Song Joong Ki and Jang Dong Gun Duke it Out to Become Legend in New Preview for Arthdal Chronicles

tvN dropped a new teaser this weekend for epic warrior sageuk Arthdal Chronicles (Asadal Chronicles) and my guts me it’ll be a rollicking ride because of the budget and the fact that we haven’t had this type of epic sageuk in years. The Legend and Jumong occupy the earlier days of Hallyu and may not be as watchable today so it’ll be interesting if a new crop of K-drama viewers both domestic and international will flock to Arthdal to watch early historical era Song Joong Ki and Jang Dong Gun fight for supremacy. There’s also new stills of second female lead Kim Ok Bin and she definitely fits the sageuk vibe better than female lead Kim Ji Won. But Song Joong Ki has such a baby face maybe the casting gods were onto something to put two cuties together in this drama and make us want to take care of them and root for their success.

Preview for Arthdal Chronicles:


Song Joong Ki and Jang Dong Gun Duke it Out to Become Legend in New Preview for Arthdal Chronicles — 6 Comments

  1. this teaser looks like a korean version of Jumanji. instead of being an epic saguek, it resembles more of a fantasy comedy. hahaha…

  2. I like to keep my excitement low for this kind of “big budget & big stars” kdrama ? Sime dramas I watched recently never got big media coverage, I didnt even know its actors names but suprisingly had good stories

  3. Funny how these people judge the drama this way when the last drama these writers did before Arthdal is SIX freaking FLYING freaking DRAGONS.

    The authors have a stellar sageuk script resume
    1. Queen Seon Deok
    2. Tree With Deep Roots
    3. Six Flying Dragons

    I’ve been waiting for this drama ever since the production has been announced. And now that the teasers are in, I SMELL ANOTHER STELLAR WORK.

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