Seungri Accused of Further International Prostitution Solicitation and Gambling and Lee Jong Hyun Admits to Watching Sex Videos Sent by Jung Joon Young

We’re probably close to one more K-pop idol leaving his group and “retiring” from the industry. CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun has admitted that he, too, viewed the hidden camera sex videos circulated by singer Jung Joon Young, and also that the horrible texts between the two discussing women as sex objects to be passed around were indeed from him. So far all K-ent stars implicated in this growing scandal have left the industry from Jung Joon Young to Seungri to Yong Jun Hyung and Choi Jung Hoon. Jung Joon Young and Seungri were questioned for many hours by the police on Thursday, and reported further texts from their phones reveal that: Seungri was running a full blown prostitution solicitation ring arranging women for rich investors including multi-night trips overseas as companions, and he also gambled a lot in Vegas and South Korean law prohibits gambling by its citizens even overseas. Park Han Byul‘s CEO husband of Yuri Holdings is a central figure in both cases, seen as the fixer who got a lot of these idols out of DUI and investigation jams using his money and influence, and has another text thread with Jung Joon Young where he sent him a prostitute for his birthday to his apartment. Man, I really need to shower after writing an update posts on these cretinous sleazebags.


Seungri Accused of Further International Prostitution Solicitation and Gambling and Lee Jong Hyun Admits to Watching Sex Videos Sent by Jung Joon Young — 22 Comments

  1. Koalas if I may suggest, you can put spycam or illegally filmed video instead of sex videos. I am so sick of seeing people defending these sick fucks saying all guy talk about sex. Well it’s true guys talk about sex among themselves, but these guys talk about drugging girls and having sex with them while unconscious, filming the intercourse and sharing among themselves. Plus, they also see it like a competition to see how many they can get, and passing girls among themselves. This is MORE about guys being guys. I don’t ever see normal guys talking about raping girls and filming it on a normal day basis, maybe in prisons they do that but not every day dudes.

  2. The problem is that they aren’t as popular as they used to be, and their names must hide bigger celebrities who are protected by their agencies who don’t want to see their actions dropping . Money, money, money …

  3. The rabbit hole of depravity continues. These fools were the fall guys from the beginning but they really thought they were living the good life and had it made. I won’t be surprised if one of them winds up dead due to “suicide”. I really feel for their victims.

  4. According to other news sites, there are more celebrities from other groups in the chat room. They need to release the names of all in the chat rooms that JJY and Seungri was all apart of, so that the guys can all be persecuted or have the public condemn them. There should be more coming in the next few days. With the exception of the Beast/Highlight guy, the other 3 that has admitted to the chat room, I was not at all surprised as they gave off very creepy vibes to begin with. I was never a fan of Seungri, he seems so creepy when I watched one of those popstar competition shows where he was a judge. The other two I am not familiar with as much, but they came from bands that I have at least heard of CNBlue and FT island… Yong Jun Hyung was a surprise sorta, I can’t watch the drama “Monstar” the same anymore, and it was such a good drama . Too bad, he was the producer and writer for the songs of Beast/Highlight….he should have reported his friends even if he was a bystander, however, it seems like the police was involved with bribery so it would make it hard if reporting to the Police would not have helped. I guess, it is a case of having the wrong type of friends, although he should have just immediately left the chat room since he should have known what the chatroom was about. Glad that all 4 guys are leaving the K-Entertainment. Waiting for the others name to drop.

    • One of the journalist(Mr Oh), who has been investigating Burning Sun case, said in his recent SNS update that Burning Sun is just a tiny branch of huge tree which has many powerful businessmen and politicians.

      Many of our favourite A list K-actors might also be the part.

      All the best to the reporters who are putting their lives at risk for exposing all those corrupt and perverted ***holes.

  5. I once put a comment on social media about my dilemma with liking Big Bang music but not their use of overtly sexy female dancers in there concerts like MAMA. I was slammed, mostly by female fans, that I’m being prejudiced and a ” hater”. People can get so blinded by celebrities and think they can do no wrong. I now stand with my opinions, especially in Asian culture where equity in women is still yet to improve, that using sexy women to enhance male idol performance is just LAME. I see it as a sign of disrespect to women. Big Bang is out of list of favorite from now on.

