Jung Joon Young and Choi Jung Hoon Reportedly Got Police Assistance in Getting Prior Sex Tape Case Dismissed and Covering Up DUI

The Seungri scandal is like the horrible reverse of the gift that keeps on giving, or more aptly the pandora’s box that should be opened for the greater good of K-ent housecleaning but HOMG is it stomach roiling to read about. The latest bad acts stemming from Seungri’s noxious chatroom members Jung Joon Young and Choi Jung Hoon of FT Island include the two getting away with prior criminal misconduct allegations. Jung Joon Young was two years earlier accused by an ex-girlfriend of taking sex videos without her consent and sharing it.

His investigation stalled when police delayed and then later said it couldn’t retrieve the data from his phone. Turns out the cops were helping him (duh) and actually told the IT company to not retrieve the data. Singer Choi Jung Hoon got into a DUI a few years ago and asked the cops to keep quiet so he wouldn’t be in the news, and later in the chatroom the miscreants talked about how the “police commissioner” was helping make it all go away and how an older hyung paid to get it done. As of today, Jung Joon Young has retired from showbiz and his agency terminated his contract, while FNC has placed Choi Jung Hoon on hiatus.


Jung Joon Young and Choi Jung Hoon Reportedly Got Police Assistance in Getting Prior Sex Tape Case Dismissed and Covering Up DUI — 23 Comments

  1. My whole life I’ve been a VIP. I dedicated my youth to them. They made me so happy and now I’m heart broken. I can’t deal with anymore of this. I’m leaving Kpop.

    I don’t think I can ever Stan any group at all. The industry is dark. Even politicians are involved and I bet you YG himself also has his hand dirty.

    Only the Idols are being punished which means the whole monstrousity will continue even after these idols are kicked out.

    • Yeah, the only solution for us is retiring watching kdrama and leaving K-pop forever. We should now that all female and male actor even male idol and female idol have dark secret. So when chaebol in Korea have scandal they use all idol and actor/actress scandal to cover their dark scandal. Don’t believe all fake image that you see on TV that all was fake. Rip K-pop.

    • You might as well leave the world, because that is what is happening in the world. There are dirty people everywhere… in all countries, at all levels.

      • You are so right Valentinazara. we can only lean on each other in this difficult time.

    • This is why people shouldn’t stan and put too much feelings into celebrities, stick to seeing them as replaceable people who entertain you. I stopped listening to kpop about 5 years ago and only watch kdramas which piqued my interest. Yes I fangirl over some hot/handsome actors in the dramas, but I would also drop their next drama in a heartbeat if the drama is bad.

      • I agree enjoy your illusion but always remember thats what it is all from their enhanced appearence to their image..its not real…when you think it is actually that way you are your setting yourself up for diappointment..Their lives are often also are totally controlled by others with finacial interests managers etc.The person and image are two entirely different things.

      • For me I started to Love Bigbang when I 9 years old. Listening to them helped me through all the stress of life and they were a sweet escape. They helped me get through a lot. You know how when you hear stories of kids with terminal cancer having a wish that their favorite celebrity would visit them? That because they hold a special place in your heart.

        When you are a child you dont think deeply about not putting too much into something. You love something you just love it with all your heart if it makes you happy.

        Bigbang has always been special to me. Thats why this is hard to go through.

    • Im sorry to said this, but I’m not suprised with this kind of news about bigbang. We know that bigbang is trouble maker grup. Woman, drugs, porn, and even after GD going to army, he still become a trouble. What I dont understand about their fangirls why they ignored this kind of things? I even not bigbang’s fan but I know all of this.

      • First of all liking women is not a crime. They can date around they are grown men.

        Secondly Bigbang is composed of 5 people. Deasung aside from the motorcycle accident is largely unproblematic so is Taeyang.

        Top’s scandal involved weed which is legal in parts in many parts of the U.S and is less dangerous to your health than alcohol which is heavily consumed in South Korea so it is understandable that his fans still support him.

        Seungri and GD do not make up the entire group. Good for you for knowing so much about them. Let the fans grieve in peace

      • Yes of course there’s some of fanatic’s fans like you too, who will love their oppa no matter what. I just want to say that there’s still many celebrities who deserved being love, not everyone is a trash like that guys who get mentioned in this article. After this scandal people just got scared to love their idol.

  2. ” on est pas sortis du sable ” ! I’m sorry for their fans . As i’m an old lady from another country my idols were not the same . Jean Jacques Goldman , Daniel Balavoine . one is an artist who is just “awesome ” the other one died prematuraly when he was helping Ethiopia . But my sister was a fan of M Jackson . She’s heartbroken !.

  3. Remember its an enhanced external and internal illusion that is presented guys…And all of it is around being managed for money.Dont hold any expectations based on what you know from the image its not the person only something we create in our head. Such is the danger of getting caught up as fans.

    • Police bribery! No wonder the reporter exposed it through newscast. I an so glad she did. Let the public put pressure on persecuting these bastards. Ugh! Luckily, I was not a fan of bigbang as they seem to have lots of scandals that just seems to go away. I am hoping Seungri goes to jail for what he did along with all those in that chat group. I also hope the police involved in the bribery goes to jail toi for not protecting the girls enough.

  4. These guys had creepy and arrogant vibes to begin with, why is it so surprising to their fan girls that are now certified creeps?

  5. Someone from beast just left the group too!! I understand how the fans feel and all these people saying how they should have known are probably the same ones with creepy ass people in their lives and are blind to it.
    Sometimes when you like a person you are blind to their faults. It is important to acknowledge it when their true face is revealed. I am proud of the fans that stopped supporting these Idols. Lord knows twitter is full of fans who are still in denial.

  6. All we see onscreen are delusions. Entertainers are out to make money for a living. We don’t know their real personalities. Creeps are everywhere, not just in SK.

  7. I’ve stopped reading Soompi and all k pop just for now it’s too upsetting and Welcome to Waikiki 2 is in 2 weeks time so I’m just hanging around for that to start and this Saturday Romance is a Bonus Book is finishing. That’s how I’m keeping my spirits up. In all seriousness I’m so disappointed with this whole sorry saga mess and I want the Korean Justice system to just charge and prosecute the accused accordingly. It’s tainted the whole K entertainment industry right now. I don’t know who to trust.

  8. Well, with everything going on, l’ve been thinking Jung Joon Young was in the wrong line of work, he should have been a pornstar, his true calling. Then he would be able to act out his wildest fantasies and be viewed by many! Maybe there is a future for him after all, his buddies can join him too and their fans can support them and rejoice. Unless they are even too scandalous for the porn industry! It sounds to me like one bad apple contaminated the rest…sad to see young talented “men” succumbed to bad influence. In interviews they tend to say how lonely they are, they are ready to date blah blah blah…they too are vulnerable and easy prey to predators, making bad choices. Hopefully they’ll grow up, sad it has come to this and probably more.

  9. Entertainment has always been a cutthroat business. There are a lot of unseen dealings to get to the top of the crop.
    Just take it with a pinch of salt. What people choose for their life and the consequences is up to them. Not something worth to get worked up over.

  10. The K Ent Industry is getting extrodinary publicity worldwide like its never had before at the moment US Uk Austrlia my country but sadly all for the wrong reasons…This could be damaging for the industry and its international reputation…Its serious whats being reported.

    • And we may not be getting to the bottom of their real issue. Where there is demand there will be supply. Their rich and powerful will just find the next male idol to open up this kind of business and repeat the cycle.

    • Do you not read what went on in Hollywood? Pretty sure Korea is not gettibg any more exposure than any other scandal in the world. We all know how bad the Entertainment business can be.

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