C-netizens Think Actress Angelababy Tweaked her Face Again

Plastic surgery is one of those double-edges swords. It can make someone look better, but then there is the risk of it going wrong, or someone getting addicted and doing it more until it crosses the bell curve towards looking worse again. Nothing wrong with opting to do whatever to one’s one face but it feels too risky to me on so many levels and yet it’s so widespread and in the age of Instagramming everything so hard to deny. C-actress Angelababy was on a variety program last week where viewers noticed that she looked different. C-netizens think she now looks like a Thai actress, whatever that look is supposed to be, and I think she looks like her eyes, nose, and chin got it. I wish she left well enough alone, she already morphed into a very pretty 2.0, going for 3.0 is pretty dumb.


C-netizens Think Actress Angelababy Tweaked her Face Again — 25 Comments

  1. As a Chinese – Thai person, I hope those comments that she looked Thai aren’t meant to imply that looking Thai is less beautiful than Chinese. Because if so, it is a bad reflection of C-netizens on how warped their ideal beauty standards are. Now as for Angelababy’s constant doing and denial of plastic surgery, I wished she would stop. I am supportive of any women that does PS if it makes them happier. However, I think it is unethical to lie about it and keeping at it until it negatively impacts the face – like I think it is starting to age her.

    • @ Violette

      I don’t think they meant it to put down Thai women’s beauty. I think it meant to describe certain look. I agree with you about Angelababy with plastic surgery. If people want to improve their look then that’s their business, but when they are making it worst then that’s very dumb. I think she totally altered her look this time.

    • Maybe I’m a very optimistic person but I read the Thai actress comment as a compliment. Afterall, Thai actresses are very beautiful and are natural beauties for the most part.

    • I think [hope] that when they say that she looks more “thai”, it is not a criticism of the country’s looks, but just pointing out how different she looks.

      I certainly hope people aren’t so blatantly racist.
      Beauty is extremely subjective; depending on time, culture, and personal preferences. It is not responsible to say one country’s people are less beautiful than another.

    • If you are Chinese-Thai, I hope you can read Chinese or learn to read it to know what they are talking about. I didn’t see any racist comments but comments saying she has extremely big eyes. Only people with mixed Chinese race have double eyelids with big round eyes, as supposed to single eye lids and small eyes.

  2. Is the photo of girl in pigtails her original face? Wow!! If so, what a great creation! But then when your children won’t have any resemblance to you………. be sure that surgeon is still active to recreate that beautiful face. The magic of that surgeon is amazing.

    • She had braces – that could fix some bite problems. I’m not sure what’s going on in the twintails picture but if you look up an old film she did back when she was a teenager(and had braces on) she actually didn’t change too much.

  3. I don’t have anything against plastic surgery and if someone thinks it’ll give them more self confidence/ happiness then by all means, do what makes you happy. My only question is: if someone changes their face too much to the point where they look nothing like their old selves, do they find it alarming when the reflection staring back at them isn’t one they recognize?

  4. Definitely looks uglier now. Very bad choice. To say she looks more Thai is an insult to Thai actresses since they are beautiful and whatever she has become is fugly. Good luck to her husband, he has to live with it.

  5. Which Thai Actress, China? I have been following Thai Entertainment all my life and can’t seem to remember anyone looking like Angelababy. I’m curious now…

  6. As someone who looked really really bad an awkward during my teenage years, I don’t want to use that time of her life as absolute proof that she’s had the works done. Especially since in her child photos she actually looks pretty and more like she does now, but if she’s thinking of doing anything extra than that’s really over doing it an unnecessary.

    • Okay, this woman needs to come off whatever she is injesting if she thinks we are buying what she is spouting. Maybe it is the excessive plastic surgery talking. One thing is for certain, comparing what she looks like now to the fright night in pig tails, the surgeon is darn excellent and gifted, cause he or she created beauty out of the beast.

      • I’m not even sure if those pictures were actually her, or just taken in extremely unflattering angles. I was once on the boat that she’s had a lot of work done, but after seeing an old film she did when she was still a teenager, childhood pictures of her and seen some pretty darned candid no makeup pictures of her, I am pretty confident she didn’t have any surgeries done and her pretty pictures are a result of: makeup, PS, good posturing and capturing correct angles.

  7. Wow…if she went to the same plastic surgeon…that surgeon so talented! The surgeon could made so contrast from 1 person face looked completely different from the original until now.

  8. Still pretty and drop dead gorgeous I can’t tell if she’s had ps or not not fussed too. What were we looking at again sorry?

  9. @Ginger Crunch. Okay, I take it you are being funny, facetious or you are commenting due on the two photoes. Anyone who has eyes to see and common sense to boot can see this wpman went from fugly to decent. Only her worshippers doth protest, and some of them, who are not blind, or stupid, do admit Angelababy went under the knife.

    • @Oakroad. Well you are entitled to your opinion. Tell me this, how is it that her eyes are so different? Tell me why her chin is much longer now than before? No matter how much weight a person loses, or how much they age and mature, the chin can never become elongated. That can only be done
      With surgery. Her whole face has transformed. You see what you want to see, not what the reality is.

      • Umm actually no. As I said before, when I saw just the twintails picture of her I was convinced she had a lot of plastic surgery done, but my mind changed when I saw more of her younger pictures and a film she did when she was still in her teens (she didn’t look as pretty then but definitely all the features were there, plus braces can change someone’s facial structures quite drastically) . She hasn’t really changed that much when taken into consideration of everything throughout her career, and my opinion strengthened, especially after seeing some present day candid pictures of her with no makeup and terrible facial expressions, yeah, you should search them up, she still looks like a troll in a lot of them.

  10. No. Looking Thai doesn’t mean Thai celebrities. Just that her features seem bigger and more pronounced as THAI people seem to have more compared to the softer less pronounced typical Chinese faces. It doesn’t mean bad or good, as Thais having pronounced features can be pretty or ugly depending on how they come together.

    • @Oakroad, how did her face become so different? Her eyes were so slitty, now we have big round eyes, no more jutted forehead. Eyebrow lift and cheekbone lift, work done on the nose and jaw reconstruction. And no chin becomes elongated, no matter how much baby fat a person loses, or how much they starve themself. Come on, Angelababy is your idol, that much is obvious, but don’t be blind, naive and live in denial of what the majority of Asians know, the fact that she had major PS.

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