China Remaking Classic K-drama Full House with Young Leads Dylan Wang and Yang Chaoyue

I’m going to preface, or remind if you read my blog from the early days, that I LOATH the K-drama Full House. I know it’s one of the hallmarks of Hallyu K-drama spread and cemented the popularity of leads Song Hye Kyo and Rain but holy illegal house selling schmolly do I hate it. I could not get over the incredible betrayal of her best friends selling HER HOUSE under her, like who the fuck does that eveeeeeeer and still doesn’t get punished by roasting in the fires of hell. Anyhoo, that and also Rain’s douchey looking (styled horribly) arrogant prick male lead was hard to love so FH was a hard pass for me after watching it all. But imma totally checking out the upcoming C-drama remake with young popular leads Dylan Wang (of Meteor Garden 2018 fame) and idol pop star Yang Chaoyue of Rocket Girls 101. Apparently the PD has gone on record as saying he will slice and dice the original to create something new. Oh whew, please include flaying her best friends alive before letting them crawl back to apologize for eternity.


China Remaking Classic K-drama Full House with Young Leads Dylan Wang and Yang Chaoyue — 13 Comments

  1. Wow! It is SO rare to find someone else who feels exactly as I do about that VILE abomination – and for the very same reasons too, yay!

  2. OMG I hated Full House and I did not understand the hype. The storyline was just…bizarre with the whole friend betrayal thing. Couldn’t wrap my head around it either.

  3. Oh yeah, I remember watching a few of the later episodes back in the days when it air on an Asian channel. Rain’s character was such a PRICK, dropped it after two episodes. I tried it again, twice in the last two years. Thought watching it from the beginning might help me understand the popularity, maybe there’s more to it. Nope couldn’t get pass six episodes. Not wasting my time on it again.

  4. Preach Koala, I had the exact same reaction to Full House on top of that SHK and Rain had zero chemistry. Extremely overrated classic kdrama. I heard the Thai remake was much better but I was so turned off the original that I have no interest in checking it out.

    Also, I haven’t seen Dylan Wang in a drama but good lord does he have an incredibly charming smile, I can see his appeal.

  5. I still can’t get over that in Full House, that the two friends got away with that.

    Honestly, if they are gonna slice and dice it, why even call it a remake? Would’ve been better just to call it a drama inspired by. The T-drama Smiling Pasta wasn’t that great either although it had its moments, but I remember it being marketed as being inspired by Full House, turning out to be a wildly different drama anyway but just with some similar themes of a contract relationship between a star and random lady.

  6. It’s funny cause there is a China remake of this filmed in 2015 starring Eli Kim but because of the hallyu ban it never aired.

  7. I never liked Full House, the only things I remember it was her cleaning the house. And I always found weird that the only lovely scenes they liked to show in flashback were their honeymoon.

    But I really liked the Thai version. The couple was great, they had a great chemistry and the story was way better than the original.

    So if this version can take example on the Thai version, it can be a nice drama.

    I really like Dylan Wang in Meteor Garden, he’s my favourite Domyouji/Daoming Si.

    • I love the thai version.the couple is so much better.i nvr watch the original FH.but i tried to watch it after watching the thai version.the fashion in original FH totally didnt help.i nvr finish it

  8. Omg I love Full House so much and it’s one of my favorite all times korean drama. I might tune in if it’s really happenings though I haven’t seen these actors work before. Song Hye Kyo and Rain were such a cute couple. I still watch Full House from time to times.

    I saw a couple episodes of the Thai remake and really really dislike it. Both lead actors are too over reacting and so cringy to watch.

  9. Loved SHK and Rain in Full House! The drama itself was classic infuriating K-Drama…too much drama, not in a good way. The original source, the manhwa, was a completely different story! Still as bad, and even cheesier, so maybe worse – can’t remember.

    This remake looks promising, liking the look of the leads… I hope the “friends” get burned BADLY in this ver. Or there will be some mix up and the friends don’t betray her like that.

  10. I agree that the Thailand version fixed some of the problems of the original. Like making it a douchey relative that sold the house so at least you kind of understood why it was harder to separate and making the male lead less of a jerk.

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