K-media Suspects Additional Three Members of Jung Joon Young’s Sex Video Sharing Chat are Singers Kangin and Jinwoon and Model Lee Chul Woo

If there was anyone who reacted decisively and took on full responsibility the quickest in the Seungri and Jung Joon Young scandals, it would be former BEAST/Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung. He admitted being a part of the hidden camera sex video sharing and has quit his idol group. Early in when the group chat first leaked on the media is was just reported on Singer Y and he came clean first. The latest search results on Jung Joon Young’s multiple groups shows that he had multiple chat groups going where he shared hidden camera sex videos, and so many he has even forgot about it, and from all sorts of places like airplanes, hotels overseas, etc. With the discovery of more than one chatroom, there are now three more stars involved reported as Singer K, Singe J, and Model L. K-ent is openly reporting that the stars in question are Super Junior‘s Kangin, 2AM‘s Jinwoon, and Model Lee Chul Woo, and that thread came from the three costarring with Jung Joon Young in variety show Hitmaker. The police have also stated that Jung Joon Young turned in some cell phones that had been wiped to factory settings but they will be able to restore all the data. I’m guessing another shoe will drop soon.


K-media Suspects Additional Three Members of Jung Joon Young’s Sex Video Sharing Chat are Singers Kangin and Jinwoon and Model Lee Chul Woo — 26 Comments

    • I mean nichkhun and jun.k both had a dui so I don’t understand why some people keep insisting JYP ent is the only company with “good idol”. Nothing, especially in k-pop, is black and white.

  1. Kangin,kim hyun joong,park yoo chun and park shi hoe was trash don’t give them second chance to k-entertaiment industry. They all sex maniac, using woman like toys.

    • They are still in investigation, and do not drag Kim Hyun Joong into this. And follow up on KHJ news please, it was the woman who caused it all. Don’t give such comment if you don’t know anything.

      • KHJ hit the woman and he has admitted to the abuse. Not the same kind of sex crime, but still a woman abuser he is. Any beating of woman is unacceptable regardless of the nature of argument.

      • Maybe KHJ did hit the woman but it was also clear that the woman hit him first. Basically it was a fight not an abuse.

    • I am pretty sure they have to get the lawyers to clear it for Airing the real names. Otherwise, if the wrong name gets involved, then lawsuits will occur.
      Same as in America, but then it is always — “allegedly” happened until they are convicted or admit to it.

  2. Still waiting for the bigwigs names to drop…the CEOs, politicians, media moguls. Wonder if this investigation will really follow through with that.

    • This! Public needs to be aware by now that those behind the scene powerful individuals must be extremely nervous so they keep throwing more names as diversions. Burning Sun & Jung Joonyoung’s gc are just a mere tip of a huge ice berg.

  3. Damn. Just dammitall,years of careers may be going down the tubes but once again will wait for concrete information and not rampant speculation. C’mon,fellas,have some morals in your lives! (Ignore this if you are innocent)

  4. it doesn’t matter if you suspect something, but accuses someone without valid evidence, is dangerous. I hope all of these cases are processed in an open court, so all people can monitor the proceedings.

    • None of these cases will be processed in an open court because they need to protect the privacy of the victims. They are more important than people monitoring the proceedings. If their names have been released its because the prosecution has a charge sheet against them. If the media states names without proof they can go to jail themselves for defamation. Reporting is based on facts not speculation.

      • I agree, they will all settle for a deal. I don‘t think the victims should relive what happened to them and with the potential of their names leaked, especiall when she is a potential artist that needs to be protected in a society that is as conservative as Korea.

      • precisely because of that they have to supervise this case to the end especially considering that there are many authorities involved and also because of the lack of transparency in this case so that the press and media gives the inaccurate news, so the facts and evidence are questionable, even if they think that is true

  5. Even if “allegedly” is specified , once a name is out (even if not guilty )it’s already dommageable for the artist . I feel pity for their parents and family. Having children doing such things ! Disgusting .

  6. Honestly I don’t think it is wise to report who they “think” the singers are unless they have proof of the identities. Because if there is one thing we can learn from k-media is that a witch hunt is never a good thing and often harms a lot of uninvolved individuals, usually women celebrities, but men too and once people convince themselves based on the news who these people are, no amount of evidence suggesting something else will convince them otherwise.
    So frankly I don’t think this article or the k-news reporting is appropriate since right now it is “alleged” with no actual proof its these guys except for the fact that they were on a show with him. You can be on a show with a guy and not be involved with the person outside of work. Thats just my two cents on it.

    With that said, Im completely neutral on Jinwoon and don’t know the model, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Kangin is involved because his previous actions have suggested that he is 1) an a-hole 2) doesn’t respect the law and 3) doesn’t respect women. The fact that SMent hasn’t dropped Kangin is shocking considering how many DUIs and the fact that he has already been in trouble regarding assaulting other people. Even before this Kangin was trash and how he could still have supporters is beyond me.

    • I know this is not confirmed yet and i feel bad to say that i think Kangin could do it, i’m ELF and i’ve always supported him but at this point, i feel that way…

  7. Nah let’s not get carried away praising Yong Junhyung, don’t forget he denied being the ‘Yong’ in the reports at first but was then forced to come clean once the police had proof he commented on the videos too.

    If these guys are part of that chat too, they’re complete trash and should be ended as celebrities. But let’s not forget about the big fish trying to hide behind this too, Burning Sun and Jang Ja Yeon’s case are still out there.

  8. My question is are those guys even going to be convicted for being in the chat? Were they sharing photos or just looking. If they were sharing hidden videos or photos then definitely they should be convicted otherwise I don’t think they can be convicted for being a viewer. Don’t get me wrong they would still be perverts in my book.

  9. Don’t be surprised these men in the chatroom might be sharing their own videos too. Let us see what happens after the interrogations. Disgusting, they just took away the sex freedom for women.

  10. I’ve been following this scandal closely and believe it’s important to distinguish between different people who are part of a chat room:

    1) those who receive controversial texts, which they have no control of and do not respond and contribute to the atrocity.

    2) those who receive controversial texts and then participate and disparage the women victims.

    Can you control what you receive? You can’t. But you can exit the group chat and not forward controversial material. Unfortunately if your sender friend is a trouble maker, his phone will have you on his list and the media might get a hold of it. So please let the police decide who to investigate rather than badmouthing everyone the media leaks.

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