1N2D Goes on Hiatus as Cast Members Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jun Ho Suspected of Overseas Gambling Revealed From Jung Joon Young Phone Texts

Apparently disgraced and likely criminally culpable K-singer Jung Joon Young had over 200,000 texts on his phone and had multiple phones, so the fallout will likely spread from the police investigation and retrieval of his communications. The next to fall is his 1N2D (1 Night, 2 Day) cast members actor Cha Tae Hyun and comedian Kim Jun Ho. Jung Joon Young’s texts from 2016 revealed that the two were gambling on a golf game in Thailand and betting exorbitant amounts of money. It is illegal for a South Korean to gamble, whether domestically or overseas, and in any fashion not just card games or casino gambling. Gambling is a huge vice in Asian countries and I’m not surprised stars who make a lot of money and travel overseas frequently for work (filming or CFs) to places where gambling is legal would partake in it. Right now only Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jun Ho are in trouble, and apparently the PD of 1N2D knew about the gambling and didn’t do anything about it so he may be in hot water too.


1N2D Goes on Hiatus as Cast Members Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jun Ho Suspected of Overseas Gambling Revealed From Jung Joon Young Phone Texts — 50 Comments

  1. For you guys information it was the old PDnim. I really hope Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Junho wont get kicked out from 2days 1night. Its best for the crew of 2D1N to have a hiatus a while and then start a whole new season 4. Its for the best, but who knows if the knetizen are wiling.

  2. Some were fired or blacklisted for less than that . Gambling is illegal , they knew it, they should face the conséquences.

  3. Wow! If Wreck It Ralph killed the internet, JJY will go down as the “man” who brought down K-ent! He infected anyone who has had contact with him it seems! K-ent needs an anti-virus asap! Hopefully in the form of justice.

    Keeping up with these news makes me feel like I am watching a Kdrama and am waiting for the next episode! What will happen next! Who else will make a cameo?!

  4. Jung joon young became Edison Chen Korea? Rumored so many female celebrity being victims although they are deny reports but I’m sure that rumors was true. Just cut off his hand and his dick so he can’t make another video tape. This guy’s is sick, sex addiction, scumbag etc. 1D2N members now about golden phone but keep silent. Didn’t believe Cha tae hyun involved with jjy scandal. Guest you can’t believe with celebrity image on TV.

    • He is even worse, the reports shows chats of drugging and plans of raping girls.

      Edison Chen as much of a douchebag as he is, I have not heard of him drugging the girls. I think they were willing and young and stupid to have him take pictures and videos. I have not followed the news of Edison Chen, just when that scandal hit and all the young big name Hong Kong starlets were named.

      It is awful and bad, but what JJY and his group chat buddies did was predatory and awful. They need to have their court time. I honestly hope that the police and any law enforcement agency will not shield them and let them go to jail.
      I was partially sympathizing the Beast/Highlight guy, but if he was part of the chat and actually read and knew of what what going on in the chat, then he should be punished as well. After reading about the translation of the chats, I am absolutely horrified that these awful men were looked up by young girl fans.

    • The people Edison Chen slept with consented to being filmed. There’s a difference. It was just unfortunate that the repairman who fixed his laptop released these photos to the public.

  5. OMG I’m shocked Cha Tae Hyun broke the law too. I thought he was a super clean and good role model because I always hear Song Joong Ki praising him with such respect. Saying he is Joong Ki inspired sunbae.

  6. Gambling is not that much of a big deal. Probably give them a fine and be done with. I absolutely understand and do not like gambling. Cha Tae Hyun is human, he makes mistakes. Every one makes mistakes, the point is how much harm to others are the mistakes. As much as I do not like gambling, I do find people that do gambling such as Fantasy Football or going to Las Vegas Casinos.

  7. Check news sources. Cha Tae Hyun confirmed that the texts were real. HOWEVER, contrary to reports— nothing was done overseas.
    1) he played golf in Korea
    2) bet money with Kim Junho. (Approximately $1000-2500, not “exhorbant” amounts)
    3) after “winnings”, he returned the money.
    4) basically it was supposed to be a fun game between friends.