    • I absolutely did not understand why Big Bang had so many die hard fans. None of the members gave me a good character vibe from when I first heard of them a few years back. I really don’t know too much of their music. However, from the many scandals that this boy group had over the years that I have read about them, you would think the fans would have stopped supporting this group a long time ago. But then again, I don’t know much about Korean Fans, I just know that in America, there are not that much die hard fans like those in Korea. We would say we like the artists songs or movie or drama, but not really the person to go so far as to defend all the bad actions the person did. I just hope that all that was involved will be revealed and a major overhaul is needed in the Korea Boy group/Girl group factory. More protection is needed for the very young girls that enter the industry from these predatory men.

      • It’s all about the education. A large percentage of people there are so lacking of education, they would DEFEND, ACCEPT and FORGET these terrible acts committed by their idols and fav celebrities.

      • Meanwhile parents continue to allow/push their sons & daughters into this dark entertainment world, hoping their child will strike it rich, while the management CEOs, chaebols, political figures stand to gain from all this. Money, money, money…root of all evil.

  6. What’s wrong with these men. Their brains are only full of sh*ts. The guy who share his own sex videos is having fun showing off his trophies to his buddies. Disgusting!!
    Why men are becoming evil and heartless?

  7. I alway thought BB was way overrated. Never heard of the other bands since I am not into Kpop. I went to check out this scumbag JJY’s music expecting generic soul crushing pop music but he’s actually talented. Great voice. So tragic. Where did it go wrong? Could he have been saved or was he just a bad seed waiting to sprout?

    • money, crazy fans and elite friendships that shape their character and arrogance. I think there are influential powerful figures in Korea who protect all their actions so far

  8. After hearing the translation on their disgusting chats in the chat room. These guys needs to be in jail as soon as possible. Drugging? Taking women out to raper in a car? WTF? That is not even a normal conversation between anyone. These guys are not sorry at all. They are only giving lip service because they were caught. A I hope the victims will have justice. I also hope the victims name not be revealed as this will affect the rest of their lives especially in Krea. These awful men need to have their day in court. The ones that took the bribes and are corrupted officials also need to have a much harsher sentence. To shield these monsters and deliberately derailing the JJY ex girlfirends complaints! ugh, and the video that came out on someone dragging that poor women who is for sure drugged and the staff just stood by like it is an everyday thing. ugh, these bastards needs to rot in jail right now!

  9. Sad to say there are still people supporting these evil monsters, who believe they deserve a second chance. For example, HK singer Joey Yung said she wants a fair trial for Seungri. She sees him as a talented friend. He has good links in the industry so after this saga and once the public gets amnesia, I’m sure he will come back. Also, fans of their groups are begging GD, JYH and HongKi to save them on IG.

    • Perhaps Joey Yung did not know the severity of the contents in the chat and new evidence that came in just the previous day. I surely hope that Joey Yung who is a very talented singer will not support any any of the men that are part of the scandal. Coming from Hong Kong, she of all people should know the darker side of Entertainment. Hong Kong Entertainment has been known for years of how awful they treat and harass women, so many examples … i.e. the Edison Chen scandal when the victims were all named and leaked which destroyed so many young actress careers. And then the story of Yammie Lam which broke my heart, when she was one of the prettiest actress that Hong Kong had.

      • Don’t mean to argue, but I thought your so-called “victims” in the Edison Chen scandal were all consensual and fully aware of the videotaping. There is a clear difference.

      • For Candyca who posted March 16th

        There is a difference between accepting to be filmed and have the videos only on the phone or being leaked out in the public. Actually it is similar. The phone or computer got repaired. The repair shop leaked out the videos…

        Before telling those girls were “consensual” it would be good to check if they accepted to be victims of such a public outrage…

      • @Lee – excuse me? Can’t you tell there is a clear difference between “accepting to be filmed” and “being drugged, raped, and filmed”? To clarify for you, I meant Edison chen’s Sex partners were all consensual to having sex with him and being videotaped, NOT consensual to being leaked out to the public. Who likes their private part exposed to the public? I disagree with his actions and find him very disgusting. But agreeing to be filmed is just as stupid.

  10. It seems to me, there is a discrepancy in women’s roles in Korea? Women in dramas are portrayed one way and in the girl groups another.
    The girl singing groups are overly sexual. Their outfits and dance moves are very sexual in nature. What is most disturbing, is how young these girls are liked at. Which age groups are these corporations executives and managers trying to hook? Little girl outfits, school girl uniforms, and really short shorts. I am not a prude but I don’t know why this just seems twisted to me? Oh well.

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