tvN Sageuk Arthdal Chronicles Releases Drama Poster and Confirms Airing in Season Segments

It’s a bold gamble for tvN to break from the continuous airing nature of K-dramas for an entire story line and announce that it will air upcoming early era fantasy sageuk Arthdal Chronicles in seasons. This follows the Netflix zombie drama Kingdom which aired season 1 earlier this year with season 2 coming shortly. Arthdal will be split into three seasons: Part 1: Children of Prophecy, Part 2: Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land, and Part 3: Arth, Prelude to All Legends. Arthdal isn’t the first K-drama to be set in the ancient somewhat mythical records era of Gojoseon (Ancient Joseon), prior dramas covering that era include The Legend, Ja Myung Go, and Jumong which also entered into the founding of Gorguyeo. The early myths painted the times as wild, rustic, and somewhat barbaric and tribal so the looks of leads Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won are on point (though a tad too perfect) while antagonist Jang Dong Gun is rocking the war general look. The network released a teaser drama poster above and also the official script reading video below showing the table read for this large scale production.

Script reading:


tvN Sageuk Arthdal Chronicles Releases Drama Poster and Confirms Airing in Season Segments — 11 Comments

  1. No wonder there’s a rumour about divorced between them, hahahahaha. Song hye kyo leave him because he losing hair after marriage. I thought their marriage didn’t did well.

  2. I dont mind the season breakup but only IF they give is a proper season setup with proper season finale. Take Mystery Queen or Voice, those are prime examples of when the season format is done right with some closure to the overall arc/story for a particular season. Then we have those dramas that just ends abruptly without being a proper season finale like with My First First Love that clearly was made for 16 episodes but cut off in the middle to get two “seasons”. That was a very unpleasant and weird end to an otherwise pleasant watching…

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