    Given that he is a public figure, he has taken responsibility of the ramifications of his actions and stepped down from all his programs immediately.

    Bottom line, no one is perfect. This guy is decent, just happened to be exposed in a harsher light than deserved given everything else that is happening in K-ent.

    Obviously, mistakes were made. But unfairly painting a worse picture than deserved is unnecessary.

  8. Going to casino on ocassion basis is not gambling per se. It’s just another form of recreation. If you bet your house and days income on habitual basis, then that is gambling.

    Btw the media’s irresponsible reporting and the keyboard warriors are the real killers if k-ent

    Where did they get the information? Are the police leaking the information to the media or someone illegally shared information from JYY phone.

  9. Ya i believe this guy is decent.
    I hope attention won’t be diverted to this gambling incident but that all efforts be made to bring down those related to the horrible sexual chat groups (& nightclub) and all their crimes against women

    • Completely agree. I think majority of Korean netizens believe Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Junho are be being targeted and purposefully highlighted to distract from the JANG JAYEON CASE.

      It is also probably to “soften” the blow of more prominent figures being involved in the Burning Sun Club, sex trafficking and drug distribution.

  10. NVM it’s just a friend betting in Korea so I don’t think it’s much of a deal. It’s just that the Korean laws are too strict. Hope Cha Tae Hyun is not in great pressure from the public. Those losers like Seungri and that JJY guy who’s starting all of this shity cases are dragging everyone in. But I guess it’s a good thing too so people will see the dark shady sides of some Korean celebrities.

  11. Blossom entertainment really sucks now after leo seung won son seung won scandal. We just wait until song joong ki and park boo gum get involved with big scandal. Especially song joong ki should leave blossom since only promoting park boo gum since pbg make so much money from CF and fan meeting. Please song joong ki just leave blossom and don’t let him became shaddow golden boy park boo gum.

    • Oh plese sjk is doing well right now. He lost his cf because many of his fans already lost interisting with him after he get married, and he is too expensive. Plus I bet he just didnt want to do fanmeeting. He didnt need money and of course he want to be with his wife more. Blossom always give a freedom for his artists. So if their artist get caught in scandal just blamed the artist

  12. Maybe because gambling is legal in the US, I don’t particularly like gambling but I don’t find it repugnant as I do the sexual crimes JJY and his cronies are accused of . Especially if this was just an occasional recreational thing and not addictive or a habit. I do hope Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jun Ho can bounce back from this scandal.

  13. Completely agree. I think majority of Korean netizens believe Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Junho are be being targeted and purposefully highlighted to distract from the JANG JAYEON CASE.

    It is also probably to “soften” the blow of more prominent figures being involved in the Burning Sun Club, sex trafficking and drug distribution.

  14. They were just make a fun as friends! This is not a scandal, even knetz supported cha taehyun. Why jurnalits make a news like this? Everyone did this. But because all of this I know that blossom ent didnt have power in media. Who said again blossom actors were popular because of media play?

  15. That is why there’s the right to due process. The funny thing is even a lawyer doesn’t know that and continue to post bias articles for the heck of clicks. And the keyboard warriors here who don’t understand the implications of their actions and spreading malicious comments about someone even they don’t know the whole thing. Spreading malicious comments and accusations against someone is actually more serious, if not equally bad, than being involved in a chatroom watching porn videos and talking about their winnings from gambling.

    • You’re pointing fingers at okoala and some keyboard warriors here when you’re nonsense yourself. Reading your other debates arguments among this whole cases is quite airhead.

      • Yes correct. Reasonable and rational thinking sound like an airhead in this kind of blog site.

      • Just a friendly unsolicited advice for your future. Focus and support more on women empowerment than portraying women as weak victims.

      • i agree with you on this @MistyEyes . Feminism has a dichotomy side. Enough of women portrayed as weak victims. Where is the GIRL POWER. I do not agree with some other things you wrote but i understand your point of view. VOLTAIRE, ZOLA you’ll get what i mean.

