jTBC Dramas Sky Castle and Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Win Top Prizes at 2019 KCC Broadcasting Awards

In recent years it has been cable network tvN raking in the awards from the Big Three broadcast networks and reigning supreme as the cable contender. 2018 marked arrival of equal cable powerhouse jTBC and now the upstart is a true contender after winning the top prizes at the 2019 KCC Broadcasting Awards held by the Korea Communications Commission (KCC). Sky Castle won Best Drama and Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food won in the Hallyu popularity category. That’s an impressive showing in both the critical and mass appeal categories, and in a competitive year when tvN had critically acclaimed dramas Mr. Sunshine and Live and even higher rated popular dramas to compete with Pretty Noona including 100 Days My Prince, Why Secretary Kim, Encounter (Boyfriend), and Memories of Alhambra. Congrats to jTBC for winning the crown for 2018 dramas from the KCC.


jTBC Dramas Sky Castle and Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Win Top Prizes at 2019 KCC Broadcasting Awards — 7 Comments

  1. Congrats!!!
    Sky Castle so deserved it! Best K-drama I have seen for a long time!
    The last was Misaeng. I like both dramas have no hallyu stars!
    Well done!

  2. Encounter such mediocre drama, don’t need hallyu star power just good acting, direction, and script.

    • You are just everywhere!
      As much as you’re trying so hard to convince yourself, I hate to break it to you …. encounter is not a flop drama !
      It’s is one of the highest rated cable TV shows of all time .
      If pretty Noona it did way better than rating and buzz wise can be considered a hit , then encounter is a super hit .
      Stop deluding yourself already .

  3. SKY Castle is amazing that is until the last episode which almost killed everything that was good. While I like the drama enough, I think the win is a bit unfair if pitted against better dramas like “Live” and “My Ajusshi” which are perfection until the very last second. Nothing to say about Pretty Noona since it was something people really mad about during its run, though it is a meh drama in my book.

  4. When will Kim seon hyung get her dues ?
    She’s been impressive since “temptation of a wife ”
    Empress ki
    The villian

    I want to see her playing the lead in a movie .
    She’s an extremely good actress.

  5. I really loved Live, Mr Sunshine, Sky Castle and Pretty Noona.

    For 100 Days My Prince, Why Secretary Kim and Encounter, they were pretty disapointing. Their stories were meh and even if a great chemistry like in WSK or beautiful places like in Encounter couldn’t make me like them.

    For MoA, the story was original and interesting, Hyun Bin was really great. It’s sad the female characters were so bad written.

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