Jung Joon Young Returns to Korea for Investigation, Admits to All Crimes and Retires from K-ent

As the revelations fly fast and furious, the hammer dropped big time and not a moment too soon for singer Jung Joon Young. What started off as Big Bang Seungri‘s scandal with his club Burning Sun turned into a chatroom scandal with celebs and other dudes sharing hidden camera sex videos. At the center was Jung Joon Young who did a lot of the sharing and commentary, and reportedly Seungri is in the group along with SNSD Yuri‘s older brother, FNC Entertainment’s two idols Lee Jong Hyun from CNBLUE and Choi Jong Hoon from FT Island, and actress Park Han Byul‘s husband.

The leaked texts are too horrible to reprint but these men treated the women in the hidden recording as sluts, playthings, and bodies to use. Jung Joon Young was out of the country when the scandal broke over the weekend and has since flown back to be investigated by the police and was promptly mobbed the airport. I wish the reporters beat him up a bit rather than just swarm him to take pictures. Jung Joon Young this morning then posted a letter accepting all guilt for the crimes alleged and says he will retire from K-ent and reflect. Good riddance.


Jung Joon Young Returns to Korea for Investigation, Admits to All Crimes and Retires from K-ent — 39 Comments

  1. Those conversations were from years ago, and all this time not one victim came out to reveal his evil deeds??? He must have some strong backing or the victims weren’t aware for a long time???

    • His ex girlfriend did file a report against him in 2016 for this exact crime, filming her with a hidden camera, but he claimed it was consensual and that his phone was lost (that turned out not be true). So they made her out to look terrible and eventually the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

  2. Apparently FT Island and CNblue singers are not involved in the scandal. In fact Jong Hoon went to the police and there’s not prove against him.
    In the case of Jung Yoon, I don’t think he won’t return to the TV anymore. Moreover it isn’t his first scandal..

    • The investigation is still ongoing, he is the only that has admitted to everything, so you can’t rule them out, unless officially they are ruled out.
      He should be done for as a celeb. And more importantly he should be jailed. I know they are still investigating it, but he as much admitted to such horrendous acts of secretly recording, distributing explicit, drugging and ‘raping’ women.
      He should have a speck sense to attempt to get back. But if ever he will then koreans or his fans are just enabling such acts as forgiveable and could likely be modelled by young generation. And that is just wrong. The industry should ban him forever.

  3. What a joke ! He retires from e industry. No need , he is already blacklisted. Apologizing ( for me as a no korean) doesn’t mean nothing. People like him should be grateful to have the opportunity to work in a field that a lot of younger ones dream on and what he does ? He screwed it. Shame on him.

    • Did you guys read his apology?? It’s definitely not written by him. He’s just mouthing off. In his earlier scandal, prior to his press conference, he was heard saying that he would pretend to be guilty…..I don’t believe he felt remorse at all, from comments he made in the chat. Women are playthings and used and discarded at will.

      His quick admission could mean a lighter sentence. He needs to be jailed! And not a short 3 years imprisonment. According to an article, he could either be jailed OR fined. So this means that he may just get off with just a fine. If that is so, where is the justice?

  4. Hmm people are really swayed away and has focused on the chatroom scandal. I don’t think someone will be jailed with all these sex videos though. Besides whatever chat records released sound like they are talking about a games or sounds like they were gaming at the time of the conversation.

    However I think there’s a real sex trafficking case going on involving big businessmen and all of these celebs are just scagegoats. With all these crazy scandals, does that mean the real sex trafficking case will be forgotten?

    • Who cares if they were walking about gaming. He secretly filmed women having sex with him without asking for their permission. That’s illegal and deserves jail time. In what world is that okay? Would you like your most intimate moments filmed without your consent and passed around the Internet like some porno? He did something illegal and he deserves to be punished. What other people are doing is besides the point. Your argument makes no sense.

      • Who said it’s ok? But don’t only focus on small prey because the system will remain fxxkd. These videos could be consensual. Yes it’s wrong, it is very WRONG to SHARE these type of videos to someone but I think it’s not enough for jail time. However whoever actually committed the real big crime got what they want as the issue is now diverted to scapegoats. This is one of the implications that keyboard don’t understand.

      • Are you for real? You are defending illegally filming intimate moments between two people and distribution of that video without consent as not enough for jail time. Am I reading it wrong?

      • These videos could be consensual? Are you serious right now? I didn’t realize hiding cameras in places where people can’t see it and not informing of its presence constitutes as consensual. I didn’t realized that drugged individuals could give consent to being filmed and raped. Read your comment again and ask yourself if any of it makes any sense.

      • Sharing videos is a form of sexual abuse and comes with heavy punishment. I don’t think you know much about the different classifications of sexual assault and abuse. Consent does not matter because the act of distribution is itself illegal.

      • Just because I am looking the issue rationally and objectively doesn’t mean I am defending anyone. Since you do not know the full story and don’t hold any evidence, so whatever you are saying against them are also a criminal acts.

