was in nearly a decade prior where a viewer couldn’t help but trip over at least one medical drama airing in nearly every time slot from all the networks. Now we have two coming on prime time with KBS premiering Doctor Prisoner this month, and now SBS is prepping for Dr. Room come July. Dr. Room has offers out to Ji Sung for the male lead and Lee Se Young as his female lead. Both roles are anesthesiologist and geniuses in their field, wow two geniuses instead of the usual one. The drama centers around patients suffering from unknown pain with hard to diagnosis conditions. The drama will be directed from the PD of I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio with the script by the screenwriter of Cheondamdong Alice and Hyde, Jekyll, Me. With both Han Ji Min and Hyun Bin finally redeemed after the mess that is HJM I’m ready for the writer to redeem herself as well with Dr. Room.


Ji Sung and Lee Se Young Courted for SBS Medical Drama Dr. Room — 5 Comments

  1. I’m a fan of both actors but not sure how I feel about them together as an onscreen couple. There’s a 15 year age gap between them and lookswise, he just looks too mature for her. Hmm…

  2. I like both leads and will watch. LSY is younger but her acting is mature so I think she can step up to his age easily. Ji Sung actually looks younger than his real age imo. This drama is promoted as a medical drama, not a rom-com, so it is ok if no romance is involved for a change. K-dramas are becoming too mundane with too much cutesy-cringy-cheese lately….

  3. Lee See Young is on a rise after that drama the crowned clown along with Yeo Jing Go. They both have already taking project, OMG! They are so hardworking. LEe See Young has already Got paired buy senior actor like Ji Sung now, so proud of her.

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