Kim Go Eun Confirmed as Female Lead in Kim Eun Sook’s The King: Eternal Sovereign with Lee Min Ho

All that bickering from yesterday with the rumored casting of Kim Go Eun opposite Lee Min Ho for Kim Eun Sook‘s next high profile drama better pipe down now, because nothing is worse than the two fandoms of costars taking the other down. Kim Go Eun is now confirmed as the female lead for the fantasy drama The King: Eternal Sovereign, taking yet again the backseat role in a Kim Eun Sook penned drama with the title named after the male lead. She was the high school bride to the Goblin and now she will be playing two roles as will Lee Min Ho in a story about the door to alternative universes being opened by the devil to tempt humans on a big “What If?” Her two roles will be that of a detective and an ordinary citizen in a world still ruled by an Emperor. She will work with Lee Min Ho’s King character to close the door to the different worlds and return order to their lives. Filming begins in the summer for a spring 2020 airing.


Kim Go Eun Confirmed as Female Lead in Kim Eun Sook’s The King: Eternal Sovereign with Lee Min Ho — 27 Comments

  1. I love Kim Go Eun so am waiting to see this drama. I have never really finished a Lee Min Hoo drama except for City Hunters. I watch The Great Doctor but dropped it halfway. The same goes for Legend Of The Blue Sea. His crying really annoys me in that drama.

  2. The fun of kdrama pairings is seeing your favorite actors and actresses cross paths in dramaland. I think for their fans, this will be interesting.

    Supposedly, Kim Tan (LMH-Heirs) and Ji Eun Tak (KGE-Goblin) are among two of Kim Eun Sook’s worst leading characters (despite the huge hits), so hopefully this is a redemption redo with KES writing better characters for both of them.

    • I thought exactly the same. This is most probably for redemption. Both of them deserve better roles and perhaps more acknowledgement for their work. KGE didn’t get that for Goblin, LMH limelight was also stolen by KWB.

    • She owes them a redemption but I don’t think they were that bad in those characters. Mostly people have over exaggerated it.

  3. Lol when everyone is throwing rock at Kim Go Eun for being a bad actress and isn’t pretty enough to be at Lee Min Hoo’s league. While I’m over here cringing because I don’t find him a good actor or is that attractive to begin with. His acting is very limited, never my cup of tea. I might be rude but he’s no different from Kim Go Eun so all these bickering are hilarious to me. At least Kim Go Eun is more natural in her acting and also is better than Lee Min Hoo. To each their own opinion.

  4. And the title named after the male lead case was with Mr sunshine too. lbh character was Mr sunshine)) And ktr role here sure was was not less important)) we will wait and see. fandom wars I really can’t stand hope they will calm dawn.

    • I think the second couple this time will also be them hence the two characters in two worlds thing. She might be wanting to focus only on her main leads this time.

  5. I actually kind of wish her drama come back would be something more critically acclaim drama. Something like well produce drama. Worth of her talent. But oh well, it seems she is really use drama to gain popularity. Abit dissapointing. But it’s hard to reject a Kim Eun Seok Drama, and they seems really close. oh welcome back to small screen, Go Eun.

    • A critically acclaimed drama? How many of those exist for actresses her age? She is about to hit 30 she needs her popularity back. Goblin was 2 years ago and her film career post the drama didn’t do well. It makes complete sense for her to comeback with a KES drama because no other writer can promise ratings and popularity and endorsements. Korean actresses don’t have much substance in their roles because writers almost never take them seriously. Only once in a few years they write some brilliant female lead but in 5 years you can maybe have 20 great female leads which means just 4 good roles a year. There are many actresses some who are typecast do you really think they have the ability to be choosy when star writers want to cast them? Especially actresses in theirs twenties have almost no scope of good roles or characters. A KES drama keeps her in the A-list which is worth more than critical acclaim at this point. Look how quickly PSH has dissapeared from popularity lists, ads and fashion events despite the huge hit Heirs was. KJW is popular for now but who knows how long the hype will last. Even needed to resort to a KES drama to gain mass popularity.