    • What these celebrity criminals believed was a ‘game and chatting’ is actually a crime. Plus if you have been following the case, in many instances – they drugged the women, sexually exploited them and then video taped without consent. It is all illegal. Please don’t use the line that these celebs are being used as scapegoats, they are were very much involved as criminals. As to the other bigger players, it’s too soon to say – isn’t it? The case is on-going and if the Prime Minister and the anti-corruption agency is also involved, it’s a given that they will investigate these other big players too.

      • Totally agree with you! What scapegoats? These guys are guilty as hell. Jail them and get to the big players quickly too!

    • Jung Joon Young himself admitted to the crimes, i.e. filming and sharing videos without consent. If he was a non-celebrity or an old slimy man, no one would spare him.

    • He admitted to doing these things. The text messages and videos THAT HE SENT were released confirming these claims. What other evidence is necessary to confirm that he is a criminal? If there are other crimes and corruption associated with this then that’s the police’s job to investigate and expose them. But that does not change the fact that what he is and admitted to doing is illegal and deserves punishment. I am not defaming him or creating lies about him in any way. So how is what I am saying a criminal act? You think you’re being objective and logically but it’s clear you don’t even have the full facts. What is even the point of your post since you’re saying that people are missing the point. 1) he does not deserve jail time? Yes he does. He broke the law. 2) people are using him to hide other crimes? He is not being used. He did these things and knew that what he was doing was wrong. He was given another chance in 2016 and yet he had no remorse and continued to do what he did and bragged about it. He played an active part in this. No one is using him. I’m not denying that there are other corruption associated with this. However the truth will come out as more investigation comes out. It’s not our role to comment on that until anything is confirmed. However I can and will comment on this as everything in regards to his case is proven information.

      • This scandal is about the same thing back in 2016. So technically he never had a second chance.

  5. He can bin his apology! Feel so sorry for his 2d1n hyungs who doted on him and welcomed him bk after his first shit. Let’s see if his trashy restaurant in france survives.

  6. This sort of thing is becoming more and more common not just in celebrity fields but contaminating all areas of life.In my country major sporting figures have just recently been stood down for the same thing its almost out of control and whats happening in the rest of the general community around the world one can only imagine?? Strong laws need to be bought in for this behaviour and those in the public eye need to be set up as an examlple to deter anyone in society to be aware of the consequences of this shocking behaviour and need to respect women.

  7. people like him have to open his track record, so that they will be found out when he did it and whoever is the victim, especially what I read on Wikipedia he was involved in many activities including missionary work in the Philippines, I fear there are other victims

  8. I am sickened by the leaked texts. I can’t believe that some people can be so evil and vile. I applaud the person who brought this forward to the correct authorities. It has been obvious that previous cases have not been dealt with properly. I think that previous similar cases with celebrities should be brought back to light and investigated.

    I feel saddened to think that there are young girls out there dreaming of becoming celebrities and end up in the darkest, most disgusting scenes in the entertainment industry. And worse is those girls who are just happy to meet their idols and end up being used in this manner.

    Let’s hope for a purge of these animals to cleanse out the industry.

  9. I hope that these people (all of them involved not just the celebs) will get jail sentences and will be an example to all others who have similar inclinations. Maybe after seeing the severe consequences they will not act upon their inclinations and further victims will be spared.

    I wish the same standarts would have applied to other celebs who committed crimes against women and seemingly got away with it – through connections, victim shaming, financial means and fans who insist on supporting these criminals and trying to find excuses for their criminal acts. I bet when JJY was accused the first time his fans blamed the victim who had amazing courage to come forward and expose this evil man. If no one has supported him then maybe he wouldn’t continue committing crimes and making other women victims.

    There is a lesson to be learned here sisters.

    • It’s too deeply embedded in their entertainment circle. The crimes goes back 10 years. Good luck in trying to cleanse the system. I’ve got a gut feeling it involves overseas entertainment circles such as HK. Let’s see how far they dare to report.

  10. Not just celebrities believe me.I saw a world survey that shows that this type of behaviour is on a huge increase. Women really need to be so choosey about relationships these days and take as much percaution with this type of behaviour as they do having protected sex..to me it falls in the same risk categoey with the potential to ruin your life.It appears to becoming a male epedemic in era of mobile phones and cameras making it easy to make your own porn for personal use or dustribution.Its appaling behaviour not respecting women.

  11. Journalists, expose them all one by one. I hope all of the things revealed with all the people involved from the very start are not forgotten. Don’t stop until they all get the punishment they deserve.

  12. This has also contaminated some K actresses/idols who are having their names drawn into this mess just by association and what’s even more alarming is that it’s just speculation and rumour. Their respective agencies are threatening legal action in their defence.

  13. I’m so fed up with reading about crimes committed by men against women. Do they even realize that their moms and sisters are also women? If this worthless waste of space doesn’t get jailtime, I think I’ll lose faith in humanity… or at least the justice system in Asia.

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