Her Private Life Tops the Drama Buzz Chart in Second Week and Hit SBS Drama The Fiery Priest Ends Entire Run in Second Spot

There’s positive K-drama news to report this week, with the conclusion of SBS Fri-Sat drama The Fiery Priest going out strong hitting 22.0% AGB nationwide for the final hurrah. There’s likely going to be a sequel as well as the last scene was a prescient We Will Be Back note with plenty of laughs to go along. The Fiery Priest has been top of the drama CPI buzz rankings basically its entire run but got knocked down to second place this week as tvN Wed-Thurs rom-com Her Private Life took first.

I’m glad HPL is getting buzz though I don’t think it’ll stay on top for long, the drama is so cute and sensible through the set up shenanigans. The title doesn’t even need to refer to the female lead Park Min Young’s fangirling as it does to male lead Kim Jae Wook wanting to be her protector because he thinks she’s a lesbian who can’t be with the love of her life best friend and he can’t get upset on her behalf because “it’s her private life”, lol. The drama landscape will likely be rather quiet for the next few weeks with the biggest arrival coming June 1 with epic fantasy world building sageuk Asadal Chronicles.

  1. Her Private Life
  2. The Fiery Priest
  3. Special Labor Inspector Jo
  4. Doctor Prisoner
  5. He is Psychometric
  6. Welcome to Waikiki 2
  7. I Hate Going to Work
  8. My Fellow Citizens
  9. Confession
  10. Beautiful World


Her Private Life Tops the Drama Buzz Chart in Second Week and Hit SBS Drama The Fiery Priest Ends Entire Run in Second Spot — 7 Comments

  1. The Fiery Priest is amazing and KIM NAM GIL is just wonderful… The entire cast did an outstanding job. Episode after episode is a laugh riot, with not a single dull moment. Team Tsunami is just daebakk. Totally deserving the buzz and the high ratings.

    Her Private Life is plain silly. The two leads’ acting are horrible, very animated esp Kim Jae Wook (sorry, I like you but bad acting is bad acting). Definitely the worst drama of PD Hong.

  2. Don’t understand what’s the buzz while rating is only 2.4%. Buzz for being so bad? I struggle through ep 4 and I think I may have to drop it. Manhole even has a better storyline. LOL. Agree with @Alexa, KJW’s acting in this is bad bad, he better suits to be a villain.

  3. I am way behind on The Fiery Priest but am enjoying it and plan to continue to the end. HPL gelled for me this past week; it’s just a fun rom/com though they are touching on the unhealthy aspects of the whole idol fangirl thing. These two, as well as Haechi and Psychometric, are my 4 k-drama watches right now.

  4. I’m glad that Special Inspector Jo and Welcome to Waikiki 2 are in the top 10. I must admit that I’m taken aback with KJW character in HPL as it’s wooden and nothing glorious to rave about but I’m still watching. The buzz #1 spot for HPL is actually embarrassing if the ratings are just in the2% range. There goes your credibility as far as I’m concerned if you’re ranking because of your name/profile and not your work.

  5. I like fiery priest and glad it’s ranked at
    Top 2
    But I also like Park Min young who’s great in her private life. Can’t say much about her Co-star KJW. He’s handsome but maybe he needs more lead role exposure to relax his stiffness

  6. HPL is buzz because of their fake couple photoshoot scenes. People really enjoy it so they got second place in a good way. Since HPL is not plot driven drama, I think people won’t try hard to watch it live and they also have very well-written Doctor Prisoner in that time slot. Another thing is compare with others Male lead doing rom-con, KJW is still lack of star power to draw viewers of their target audiences. (Hope he gets new fanbase from this drama) I’m pretty sure they won’t get high rating locally. I’m not a fan of this geners but it’s KJW so I give it a try. I enjoy it though (Maybe I don’t have high hopes when I started watching it LoL)

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