    • @Ty, That’s a sad fact. THe woman hardly can play an important part in a popular drama, let alone in a critically acclaim drama. I won’t expecting a perfect drama, just wish to see Go Eun in a female playing an important part, Like IU did in My Ajusshi. Someone like PArk Hae Young or Lee Kyung Hee will be fine (She is known for male centric roles, but she is also has drama which her female lead has an important part). I hope she is not getting sideline here. It will be very sad if she is.

    • Your thought is 100% like mine. I really hope her drama comeback will be with a great writer with female centric storylines. I guess only won bin can reject KES offer. LOL
      Anyway I heard about KES improvement in Mr Sunshine but i don’t watch it so i don’t really know how much she change her female lead stereotypes. Really hope she continues and keep improving that mindset tho with all these female centric dramas with high rating like sky castle.

      • Well I won’t held my breath to expecting A Kim eun Seok will make her female lead become the center of the story. Haha

        But oh well. We fans always want the best to our fav. Even it’s not what we are hoping or expecting. This project might be a big step to her career. If that’s the case to get a better project, so be it.

      • Nope, many people have rejected KES’s drama, Gong Yoo, Jo In Sung, even Kim Woo Bin even though he is not A-list. There must be more that are not publicized since writers can’t always get their first choice 100% of the time.

  6. Interisting, after dots, goblin, mr sunshine, this main leads are the weakest. KGE totally not superstar even after goblin (gongyoo taking all the spotlight) and I know LMH is super popular in overseas, but in korea he totally not in SJK, KSH and GY level, even PBG is bigger than him. Lets see how Kim eun sok carry her drama alone.

    • Nah it’s depend on who will get cast a second lead. Then you can be sure it will her weakest casting or not. Personally think Heirs is her weakest cast

  7. Im excited but not excited at the same time…if that makes any sense? Excited for Lee Min Ho but not sure about Kim Go Eun…I’m still watching! Fighting!!!

  8. I bet this drama will be better than Arthdal despite the ‘better actors’ in that drama. I don’t see a problem with this pair if anything it is new and refreshing.

  9. She’s a talented actress, more so than LMH, I hope she doesn’t act circles around him and that they have chemistry. Their onscreen persona’s don’t seem to match based on what I’ve seen from their past works, but she is a chameleon, so I wouldn’t put it past her to adapt her acting style to his.

  10. I have a different take on this. I think KES wants two things 1. Popular leading couple to make a ratings splash. 2. I think she owes both these actors and she knows it. Both Goblin and Heirs were popular but LMH’s performance in Heirs was somewhat blah and KGE got criticism for her portrayal in Goblin. Again, both dramas came out winners, and I get LMH took the money and ran because no way he wanted to play a high schooler again. KGE hit it out of the park in CITT but not so much in Goblin. I think some of that was the writing or not understanding what exactly KES was going for. LMH has been a competent, middle-of-the-road actor in Personal Taste, City Hunter, BOF, and 4 episodes of his last drama that I dropped because I was bored. His best performance I think was in Faith where he got to play a different type character for a change.

    Neither of these actors has ever ruined a drama for me. That is all on the writing. I dropped Goblin half way because KES had 20 minutes of story in 75ish plus minutes of episodes. It all looked pretty but she wasn’t disciplined in her writing and a lot of flaws were hidden by the PD and no doubt the $$ that she manages to get for her productions. (I’m equal opportunity, I didn’t see that Gong Yoo was all that in Goblin either…how’s that for flamethrowing?)

    So I don’t think either actor will ruin anything, but I’m not convinced KES can pull off this storyline. The main thing I heard about Mr. Sunshine was how great the production value was and how nothing happened in a huge chunk of the middle of the drama. Please drama gods, make her write a friggin 1 hour episode.

  11. LMH was all right in Personal Taste and I think Faith would have been better if it was played by a better actor.

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