C-media and Netizens Annoyed and Embarrassed by SNS-famous Chinese Rando Starlets Walking the Cannes Red Carpet

Sometimes as readers and viewers we experience cringe on behalf of whatever info we’re digesting, be it an image, scene, or even article description of something that happened. The Cannes Film Festival red carpet this week provided plenty of cringe fodder for Chinese media and C-netizens when after the A-list C-stars attended from Gong Li to Liu Tao to Jing Tian came a parade of seemingly rando Chinese ladies posing like they belonged. What’s funny is when one was stopped by the Cannes staff basically trying to usher her away, or as captured in the picture above being shoo’d to the side by the photographer. Apparently these ladies are all either internet famous wannabe stars or wives and girlfriends of rich Chinese men who can afford to pay for their attendance at the event. Eeeks, so embarrassing to see.

Now for the real deal Cannes Goddess Gong Li herself:


C-media and Netizens Annoyed and Embarrassed by SNS-famous Chinese Rando Starlets Walking the Cannes Red Carpet — 8 Comments

  1. The girl in d first pic is the actress who played the maid of Consort Gao in Story of Yanxi Palace. I mean, it was seriously a forgettable role, no one basically remembers her. I was also wondering how she got herself an invite but then I read an article about some of these ladies paid for to get themselves a red carpet appearance at Cannes.

    Anyway, Jing Tian was also shooed away numerous times. Something about she posed too long for the cameras. Lol.

  2. Why? Why? WHY? Ladies, please don’t embarrass us all with your hunger for attention on an international – sort of stage. If you have the talent, charisma & reason to be there then by all means make us proud. Thank you!

  3. Lol! Epic! They look soo trashy! Lol! Good laughter. Maybe they got paid to trash the event! Lol. Best article of the year, so far Koala! Lol! ??????

  4. Wow. I knew the saying ” money can’t buy class.” But this is the first time I’ve seen this on this blog.

    The contrast is mind boggling. I am not even a Chinese citizen and I am cringing looking at the outfits.

  5. Lols, A list actresses in the line would be like ‘who are they? My fellow c actresses?’ lols. Gong Li and Liu Tao are ones of the most popular c actresses who got invited by Cannes. Liu Tao’s current drama gets the numero uno in rating. Well, she’s the Queen when it comes to rating.

    I read about Jing Tian and some c netizens wondering why she got invited. Uhm.. I think, her latest drama with chen xiao was kinda hit. But i dont really like it. Very typical.

  6. Well, they’ve achieved what they set out to do which is their 3 seconds of fame because even Ms Koala is writing out them. They only gain from this media attention.

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