Janine Chang Gracefully Accepts the Taiwan Golden Leftover Girl Title After Lin Chi Ling Gets Married

This is a rather crappy thing to be saddled with but TW-actress Janine Chang is just so classy and cool about it that I think it’s even more amazing to write about. The 38-year old star is now Taiwan’s most eligible actress golden leftover girl after 44-year old top model-actress Lin Chi Ling announced her marriage last week. Also in the mix is 38=year old songstress Jolin Tsai but she’s such a serial dater that the media and public simply don’t expect this wild child to settle down if ever. Janine is another story as she just radiates warmth and goodness so now all the attention is on when she finds her man. Janine attended a book launch this weekend to support her famous writer mom’s new book release and was of course asked this annoying question. She answered wrly “I’m sure some man will scoop me off the street”. You go girl, be as sarcastic as possible and continue your beautiful acting career.


Janine Chang Gracefully Accepts the Taiwan Golden Leftover Girl Title After Lin Chi Ling Gets Married — 8 Comments

  1. One of my very favorite actress! Love her so!

    Why do use ‘leftover’ argh in that title? Most eligible is good enough.

  2. Wow if she is 38 her mum is super youthful and stylish.

    I laughed reading her response. She is so talented and yet still gets those stupid questions.

  3. She is smart, beautiful and talented. She just hasn’t met the right guy yet. Hopefully she will find an awesome guy who is right for her. Best wishes to Janine Chang.

  4. She’s not only beautiful out she also have beautiful heart besides great n talented in acting she also very smart
    Pray a lot for her to meet someone who deserve her. Lots of best wishes for you Goddess!!!

  5. Hello Goddess I love your reply again I am with other your fans praying for you for the best of luck n happiness who ever guy ending up with you he’s one of the luckiest guy on earth!!! Don’t settle for less girl you r so worth it!!’

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