Chinese Theatrical Posters for Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away Captures the Playful Enchantment with a New Twist

This is a real work of art and coming 18 years after the original just makes it even more special. The theatrical release of the 2001 animated movie Spirited Away finally arrives in China next week as none of the famed animator Hayao Miyazaki‘s works have aired on the big screen in China until My Neighbor Totoro last December. Miyazaki is a maestro and a dreamer and all of his movies have moved me in different ways, with my personal favorite being Spirited Away. The release was accompanied by new animated posters drawn with a baroque style almost, as well as the voice actor leads Jin Bo Ran and Zhou Dong Yu leading the rest of the voice crew in filming super creative pictures that show them as live action versions of the characters. I loved every shot but goodness is Jin Bo Ran SO FREAKING HOT with this Japanese idol actor hairstyle. *fans myself*


Chinese Theatrical Posters for Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away Captures the Playful Enchantment with a New Twist — 22 Comments

    • From my recollection, this character doesn’t talk much… most of the time it goes “Uhh uhh”… which begs the question of why there needs to be a voice actor at all????? maybe he has a super sexy “uhh uhh” sound… hahaha ??

      Definitely time to rewatch this classic!!

      • haha, I was wondering the same since apart from moaning/groaning, his speech is quite limited…well, they will probably use the voice-over technique anyway. Speaking of which, I feel like having a little Miyazaki movie marathon right now <3

      • After thinking it over, I remember it eating this mouthy frog character and then speaking in the frog’s voice.

    • The actor for Kaonashi is Peng Yuchang, and he is a great actor (check out his movie “Go! Brother”). He is also hilariously known on variety shows for being a glutton for food and gaining and losing weight super fast. Looks like he really slimmed down for this pictorial!

      • Oh thank you very much! I’m grateful because I wasn’t even expecting for someone to reply to my question this fast :)…thanks for the recommendation, I’ll make sure to check it out! I’m definitely keeping an eye on this artist from now on.

  1. One of the best animation classic.

    The pictures are lovely, thank goodness they are only creative posters, and not remaking real life action movie version.

  2. Did they redubb this movie in Mandarin, I thought I had the DVD with Mandarin, maybe it was the Taiwan version dubbed.

  3. Ahh i miss both of them so much! Really love their chemistry in Us and Them. Great movie. Hope they can act in the same movie again soon.

  4. I remember watching this with my kids, 4 and 8, at the time.
    We were pretty much open mouthed, “Wowing!” the entire time.
    Nothing is predictable in this story!

    Koala – Didn’t you say once that the abandoned amusement park is based on one in Taiwan?

    My daughter and I have matching Ghibli tattoos, too.

    • It is based on Jiu Feng on Taiwan down to the tunnel that she went through to get to the other side. The teahouse was a real place too. YouTube has lots of videos of people that did a comparison between the movie and the real life location.

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