Ryu Jun Yeol is Quirky Cool for June Edition of Esquire Korea

I can’t believe it’s been nearly four years since Answer Me 1988, formerly tvN‘s highest rated drama until it was dethroned by Mr. Sunshine and still the highest rated Answer Me offering. Male lead Ryu Jun Yeol lost the girl to onscreen other male lead Park Bo Gum but walked home laughing but winning her in real life and now him and Hyeri have been dating for three years and judging by the lack of news still going solid. He’s also smartly ditched dramas after doing the awful Lucky Romance and has racked up over ten movies in three years with many being box office hits. He’s in the pages of Esquire Korea this June looking uber confident, like someone who doesn’t need to be a tryhard because his personality is just something that gives off cool vibes.


Ryu Jun Yeol is Quirky Cool for June Edition of Esquire Korea — 9 Comments

  1. Mr. Sunshine never dethroned Reply 1988. The snoozefest still ranks behind Reply and Goblin. It was Skycastle that took over the throne.

  2. Its always make me cringe whenever RJY fans said he winning the girl. Its not competition PBG not choi taek, he’s not in love with hyeri. *rolled eye*

  3. Oh, I loved his little traveling show with Lee Je Hoon in Cuba. I wished for the show to be more adventurous but it was fun. His cousin is so handsome!

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