    • @mistyeyes
      I second you.
      I clearly understand the intents of the writer. The writer didn’t even mind slurping half of the information for the sake of making sensational post. While dumb keyboard warriors are ready to chastise the newly found ‘villians’.

      • @Male, thank you very much for understanding my POV.

        Just an addition for discussion purposes. There are actually real cases of abuses in k-ent but buried and forgotten because of cover ups like this. And some of the victims have committed suicide. I don’t single out women victims because there are men victims as well. I don’t point out solely to men perpetrators because there are women perpetrators as well.

        While I don’t disagree on the reporting and exposing of unethical actions of Suengri and et al but it should be in a responsible manner not how blogsites like this site slaughtered them unjustly. To me, irresponsible reporting and commenting by keyboard warriors are equally, if not more serious, bad offense as those unethical (allegedly criminal) activities.

    • Ahh, here you’re! I was wondering why you didn’t reply to the comments in the previous article. By the way, have you removed the mist from your eyes? Well, from your name and from how irrelevant your comment to the content of this article, apparently you haven’t.

      1. Which part of this article is biased? Have you read any Korean articles at all? Coz pretty much all of them wrote the same thing you know. I know I shouldn’t waste my time with someone who questioned whether what the people who already admitted they filmed women illegally, drugged women, intended to rape them did was a crime or not, but man… your self-justification as well as your blindness to the explanations provided by other people are damn annoying.

      2. Did you pay Ockoala? Does s/he have any obligation to make a report that’s according to your taste? Can you make a site and post a better report?

      3. If you feel the way Okcoala reporting what happened is biased, mmm, why are you here? Go read a proper news site. Open google, type Burning Sun, Seungri, JJY, etc. you have a lot of choices here, then press enter. Choose BBC or other proper news sites you like and Bam! You’ll still read same-content-different-wording articles.

      • @lydwinnec
        Did koala mention that CTH and KJH only betted a small amount of money in a golf match in Korea not gambled(with huge amount of money) in Thailand. As soon as the article about this ‘scandal’ surfaced CTH clarified the details promptly saying he returned the money to KJH afterall they were just having fun.
        CTH even stepped down from his many activities for taking ‘responsibility’ for his actions.
        Shouldn’t koala mentioning every detail in this post.

      • @Male

        This article can be considered news right? Have you considered the possibility that the news might be updated? Even the initial report in soompi’s the same as this site. But like I said to fogeyes, this site doesn’t have the obligation to write every little detail just like we wanted to or write the latest news as soon as the news comes out, especially when we read for free.

      • @lydwinnec
        The news of clarification came out almost at the same time this article surfaced.The writer could’ve updated it by now because people in comment section are in confusion. Many are sniffing legal trouble for the duo. While it was just a funny friendly bet where no actual money was transferred .

        While the writer is not obliged to write the ‘truth’ or to ‘update’ the information, commentators are also not obliged to be ‘nice’ specially since the articles helps in adding false notions about the incident in readers’ mind.
        So what we read these articles for free. We also bring traffic to this site.
        Won’t blogger stop writing if we stop visiting this site?
        Main point is that this kind of news is used to divert the attention of public from the actual underlying dark issue.

      • @Male

        Nah, just because they came almost at the same time in your timeline doesn’t mean they also came at the same time for everyone else.

        The first time news about CTH and KJH spread was on March 16th, CTH clarified a day later, and KJH clarified even later than CTH. There’s gap, there’s a process… you can’t expect everything came in an instant just like you expect them to be.

        Anyway, back to fogeyes’ comment, have you perhaps read his/her comments on JJY case? If you haven’t, I suggest you do.

        As for site traffic… as a blogger myself, trust me, losing one, two or even a hundred people like fogeyes count for nothing. Most of us write for fun, not profit. I don’t know about Ockoala, but if people like fogeyes who blindly defend rapist and sexual harasser stop reading my blog… good riddance!

  16. How is it a scandal when they put money in a kitty and said winner takes all? And they didn’t even keep the money? They returned it? It’s a friendly game between friends? And they get crucified for this? They didn’t go to a casino or gamble? It’s just a bit of fun between friends? Would it be illegal if they said winner pays for dinner? It’s getting ludicrous.

  17. It’s a ‘scandal’?

    What kind of world I was living in all those years?

    Both CTH and KJH are such’joksters’. CTH always teases KJH for his gambling scandal in the past. He must have been having fun with him by placing fake ‘bets’ and was showing off the ‘wins’ to other members of 2d1n.
    2000-3000$ is such a tiny amount and they were in Korea not in Thailand.

  18. This whole betting made between friends is deliberately made into scandal to cover up burning sun and jang suicide case. What a mess up system. Good to see Knetz and int fan can see through this and slamming the journalists.

  19. I agree that breaking a law still breaking a law. But I hope they continue to dig to the most important part. Who the big “fish” behind all this? Not just exposing the small fries. Gambling in Thailand is peanut compare to the powerful one behind all those ops.

  20. @lydwinnec
    The news of clarification came out almost at the same time this article surfaced. The writer could’ve updated it by now because people at comment section are in confused state. Some are sniffing upcoming leagal trouble for those two. While it was just a friendly bet where no actual money was transferred.
    This site is not obliged to write the ‘truth’ but then the commentators are also not obliged to be ‘nice’ specially when the article is helping in creating the false notion of the incident in readers’ mind.
    So what we read for ‘free’, we also bring traffic to this site. If we won’t be here then why would the blogger continue to write this blog.

  21. The celebrity agents are the ones I dislike more than anyone in this hold shady business. I honestly believe they hang their talent out to dry use them up spit them out and just really exploit them while pretending they have a genuine interest them in while they screw them over and sacrifice them when the shit hits the fan as if they know nothing…the result has often been suicide , mayhem and death as we have seen over the years from celebrities due to bad practices from agents and managers the greedy grubs of the business.

    • Agree . The agencies know the managers know, as we have seen many times when the dispatch caught them, the managers are the ones bringing the girls to the idols/actors. So, they are not free of guilty. These guys are skanks that give bad name to the business, because I still want to believe there is good people and honest and clean spots within(???). But for sure, in this case, they are been used as an example for others out there, and at the same time covering up for bigger issues and names. Besides women, I believe there are men victims/escorts(prostitution ) too. They still covering up, because if these comes to light , China will have a strong reason to ban them for life, and as well influencing other Asia Countries to do the same. And the international community will not take it lightly, as we can see by the way the news spread light flashlight. The SKorea economy will suffer a lot, since they profit a lot from the Kpop and Kdrama business .

  22. (Illegal) gambling isn’t really the same as underage trafficking of girls, secret filming of girls, bribery of police and whatever else those boys have reportedly done. I get that Jang Ja Yeon is the case which people should concentrate on but what happened to her list of secret clients??? That list needs exposure ASAP.

  23. @MistyEyes – You should start you own blog than to tell the blogger what to write. All I see is you want to slander Ms Koala here, but you won’t get anywhere because this is her blog. She won’t even thank you for creating traffic so what are you trying to preach here?

    • Well said. She even has the audacity to refer to other readers and commentators that don’t share the same opinion as hers as irresponsible, projecting herself as the one with the most neutral view and responsible.

  24. Update the news:
    CTH wrote a very sincere apology to his fans and also said the text was for a joke and the money was already returned, he also said he resigned from the show.

    There is no malicious comment toward CTH in this thread caused people know what is moral, legal and what not. Readers are not dumb.
    Unlike someone with misty mind and misty eyes, who cannot even differentiate that and always try to scream for justice for those trash. Someone didn’t even bother to read news, denied in delusion or checked the info given and always preaching here and there.
    Annoying even more when calling others keyboards warriors when she is also one.

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